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10 Amazing Ways To Jump Start Your Sales
1. Find a strategic business partner. Look for ones that have the same objective. You can trade leads, share marketing info, sell package deals, etc. 2. Brand your name and business. You can easily do this by just writing articles and submitting th [...]

7 Things to Consider Before purchaseing Small Business Accounting Software
The world of small business accounting software can be a minefield for any business owner. However choosing the right package is one of the most critical business decisions you will make. Here are the seven things you must consider before making a [...]

9 Strategies for Writing Accounts Payable Procedures
You have permission to publish this article free of charge, as long as the resource box is included with the article. If you do run my article, a courtesy reply to sean@bizmanualz.com would be greatly appreciated. This article is 1,067 words long inc [...]

Accounting Methods – Cash and Accrual
When starting a business, you have to determine the method you are going to use for accounting and paying taxes. The two choices are the cash method and the accrual method. Cash Method If you are looking for simplicity, the cash method is probabl [...]

After the latest and accurate help in relation to accountancy.
When you are looking for high-class advice concerning accountancy, it will be hard sorting out the best information from foolish accountancy proposals and guidance so it's best to know ways of moderating the information offered to you. NetSuite: S [...]

Can You Play the Drums?
When I was a child, all I wanted from life was to be able to play every instrument under the sun. Pretty lofty goal, right? I spent a couple decades learning numerous instruments, a couple I mastered; with many of the instruments I considered mysel [...]

Childcare Management & Daycare Software
ProCare Running a childcare facility can be an exhausting, 24/7 job. There are always kids to keep track of, records to update, fees to collect, bills to pay, reports to write, and so on. Often, your To-Do List seems both frighteningly endless and [...]

Company/Employee Handbook as Organisational Improvement Tool
A business is only able to grow as fast as the internal organisation is able to process higher volumes of sales. But how to get an optimal internal organisation? Well, you will need to adapt your internal organisation over and over again. It’s a nev [...]

Do You Need Accounting Software For Your Small Business?
If you’re anything like me then you dislike with a vengeance doing your accounts and taxes. So how can you make this process easier, less painful and cut your accountancy fees? Well purchaseing an accounting software package is one way. First [...]

Do you think that your workload is hampering your killer marketing activities?
You need an extra effort not the extra workload. Today when competition is high and consumers have many options to choose, an extra effort towards improvement of your product, managing your customers and taking care of other aspects of your business [...]

Explode Your Consulting Income
Here are just a few ways to increase and diversify your income from your consulting business. 1. Sell More Services to Your Existing Clients Instead of spending all that time and money trying to get new business, why not try to sell more servic [...]

Five Leadership Secrets for Challenging Times
We consistently face new and ever growing challenges in the workplace such as reorganizing, downsizing, and “left out sizing.” We are faced with the question, “How do we lead in this storm of change?” It may seem difficult at times and the decisi [...]

Five Reasons to Incorporate a Company Offshore
When it comes to the term ‘offshore’ used in conjunction with company incorporation, the term ‘offshore’ generally refers to any jurisdiction other than one in which the company incorporated will conduct the majority of its activities. Usually [...]

Is every job description you read the same? No. Is every job you submit your resume to the same? Of course they aren’t. If all these job descriptions are different, why do you submit the same resume? Every day, people send the same generic r [...]

Here is the latest and accurate assistance relating to laptop bags.
Here is the latest and accurate assistance relating to laptop bags. When you are on the lookout for excellent information relating to laptop bags, you'll find it's complex sorting out the best information from unprofessional laptop bags proposals an [...]

How Nov. 15, 2004 Deadline for Sarbanes Oxley 404 Compliance Affects You
Public companies have 90 days from the end of their fiscal year to comply. For those with market capitalization of $75 million or more, this clock starts on Nov. 15, 2004; while all others with less than $75 million market capitalization begin July 1 [...]

How to Choose the Right Accounting Software for Your Business
With any good luck and a good amount of hard work, you're having the same problem many business owners today are facing. Your business is growing rapidly and you're having problems controlling your finances. Time and time again, that Microsoft Excel [...]

How to Start an Investment Club - Business Model
Your investment club will need to decide what type of entity you're going to adopt for business purposes. You'll have to decide whether you're going to be a corporation, a general partnership, or limited liability partnership. Each of these busines [...]

How to Stop Waste, Fraud and Abuse
Each year, businesses write-off six percent of revenue to waste, fraud and abuse. But why would managers throw all that hard-earned money away when there is a reliable way to eliminate waste, fraud and abuse using accounting policies & procedures to [...]

Internal Control: A Preventive Maintenance Program
You read about this in every newspaper in every town in the entire country: Some bookkeeper, trusted by the owner of a small business, embezzles thousands of dollars. If the theft doesn’t put owner out of business, it certainly causes a major headac [...]

Is It Worth Becoming a Partner?
It’s a fact of life in the Big Four :you are there to become a partner. This expectation may not be explicit in Big Four culture, but the undercurrent is undeniable. If your every decision is not focused on becoming a “member of the firm”, your ca [...]

Is Your Business Profitable?
Copyright 2005 Pam Newman What’s your job profitability? Do you know? Many business owners are unsure of their profitability at a company or job level. They “think” they are making money because they have a few dollars in their checking account. [...]

Managing Your Home Based Online Business – 2
In the first part of this series of articles, on managing your online business at home, I wrote about the many management responsibilities and functions you have rolled into one if you have your own sole proprietor business, with no staff. Your manag [...]

mmaterial Values in Business Management
Article Title: I Author: Stephan Szugat Word Count: 915 mmaterial Values in Business Management Maybe you have already heard that in some ways immaterial values are important for business management. But you might not found how to bring them in [...]

Put join a group on your to do list with a big underline, star and happy face. You’ll be glad you did for more reasons than you can count. And the advice is coming from this confirmed non-networker who, in 20 years of business, considered networking [...]

Non-Profit Organizations - What Are They?
Definition of Fund; Assets; and Fund Balance According to the “Financial and Accounting Guide for Not-For-Profit Organizations” written by CPAs Gross, Larkin, Bruttomesso, and McNalley, (fifth edition, pg 25) the definition of a these three terms [...]

Outside The Box
Outside The Box Thinking "outside the box" or as it is sometimes called, "coloring outside the lines" is a popular idea in the business world today. People and organizations are told to think outside the box or color outside the lines as a way to st [...]

Outsourcing Is Picking Pace
BPO or Business Process Outsourcing is a very common and mushrooming phenomenon these days. BPO can be defined as the accomplishment of a business task from some outside agency. For instance a company can ask or hire an external agency to maintain it [...]

Pay Your Children to Work for You with the Blessing of the IRS
Save on Taxes by Hiring Your Children You've heard that you can't have your cake and eat it, too. But hiring your own family is one case when you can. Pay your minor or adult children to work for your business, then write it off as an expense. Ma [...]

Policies and Procedures Used as Management Key
Managers know the difficulty of getting people to do the right things the right way. And employees need their expertise and understanding of the way things should be done. But how do you get it across so it actually sticks? The answer is well-defined [...]

Press ReleaseUCLA Alumni Association Retains the Accounting Firm of Singer Lewak Greenbaum & Goldstein, LLP
The UCLA Alumni Association today announced that they have selected the accounting firm of Singer Lewak Greenbaum & Goldstein, LLP (SLGG) as its new independent auditor. Los Angeles, CA July 17, 2004 -- The UCLA Alumni Association today announced t [...]

Recruiters: The Challenges of Executive Head Hunters
(and how the Internet is solving them) By David Leonhardt Once upon a time, head hunters were no more than common cannibals. Some people still view them that way, but executive recruiters are a vital link in a chain that keeps major enterprises f [...]

Recruiting Excellent Job Candidates:
Six Easy Search Tips to Get the Cream of the Crop By David Leonhardt An independent recruiter, recruiting agency or executive search firm is charged with tracking down excellent potential candidates for available job positions. Despite the fact t [...]

Resume Outline - Add Structure & Flow to Your Resume
Building your resume, based on a resume outline will give it structure and flow... it provides an outline of all the things you should include in your resume. A resume is one of the most important documents you will ever create First you have to [...]

Resume Writing and Preparation is Free Online
Creating a strong resume is a very important part of applying for a job, either online or off line. There are many resume writing services that will help you build an impressive resume for job interviews. You can also learn how to write a resume fo [...]

Small Business 101: Deadly Ignorance
Copyright 2005 Daniel Sitter American small business is again in transition. Many employees, now working from home, are no longer tied to a geographic office and the woes of commuting. This is a relatively new phenomenon with hints of explosive sect [...]

Starting An Online Business From Home
Many people believe that starting an online business from home is difficult. In fact it is quite easy. If you are already familiar with what product you will sell you will need to create or hire someone to produce an online website for you. This webs [...]

Surprise! Accounting is the Hot New Major
There was a time when accounting was the boring college major that many people regretted signing up for. A constant barrage of numbers, statistics and spreadsheets was none too interesting. Boy, have times changed! Thanks to recent accounting scand [...]

Taxing Overseas Firms for SOX Compliance
The Sarbanes-Oxley Act, also called the Public Company Accounting Reform and Investor Protection Act of 2002 was signed into law on July 30, 2002 by President Bush. In the aftermath of Enron, Arthur Andersen, Global Crossing, and WorldCom, SOX promis [...]

The Top 10 Reasons Your Staff Wants to Quit
From an employee’s perspective, management often conducts itself in ways that make no sense. When the economy is slow, jobs are few and far in between or people are fearful, staff will tolerate management behaviors and policies that are nonsensica [...]

Thinks You Should Know Before You Bid On A Business
Whatever your reason for going out on your own, you must keep your reason in the forefront of your mind. If you forget your reason for starting your own home business, you will not be working for yourself for long. Self-motivation is the key to succ [...]

Top 7 Strategies for Writing Accounting Procedures
You have permission to publish this article free of charge, as long as the resource box is included with the article. If you do run my article, a courtesy reply to sean@bizmanualz.com would be greatly appreciated. This article is 909 words long inclu [...]

Understanding Depreciation: It May Be More Simple Than You Think
Depreciation is defined as a portion of the cost that reflects the use of a fixed asset during an accounting period. A fixed asset is an item that has a useful life of over one year. An accounting period is usually a month, quarter, six months or one [...]

What's the difference between successful businesses and struggling businesses?
Copyright 2005 Attractioneering Have you ever noticed how some businesses seem to do extremely well, and go from strength to strength, whilst the majority just seem to muddle along? Since starting my own business I've met many small business owners [...]

Why Online Presence Is Essential For Small Business Success
If you are any kind of small business or home operated business, online presence is essential. Majority of web site visitors are from the English speaking population due to the high levels of internet penetration in that category, online presence for [...]

You May Have A Successful Small Business Idea
You surely know that a small idea can lead to a great business success. The first movement is to think of an idea that would be suitable for the business market. After coming up with the idea, the next step is to put that idea into action. Of course, [...]

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