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After The Sale
Enjoy your car... that's simple huh? Well it's not really that simple. Here is a list of things to think about after the sale. Notify your insurance agent about the new car. Read the entire owners manual. Familiarize yourself with the service req [...]

Car Care Tips for Students and Parents
(ARA) - Parents and students will do well to get their vehicles in shape before winter arrives, according to the pros and the nonprofit National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE). Many breakdowns can be avoided entirely by routine mai [...]

Closing The Deal
Congratulations !!!! You got the deal you were looking for. Now is the perfect time to mention to the dealer that you are looking to trade in that car you are currently driving. This way they cannot jack up the new car costs and offer you more for yo [...]

Do Your Part For The Environment, Your Health, And Your Wallet
Vehicle owners nationwide have the same complaint; the high price of gasoline. It's as if you're going to work just to pay for the gas to fill up your tank. Everyone knows when the price of oil goes up, the cost of everything else rises. And the pric [...]

For the best in tires, try a Dunlop Motorcycle Tire.
Dunlop motorcycle tires have been long known for their high quality and reliability. Worldwide, motorcyclists of all skill levels depend on Dunlop motorcycle tires. In fact, Dunlop tires are used by more motorcyclists than any other brand. This is la [...]

Getting Your Car Ready For Summer Driving
We always seem to make sure our cars are ready for the winter, right? But what about during the summer? Believe it or not, the heat takes its toll on your car, too, so it’s important to keep your car serviced. Periodic maintenance on your car wi [...]

How to Get More for Your Money at the Gas Pump
Gas prices have been spiraling out of control for months, and there is no end in sight. Increased gas prices do not just hit you when you fill up your tank though. Just think about it for a minute and you will realize how many other ways rising oil [...]

How to reduce fuel consumption amidst skyrocketing gas
Gas prices keep skyrocketing. But there is a lot a motorist can do to reduce fuel consumption. There are quite a few easy and inexpensive maintenance steps that can be taken to add miles to every gallon and save money. Consumers waste millions of d [...]

Learn how to choose the right fuel treatments for your car
Choosing the right fuel treatments might be the difference between your car mechanism's receiving bad deposits or not as well as it could reduce the engine's wear or increase it in case it was wrongly chosen. Due to all these reasons, it is very impo [...]

Learn how to properly check tire pressure
Tire pressure is one of the things a car needs to have checked most often. Ideally, you should check them once a month as well as any other time when they might look low. Also, if you are planning a long trip with your car, tire pressure is one of th [...]

Preventative Car Maintenance and Fuel Filter Replacement Tips
As with health care, preventative car maintenance is the best thing you can do for those dependable vehicles that get you where you want to go everyday. With preventative car maintenance you might invest a little here and there, but in the end, you w [...]

Researching A Car Thats Right For You
Researching your new vehicle is a daunting task in today's world. Once you have narrowed your next vehicle down to 2 or 3 choices it is time to research. Take out a sheet of paper for each vehicle and write down pros and cons for each one. Also on ea [...]

Some Useful Tips for Improving your Dodge's Fuel Economy
As global oil prices continue to rise meteorically to record levels, we have to find ways to improve our cars' fuel economy and save money. Especially now that drivers are doing a lot more traveling than ever, the importance of fuel economy cannot be [...]

The Engine Explained
The engine is the heart of your car, but instead of pumping blood, the engine pumps air and fuel. The engines main function is to convert air and fuel into rotary motion so it can drive the wheels of the car. How does it do that ??.... Well let's sta [...]

Understanding The Provisions Of Your Extended Auto Warranty
An extended auto warranty can be a confusing document for many people. Indeed, there are very few people who actually completely understand the terms and conditions -- and the requirements placed on the consumer -- associated with an extended auto wa [...]

Want a chopper? Build your own!
Motorcycle chopper kits are a growth industry. But what does that mean to you and me? Well one thing that we know is that we will have more choppers to ogle at. There is not a single day that goes by without more and more pictures of chopper bikes th [...]

What to do when a cold engine is hard to start
Starting a car with a cold engine can be very difficult sometimes and it can become a real obstacle for those who live surrounded by extremely cold weathers. This way, for all those who might experience this problem it is not only important to learn [...]

What to do when a hot engine is hard to start
Although usually engines exposed to cold weather is the most known problem related to car starting difficulties, hot engines might bring obstacles as well. Many people realize that the car do not start as easily as it should when the engine is hot an [...]

What You Should Never Do When Shopping For A New Car
There are many things that you don't want to see an automobile dealership do to you as a purchaseer, but there are some things that you should not do as well, if you don't want to alienate the dealer. Here is a list of "don'ts" that you should abid [...]

Your Quick And Easy Guide To Car Maintenance
Cars are like electric lights. We often don’t appreciate them until they go on the blink. Regular maintenance checks and simple service can greatly reduce the cost of car ownership and keep you a much happier traveler! Don’t let the thought of ca [...]

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