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10 mistakers jogging stroller (and how to avoid them)
Top 10 mistakes when purchaseing a jogging stroller One of the most important purchases every new parent must make is a good quality stroller. One of the most popular types of strollers on the market is the jogging stroller. A good, sturdy well bui [...]

30 Quick and Easy Kids Costumes
What happened to the " good ol' days" when a Halloween costume was your Dad's old shirt and cap, and a burnt cork beard? Kids costumes don't have to complicated to be cute! Each of these quick and easy costumes starts with a few simple materials lik [...]

7 Quick Ideas Anybody Can Use to Make Beautiful Scrapbooks
1. Vellum Vellum is a transparent, translucent material. Vellum can be used to create a slight shadow or shade change to background or embellishment colors. This can be used as a softening agent for baby scrapbooks, as a touch of elegance to gift s [...]

7 Unique Ideas the Scrapbooking Pros Use to Make a Page Unique
1. Vellum Vellum is a transparent, translucent material. Vellum can be used to create a slight shadow or shade change to background or embellishment colors. This can be used as a softening agent for baby scrapbooks, as a touch of elegance to gift s [...]

7 Ways To Build Your Child's Confidence
Here's one of the best bits of parenting advice you'll ever find: "a confident child is more likely to be a success in life, more likely to be liked in life, and more likely to be happy in life". Isn't that what you want? Here are 7 parenting tip [...]

7 Ways To Celebrate Your Wedding Anniversary
Your wedding anniversary is a major event. Prepare for your wedding anniversary celebration in advance so that everything goes smoothly. 1. Start off right. Get up before she does to prepare a quick breakfast. Serve her breakfast in bed. You might [...]

A Complete Guide For Parents To Choose The Best Toys For Their Children
Do you remember how it was when you where a child? What was your main activity? Was it working? Of course not. Your main activity was playing. You had no concerns. You needed toys and your parents where supposed to provide you with them. They had to [...]

A Guide To Successful Obedience Training
By Jon Dunkerley http://www.web-rover.com Showing off your dog in front of friends and family is something that I personally love to do. Having an obedient, happy slab of lab is like having an obedient happy child. Have you ever been in a super [...]

A Lifelong Birth Gift
If you are a mom at home and think that you do not need a nanny, I am afraid you are wrong, but not because of any reason you may know about. If you are thinking of hiring a nanny, no doubt you plan to choose her very carefully. We have all watched [...]

A Minute Can Turn into Hours for the Child of a Work-at-Home Mom
In theory, working at home is an ideal situation. But in reality, it's difficult to balance the needs of your family with the needs of your clients. Phones, fax machines and e-mails have no common courtesy, nor does your client really care about yo [...]

A New Year’s Resolution to Learn a New Language
Danny Glover, the famous American actor, once said that his new year’s resolution was to learn French, because everyone he wants to speak with in West Africa speaks French. If you would like your fun new year’s resolution to be to learn a new langu [...]

A Simple Method for Choosing the Perfect Name for Your New Baby
A person's name is something they will carry with them for the rest of their lives. Selecting a baby's name is an important, but often difficult decision for many parents. Follow our guide for a simple process in selecting your baby's name. Most pe [...]

All About Baby Highchairs
Baby highchairs are not necessary for your child if s/he is under six months of age. Although some companies make them so they recline for infants, they are not necessary until your child is able to sit up. The choice is yours. Highchairs currently [...]

Am I Really A Stroller-Monger?
By David Leonhardt I was reading "A Modern Infant Armada", a humor column in Maclean's Magazine written by a fellow humor columnist. Writing about it now is a bit like a painter painting another painter or a singer singing about another singer (bu [...]

Andy Griffith Show Family Lessons
Although it might seem pretty corny to a lot of folks today, the old Andy Griffith Show really did have a lot of common sense family values that we could learn from today. Take for instance the episode "Bailey's Bad Boy" that guest starred Bill Bix [...]

Are Wedding Decorations waiting in Your future?
If there are wedding bells in your future, then surely there are wedding decorations as well. Or, maybe you are looking for Easter decorations, baby shower decorations, or even prom decorations? For some good ideas on any party decorations, just chec [...]

Are You Financially Prepared to Have a Baby?
Perhaps you are a newly married couple doing some family planning, or you may have just discovered that you have a little “surprise” coming your way. Whether you are barely trying to get the hang of marriage and money management, or if you’re simp [...]

Baby Acne
One of the most common conditions a new mother may see on her infant, is baby acne. But while it is startling in so young a child, it's really not a serious issue, nor should you be overly concerned about the causes or cures. Some babies when born, [...]

Baby Bedding Wants Vs. Bedding Baby Needs
If you walk into any baby store or online baby site you will find a multitude of styles and designs of baby bedding available. There is something for every nursery décor ever thought of by a new mother. If it’s animals you want, there’s everything [...]

Baby Name Meanings
Speaking as a Michael (a Hebrew name, meaning “Who is like God”), I’m really proud of my name. And I think that I – mostly - live up to the title! Of course, my mother would probably disagree; I think the phrase “little devil” would probably pa [...]

Baby Nursery Furniture A Booming Market!
Baby nursery furniture and baby crib sets are a growing category, representing $1.1 billion at retail last year, and expected to grow to $1.4 billion by 2009. Today’s baby furniture varies quite a bit in style, price and selection, and at over a bil [...]

Baby Proof Your Home - Frequently Asked Questions
Keeping your baby safe at all times is one of your greatest concerns and responsibilities. There is so much to consider and it is very easy to overlook something that might be fairly obvious to some but escape others. Things like covering electrical [...]

Baby Shower Gift Ideas
Selecting a present for a new mom or dad can be a challenging task. Baby showers are a great way to help support a new mother with her new baby. New mothers can sign up at a gift registry to avoid duplicate gifts and to indicate her gift preferences. [...]

Baby Shower Hostess Gifts
As many mothers know, a baby shower can take many hours of work to create the perfect party. So, how do you show your appreciation to the hostess? Why not give her a thank you gift? A baby shower hostess gift can make the hostess feel extra special. [...]

Baby Shower Hosting 101
Are you ready to host the best baby shower ever but don't know where to start? Baby showers are fun, but planning one can be tedious. In this article we'll cover the basics to get you started. So who should host the baby shower? Traditionally, only [...]

Baby Shower Planning and Hosting
Planning and organization are crucial to hosting a successful baby shower. Below are some important topics to consider when planning: 1) Who will host the shower? The person that plans and hosts the shower can be anyone, but is usually someone wh [...]

Baby Strollers - Consider Your Budget
Since you got the news, you have begun gather the things your new bundle of joy will be needing. Decisions for your first baby may seem overwhelming at first. The type of stroller you will use for your baby is one of the biggest decisions you will ne [...]

Back to School 101
(ARA) - It’s time to dump your summer crush, get a new hairstyle, and start a new school year. It’s also time to make your out-dated room into the pad where everyone wants to hang out. No need to spend all of your summer babysitting money to make i [...]

Being a Mom - Reflections on Mother's Day
Being a Mom – Reflections on Mother’s Day Since my daughter was born a little over 2 years ago, Mother’s Day has been a very special day for me. After all, I had carried her for 9 months and spent countless sleepless nights taking care of her to [...]

Benefits of Martial Arts Training For Kids
Admit it. When the going gets tough at home, we’ve all plopped the kids in front of the television and breathed a sigh of relief. Finally, we can get started on dinner, maybe check email or sort that massive pile of laundry. But when your five-yea [...]

Breastfeeding - Handling Criticism
Feelings about how to parent seem to shift with every generation. A new way of parenting, sometimes called attachment parenting, has emerged and it challenges many of the rigid teachings of our mother's generation. Although breastfeeding is on the ri [...]

Budget Friendly Halloween Costumes
By Cheryl Johnson ...by observing you, children learn how to create and they learn craft. These powerful memories imprint a more important message. They come to understand the superiority of the creative tightwad method. - Amy Dacyczyn, a.k.a. The [...]

Budgeting for Baby
If you are expecting an addition to your family, or just planning on having a baby in the future, you need to start thinking about how you are going to budget for your little one. Many first-time parents are shocked when they realize how much having [...]

Chinese Astrology - The Year of the Rooster
There are twelve Chinese year signs in the Chinese Zodiac. Unlike in our western astrology, in Chinese astrology each sign lasts for a year. Legend has it that as Buddha was about to depart the earth he summoned all the animals to say goodbye. Only t [...]

Choose the Right Puppy for Your Family
Purchasing a puppy for your family is a very big decision. It should never be approached casually, or lightly. A new pet becomes part of your family. You should do everything you can to educate yourself about the breed of puppy you are considering an [...]

Comfort Comes From Unexpected Places
By Patricia Twitchell Autumn of ’89 began like any other. Summer was quickly coming to a close as winter crept in. Like most years, the family was anxiously anticipating sharing the holidays together. Although each year became a bit more difficu [...]

Common Childcare Myths
(ARA) - Most new parents get a lot of advice from family and friends, before and after the baby is born. Although it is well-intended, in some cases, it may not be completely accurate. There are a number of common misconceptions that are often pass [...]

Conversations with Children Imperative
There is a vitally important conversation that probably has never occurred to you. One of the most startling facts I have learned during the past 12 years of speaking, traveling, and reading thousands of survivor letters is how many older siblings ar [...]

Creating a Safer Home and Community for Your Family
(ARA) - One of the best parts of living in a community you love is knowing that it is a safe and healthy place for your family and neighbors. Having a safe neighborhood is important to all of us. But most communities are subject to some safety concer [...]

Creative Kid Birthday Cake Ideas
A Creative Dream Come True A hush falls over the room as you bring out your child's birthday cake. With its candles glowing, your cake masterpiece sits at its place of honor for all to admire as the room fills with the oohs and aahs of your envio [...]

Dealing with a Dog Food Allergy?
Just as humans allergies can show up as a sneeze or rash, your dog's allergies can manifest as itchiness -- or even ear infections. In fact, if your dog's allergic to his food, it can cause him to scratch himself constantly, even with no obvious para [...]

Developing Your Baby's Brain
Have you ever wondered why toys for babies tend to have so many bells, whistles and lights? Or why they have so many different textures, and materials and colors? It's almost as if we want to provide young babies with a whole world of stimulation [...]

Discover these healthy snacks for healthy living
Snacking is one of those issues that can wreck the best laid plan for healthier eating. Everyone wants a snack now and then, but the key is to make those snacks healthy and nutritious as well as delicious. There are many great snacks that can be en [...]

Domestic Cleaning Advice: Computer Cleaning
The computer you use can get pretty dirty sometimes and that might reduce it's performance and reduce it's life time so here is some advice on how you can clean it up. The computer won't be well cleaned if you'll use alcohol cleaners, you'll need t [...]

Don’t Hibernate! Some Ideas for Family Winter Outdoor Fun
(ARA) - This winter season don’t let your family hibernate inside. Why not put all that fresh snow to good use? Bundle everyone up and participate in some fun activities the whole family will enjoy. There are all kinds of ways for kids and parents [...]

Easy Way to Get Started Scrapbooking
Do you remember those days as a kid pasting newspaper clippings onto paper and bundling dozens of papers together with some fancy ribbon or a string? Do you also remember all of your hard work falling apart two months later? Now there's a grown up [...]

Face Paint Recipes
These easy show how to make homemade face paint using common household ingredients. Mix and store in baby food jars or discarded film canisters. Be ready for your next kids party or dress-up event. HOMEMADE FACE PAINT RECIPES Facepaint Recipe #1 [...]

Facts You Should Know About Baby Shower Etiquette
Whether you’ve hosted baby showers before or not, chances are you’ve got some questions regarding the right baby shower etiquette. You want to create a truly special time for the guest of honor without any unintended faux pas. This guide was specia [...]

Five essential baby shower gifts
Ask first time parents-to-be what baby shower gifts they would like to receive. Watch their response -- you’ll quite likely see a look of real confusion on their faces! Or maybe they’ll come up with a stock answer like “diapers” or something simi [...]

From Penny Pincher to " Coupon Queen "
You've heard the the old saying"Nothing in life is free" right? Well not anymore. My name is Melissa Garcia and I am a mother of two children ,Taylor my daughter and Ryan my son. I got married in 1995 and we decided to have our first child 6 months a [...]

Gathering with Extended Family for the Holidays Doesn’t Have to be Painful
(ARA) - Aunt Edna is upset because Cousin Billy is bringing his new girlfriend, and she doesn’t think she should have to purchase her a gift. Sue and Harry’s family can only come on the Saturday before the holiday, and Aunt Judy insists that everyt [...]

Get Answers To Important Questions About Dog Nail Trimming
Trimming your dog’s nails is not usually considered sharing “quality time” with your beloved pet. But when done often enough, with the proper technique, and rewards for your dog’s good behavior, it should be one of those regular grooming events t [...]

Get back in shape after the birth of your baby - a gentle 10 point plan
1.Be especially kind to yourself in the first weeks after your baby is born. Your body has gone through huge changes and it's unrealistic to expect that you can snap back into your old shape straight away. Unrealistic expectations sets you up for fai [...]

Grandparents! Help Your Grandkids Do Math!
This may come as a surprise. But despite all the advances in education, many kids still struggle in the math class. Math is an important subject, yet many kids just don't "get it". Teachers can only devote a limited amount of personal attention [...]

Great Keepsake Ideas for a Christening or Baptism
A baby’s christening or baptism is a very special occasion. It is the very first step in their spiritual life so there should be as many keepsakes of the day as possible. Since the baby won’t have any first-hand memories of this special day, it’s [...]

Guide to choosing toddler toys
The play has many more functions for toddlers than for adults. For toddlers, play is not just a way to relax but it is also the best way to learn and perfect skills like walking, balance and controlling the hands. Through play, the child discovers [...]

Guide to the Greek Orthodox Wedding Ceremony
The wedding service in the Greek Orthodox faith is an ancient and beautiful ceremony, which has been celebrated in its current form for centuries. The wedding ceremony is full of symbolism and is a great experience if you have never attended one befo [...]

Handling Weather Emergencies. Part 2; Home Security, Evacuation and Emergency Kits
Introduction Part 1 of this article on preparing for weather emergencies discussed forming an emergency plan to reduce the stress and worry of facing a full blown weather crisis. The focus was on safeguarding your family by planning well in advan [...]

Heartache Hurts - God Do You Hear
What is heartache? It is pain. There are two kinds of pain, one where you take a tumble, cut a finger or bump your head. This type of pain can be eased with the help of a band aid or ointments, but heartache is not an easy task to remedy. For a bro [...]

HEM Support Group News- July 2005
``````````````````````````````````````````````````````` HEM SUPPORT GROUP NEWS - July 2005 ``````````````````````````````````````````````````````` ~JULY'S HIGHLIGHT ~ISSUES TO WATCH ~COMMUNITY SERVICE ~CONFERENCES ~WEB UPDATES ~HEM RESOURCES [...]

Here's What to expect at a Baby Shower.
A baby shower is a great way to welcome a new child and congratulate the new mother. Many mothers appreciate the help in purchasing the items they will need for their new baby. Commonly, baby showers are given only to new mothers or mothers who have [...]

How to Choose a Baby Bathtub
Choosing a baby bathtub is likely one of the easiest decisions you'll have to make when it comes to acquiring supplies for the new arrival. Basically, if it holds water, you're all set. There is little in the way of advantages to baby bathtub desig [...]

How To Choose a Baby Formula
Breast milk is the most natural food for your baby, but if you can't breastfeed, or have chosen not to, then learning how to choose a baby formula is relatively simple. You might try asking the pediatrician you have chosen to care for your baby, be [...]

How to Choose a Baby Gate
Once your baby is out of their crib and playpen, you're going to need some way of ensuring their safety. That's why learning how to choose a baby gate can be one of the most important things you'll do while baby-proofing the house. The first place [...]

How to Choose a Baby Swing
According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, 1,000 American infants are taken to emergency rooms every year for injuries sustained while using swings. This is generally a result of the infant's head or neck becoming trapped between the b [...]

How To Choose the Right Baby Stroller
New parents struggle with the decision of which baby stroller they should purchase when they are expecting an addition to the family. There are so many different models on the market, all with attractive features, that the choices parents are faced w [...]

How to Deal With Headaches During Pregnancy
Headaches are one of the more unpleasant “side effects” that come with pregnancy. All women will have some, but most will experience them in the first and last trimesters. In the first three months, this is thought to be primarily due to such facto [...]

How to Find a Sitter for your Dog
Whether your dog is old or a just a puppy, there will come a time when you have to out of town for business or a vacation where dogs aren't allowed. Therefore, you will need to leave your prized pet in the care of a pet sitter. Where can you find a p [...]

How To Get Your Wedding Guests to Save The Date
You are engaged - congratulations! Undoubtedly, immediately after your friends and family squeal with delight over your news, the first question they will ask is, "So when is the date?" It can be somewhat annoying, especially if you are very recently [...]

How to House Train Your Dog
House training is undoubtedly the one aspect of dog training that is essential to ensure that your dog becomes a valued member of your family. As with many other aspects of dog training, the best method of achieving a successfully house trained dog i [...]

How to make a lovely baby shower cake
Baby shower cakes are terrific centerpieces for showers. Guests always laugh when they see one and the expectant mom is thrilled to receive a very useful gift. They're also called diaper cakes because diapers are the main ingredient. It is quite easy [...]

How to Make Personalized Candle Gifts from Ordinary Candles
If you are looking for a fun gift to make for any occasion, then personalized candle making may be something you would like to consider. There are many ways to make personalized candles, depending on how much time and money you are willing to spend. [...]

How to Make Your Own Baby Food
Making your own baby food will ensure that what your child is eating is fresh, nutritious and free of additives. By making your own baby foods, you'll be saving money, up to 50%. And to top it off, it's easy; making baby food at home is probably a [...]

How to Make Your Own Refrigerator Magnets
There are several types of refrigerator magnets that you can make with a little effort and the right materials. Below are some ideas for making magnets for gifts or just for fun. 1. First you need to gather the needed ingredients. The easiest magne [...]

How to Make Your Own Soap Favors for Weddings and Baby Showers
Want to make soap as a gift for your party guests? Here are some simple tips for making soap gifts and favors: 1. There are literally hundreds of different ingredients that can be used for soap making. Basically, you will need the following - soap [...]

How to Make Your Printable Bridal and Baby Shower Games
Bridal and baby shower games are a great way to spice up your shower party. Many games can be purchased affordably, but you can also make your own games with some effort. Here are some ideas for making your own baby shower or bridal shower games. 1 [...]

How to Save Money on Wedding and Baby Shower Favors
Planning on having a wedding or baby shower soon? Getting favors is a nice way of saying thank you to your guests for coming. Here are some tips for saving money when purchasing baby shower or wedding favors. 1) purchase extras off other people - O [...]

If you are chasing the most informative opinion regarding babies.
Sometimes when you're trying to find better advice concerning babies, it will be easier said than done sorting out quality information from ill-equiped babies suggestions or help so it's prudent to know ways of moderating the information you are giv [...]

Is Cord Blood Banking Right For You?
Saving your baby's umbilical cord blood allows it to be cryogenically stored, and then available if your child later becomes sick and needs a bone marrow transplant. Umbilical cord blood was discarded until the 1970's, when researchers discovered tha [...]

Jogging Car Seat
Jogging Stroller Car Seat One of the greatest innovations in stroller design in recent years is the travel system. These all-in-one systems have integrated car seats, strollers, and (sometimes) bassinets, which allow you to move your baby easily fr [...]

Make a Fairy Garden For Your Kids Party
This project is a truly unique kids party activity, combining fun, fantasy, and learning. Kids love getting their hands dirty and learning how things grow. They will also love the idea of making a magical garden place for a fairy to live. A miniatu [...]

Make a Time Capsule To Preserve Family Memories
A time capsule is a fun and educational activity for kids of all ages. Easy step by step guide shows how to preserve your precious family memories in a unique and fun way. A meaningful gift for the special child in your life. Looking for an unusual [...]

Make a Valentine for Mom: Digital Cameras Make it Easy for Kids to Preserve Memories
(ARA) - Digital photography is fast emerging as a popular family-friendly hobby. A recent survey of 1,500 parents and children conducted by Harris Interactive found that almost nine in 10 kids are enthusiastic about engaging in projects with their pa [...]

Money Is A Family Affair
If you are single and don't have kids this tip won't mean much to you. For the rest of us that have others to consider when making money decisions it just may make things a little easier. I guess the best knock-down, drag-out fights my wife and [...]

Mother Role
Mothers, value as a role model & custodian is unquestionable. So, what role should moms play in relation to bring up their child, Have they ever questioned themselves what if their kids were better off with the baby sitter than you? Researcher's stud [...]

Mothers Share purchaseing Habits of Childrens Bedroom Furniture
Just two months ago, a group of mothers from three generations (Gen Y, Gen X and Baby Boomer demographics) shared their purchaseing habits with retailers and manufacturers on purchasing childrens bedroom furniture and baby products. This occurred at [...]

New baby guide
First of all, CONGRATULATIONS! You’re having a new baby! Now, on to the serious stuff. You’re going to get yourself prepared for your new baby, mentally, physically and you will need to adjust your house and car for the new baby too! Mentally pre [...]

Nourishing Your Network
It takes less effort to keep an existing customer than to gain a new customer. This is Business 101. Corporations focus on acquisition, but they must also focus on customer service and retention in order to be successful. So why don’t people app [...]

Imagine your little baby in her nursery. So happy in the colorful new home you have prepared for her. Watching the Mobile. Lying down comfortably in her crib. Comfortably in her crib. That depends on the bedding sets you use. Babies have very delic [...]

Paternity Testing - Are You Raising Someone Else's Child?
The dawn of the DNA test Back in the 1700s, the best way to determine paternity was by a good hard look and the child, followed by a good hard look at the father. Enough coincidences and maybe a relationship could be proposed. A hundred years later [...]

Pet Pampering Popular with Animal Lovers
(ARA) - When people need pampering, they’ve long retreated to their favorite spas, treated themselves to special gifts and savored their favorite foods. With increasing frequency, more and more pets are enjoying the same kinds of tender loving care. [...]

Pet Services Are A Multi-Billion-Dollar Industry
There are many of us who consider our pets as part of the family, and this is evidenced by a recent statistic that states 65% of all U.S. homes own at least one pet. Along with this increase in pet ownership comes the need for services tailored for o [...]

Photography Poses – The Missing Ingredient
You've read all the "best digital camera" articles, got the best price on your first digital camera, and even glanced at its owner's manual. Are you itching to take some shots of your family, or what? Slow down, soldier. Before you take 200 shots t [...]

Planning Creative Holiday Parties
(ARA) - “You’re invited . . .” are always popular and welcome words around the holidays. If you’re like me, you love to host a party. But if you’re a hostess with the “leastest” amount of time, a party is a lot of work. Entertaining requires c [...]

Planning your Wedding Decoration Budget
When it comes to your decorating budget it really depends on where the ceremony and reception will be on what decorations need to be present as well as what if any; themes that you are choosing. For example, if you are planning an indoor dinner, yo [...]

Playground Pettiness
Recently I took my two children to a popular new park in the area. It's a beautiful new playground, all wood, divided into different areas of play for different age groups. It's wonderful for me as well, as my children can play at age appropriate are [...]

Pork Ribs
Recipe by: Richard Thead Yesterday I smoked some ribs. I got an 8 lb pack of spareribs, and a 6 lb pack of baby backs (cryovac packages from Price Club). Here's roughly how I prepared them: After rinsing and drying them, I removed the membrane f [...]

Preparing Your Home For a New Puppy
While excitement and anticipation will be at the top of the list when bringing home a new puppy for the first time, preparing for his arrival should rank highly on the list. Just as you would have to prepare a home when you have a toddler, pet owners [...]

Puppy Love
Everybody loves puppies. Who can resist those cute little faces and wet noses? Puppies can be a lot of fun, but they also come with a lot of added responsibility. More than five million puppies are born every year in the United States. In fact, one [...]

Puppy Love - Wonderful Companions
Everybody loves puppies. Who can resist those cute little faces and wet noses? Puppies can be a lot of fun, but they also come with a lot of added responsibility. More than five million puppies are born every year in the United States. In fact, one [...]

Puppy Training Tips for the First Week
Bringing home a puppy and introducing her to your home is very exciting for everyone. The only one who may be anxious about the situation will be the puppy. If you handle your puppy properly when she arrives, she will quickly relax and want to settle [...]

Rattlesnake Ribs
Braising liquid and ribs: 4 qt Homemade beef stock; or canned broth 3/4 c Red wine vinegar 1 tb Paprika 1 tb Cayenne pepper 1 1/2 tb Ground cumin 3 tb Tabasco sauce 1 1/4 tb Garlic powder 1 tb Ground ginger 1 c Tomato paste 1/4 c Honey 1 [...]

Rick Day Ribs Recipe & Cooking Hints
Pork ribs are purchased in SLABS, consisting of about 15 bones in each slab. A RACK is a SLAB cut in half (6-8 bones). Ribs come in four categories, defined by the location on the hogs rib cage they are cut from: COUNTRY STYLE...these are more li [...]

You might be surprised to know that television is one of the main causes of domestic disputes in America. Either the husband is so ensnared by a NFL game that causes the wife to nag him about work around the house, or the wife is so infatuated with B [...]

Separate Colors in a Fall Leaf using Chromatography
Fall is a beautiful time of year with all the leaves are changing colors. Children wonder why it happens, so it's a great opportunity to use the power of science to show them the separate leaf colors and to explain how the leaves actually change colo [...]

Should a Toddler Wear Pull-Ups While Potty Training
As a parent, you've learned a lot while your child moved from being an infant, to crawling, to the mobile stage of an active toddler. Now that they are older, and able to understand simple directions and associations, you're working towards the goal [...]

Should I Call The Doctor If My Baby Has A Fever
Sooner or later, your new baby will develop a fever. It would be a rare child who does not come down with some kind of illness that elevates their temperature. Babies can get fevers for a variety of reasons, and understanding the whys, can help you d [...]

Slash Your Grocery Prices with Coupons
Coupons save consumers hundreds of dollars a year. Smart shoppers take the time to look for, cut out, file, and use coupons on a regular basis. You may be surprised how much money you can save in the long run. Coupons are easy to use when organized [...]

Slime Recipe Favorites
IT’S SLIME TIME!!! Experiment with these slime recipe favorites and how to make silly putty for a great kids party activity. Great for a science party, dinosaur party (make it red for molten lava or green for swamp slime), or Halloween party. Pr [...]

So You Want a American Pit Bull Terrier?
You've made up your mind, it's the American Pit Bull Terrier you want as your companion. Are you ready for this breed? Read this article and then decide if you want to go ahead with your decision. Does your lifestyle fit the ***American Pit Bull [...]

Super Cat Urine Prevention Tips
Many times cat owners are at a loss as to why their cat doesn't use their litter box. Here are some great tips that can help you solve the problem. The litter box is the first thing you should check. It should be in a quiet, private area of the hou [...]

Susan Dunn, The EQ Coach
Spring is coming … Easter is coming. I think of my Mom’s potato salad, dying eggs with my children, the years our bird dog spent all Easter morning ‘pointing’ the eggs we’d hidden Al fresco brunches with fresh strawberry crepes which later gave [...]

Take Control of Your Gas Prices
By: GranMamma - Car pool. Join your neighbors for shopping and picking up the kids. - Walk. If your convenient store is just around the corner, you could be getting some great exercise. - purchase a five-gallon gasoline can and fill it up when [...]

Ten Ha-Ha-Hilarious Kids Party Games
Want to become the most popular kids party-giver on the planet? Keep kids cracking up with these ten tried-and-true ha-ha-hilarious kids party game ideas. PARROT GAME Divide guests into two equal groups, one is the Pirates, the other the Parrots [...]

The 411 on Natural Colic Remedies
Any parent whose baby has suffered from colic can tell you that colic is one of the most excruciating experiences ever imaginable. Nothing is worse than seeing one’s baby in pain and not being able to help take it away. Finding relief for colic quic [...]

The 5 Babysitter Commandments
Having a babysitter take care of your kids is sometimes a dangerous thing to do because the babysitter is the person that will be alone with your kid. Here are some ideas about your relationship with the babysitter. 1. The babysitter should be enco [...]

The Chinese Year of the Goat
There are twelve Chinese year signs in the Chinese Zodiac. Unlike in our western astrology, in Chinese astrology each sign lasts for a year. Legend has it that as Buddha was about to depart the earth he summoned all the animals to say goodbye. Only t [...]

The Chinese Year of the Monkey
There are twelve Chinese year signs in the Chinese Zodiac. Unlike in our western astrology, in Chinese astrology each sign lasts for a year. Legend has it that as Buddha was about to depart the earth he summoned all the animals to say goodbye. Only t [...]

The Cruel Fool - Gods Payback (Animal Cruelty)
Why so many campaigners are out there fighting for the rights of cruelty to animals? Animals can not speak for themselves, so we as caring considerate human beings with feelings act as their proxy to get a message across and that being is that anim [...]

The Fabric of life...or...what material should I use to make that dress with?
There are many different types of fabrics, and many different ideas and crafts to do with them. For example, say you were redoing your home. For your kitchen, you could use cotton to make beautiful crisp curtains to hang above your windows. For a bed [...]

The Right Mutual Funds For Baby Boomers
By C.C. Collins, Wealth Strategist, http://wealthscientist.com If you are a baby boomer, time is not on your side. Many baby boomers see retirement age fast approaching with little to nothing in the way of retirement assets that will allow them to [...]

The Trickiest Gift on your Shopping List
Thinking of Giving Clothes as a Gift? There's one Recipient on your Gift List Who's Sure to be Thrilled. When it comes to the art of giving, a gift of clothes is fraught with peril. We've all had encounters from the receiving end. We all have stori [...]

Things You should never feed your Dog
Unfortunately, there are a number of household items which we tend to take for granted that are potentially very dangerous to your dog's health. It is especially important to be aware of this because as you know, dogs are essentially scavengers and [...]

Time Management for Stay at Home Parents
People tend to think that being a stay at home parent means you have time to sit in front of the TV all day, but anyone who has tried it knows better. Staying at home means getting up early enough to get the kids to school, take care of any children [...]

Tipping For The Holidays: Who To Gift And How Much?
The holidays are the time of year to share your love and appreciation to the most important people in your life. For many, that includes those people who provide support and services throughout the year. From your favorite babysitter, housekeeper or [...]

Tips For a First-Time Dad
So you're going to become a father. Now is not the time to panic. You've got lots of time to get used to the idea, before that new life you helped create, arrives to join your own. These tips for a first-time Dad will help you to survive the pre-baby [...]

Tips For a First-Time Mom
Having a baby can be one the most life-changing experiences there are. And not all those changes will be easy to cope with. Here are some tips for a first-time Mom, to help you get through the rougher times. The vast majority of women today, are wo [...]

To Love Forever
Some time ago we were leading a college seminar for sexually sophisticated, exuberant and articulate young couples from a local church when James, one of the husbands, said: Nancy and I have long since learned how to insert Tab A into Slot B, so we d [...]

Top 10 mistakes when purchaseing a car seat
There is no doubt that a good quality car seat is one of the most important purchases the parent of an infant or toddler can make. A properly installed car seat can be a real life saver in a crash. In addition, a car seat can keep the baby comforta [...]

Top 2 Tips for Geting That Perfect Gift
Top 2 Tips for Getting that Perfect Gift! So there you are, it’s that time again. It’s another occasion where you need get a gift for someone that already has everything. You know, like how many candles can I get her? Or how many times can I k [...]

Top Ten Money Saving Wedding Tips
1. Plan your wedding ceremony and reception in the morning, on a Friday or Sunday night and consider the winter months for all these times and dates will be less expensive. 2. Try to keep your guest list minimal. 3. Make your own veil. You’ll fi [...]

Trick or Treat –- Planning the Ultimate Halloween Party
(ARA) – What better way to celebrate the night of fright than to throw a Halloween party? Whether you’re expecting mini-goblins and ghosts or thinking of hosting adult Elvira’s and Frankenstein’s, decorations, frightful food and ghoulish activiti [...]

Types of Baby Shower Invitations
Planning a baby shower can be a fun but challenging task. One task crucial to many baby showers is picking the right baby shower invitations. Below are some ideas for baby shower invitations. 1) Themed Baby Shower Cards - Baby shower invitations ca [...]

Unique Baby Names
What’s in a name? Er…well, everything, really! Of course your little bundle of joy is the sweetest, most beautiful thing you have ever seen and you want to choose a name that reflects his/her individuality, spirituality, uniqueness and all-round sp [...]

Use Of Home Security Cameras Increase
Unfortunately, the world is not as safe as it used to be. With crime in the home on the rise, more and more people are looking at options to make their homes more safe and secure. One option for home security that is becoming very popular is the use [...]

Use Party Favors to brighten up any party!
Many times, when you attend a party, you receive a party favor. This is usually something small that you can take home with you to remind you of the party for years to come. In most instances, party favors are only given to women or children as a sma [...]

Using House Slippers Make You Feel At Home
Do you have any idea of what house slipper is? Well…if you look around there are some slippers available, and this slipper is just one of it. There are also bedroom slippers, basement slippers, the slippers you wear when you go out to get the mornin [...]

Watering Your Young Child’s Mind
Mary, Mary, quite contrary, How does your garden grow? With silver bells and cockle shells And pretty maids all in a row. It’s an everyday nursery rhyme, it’s simple to sing with your small child, and apparently this nursery rhyme about a litt [...]

Weaning Puppies Is Only Natural
Weaning puppies is a perfectly natural process. Mamma dogs have been doing it successfully for ages, so how hard can it be, right? But humans, not being dogs, can sometimes forget the natural part, and get confused about it. Fact is, weaning pupp [...]

Weddings the Greek Orthodox Way
The wedding service in the Greek Orthodox faith is an ancient and beautiful ceremony, which has been celebrated in its current form for centuries. The wedding ceremony is full of symbolism and is a great experience if you have never attended one befo [...]

Weird Celebrity Baby Names
Celebrities seem to be competing for the wierdest baby names. Among the social elite, you'll find names like Apple, Banjo, Cosima, and Daisy Boo. As always, Americans seem to be following suit. Walk into the classroom and you don't see the same Jack [...]

What You Need To Know About House Slippers
Do you have any idea of what house slipper is? Well…if you look around there are some slippers available, and this slipper is just one of it. There are also bedroom slippers, basement slippers, the slippers you wear when you go out to get the mornin [...]

Whether Your Halloween Fun is Homemade or Store-bought, Make This Year the Scariest Ever
(ARA) - Halloween is a great time of year to let your imagination run wild. For some, the challenge of putting together a great costume, decorating for a party, or serving child-friendly or grown-up treats is what makes Halloween fun. So whether you [...]

Why cockatiel is the best pet bird for the beginner
By Tanin Eh Boon from www.pet-cockatiel.com Cockatiel bird have been kept and breed successfully in many countries all around the world. Cockatiel bird can be considered as the most widely kept parrot other than parakeet or budgie (budgerigar). Lots [...]

Why Do Older Babies Cry?
From the age of about three months, babies become more aware of their surroundings and start to be much more communicative. By now you are likely to be able to recognise your baby's distinctive cries, for instance when (s)he is hungry, tired, or [...]

Your Baby Nursery - Decorating a Fabulous and Functional Room
Decorating a baby nursery can be one of the most enjoyable tasks that you have before your bundle of joy arrives. There are many baby nursery themes to choose from and narrowing it down to just one may be your most difficult decision. Many parents k [...]

Your Pet's Health - What Every Pet Owner Should Know
So you want to purchase a dog or cat. There is something you should know before you take the leap. House pets are to be taken care of like your very own children; it is natural that they become part of the family. All animals have wants, needs and [...]

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