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Are Corporate Awards and Corporate Gifts Beneficial for your Business?
With the increased challenges that all companies are faced with, many corporations have implemented various initiatives to continue to grow corporate earnings and shareholder value, some have discovered the strategic value of corporate awards and cor [...]

Factoring Financing: How to grow your business without debt or loans
What is factoring? Accounts receivable financing, also known as factoring, is a powerful financial tool that has fueled the growth and success of a number of companies. Factoring enables companies to capitalize on their unpaid receivables by sell [...]

How To Get Your Contact Details Across: When The Organisers Won’t Let You
Have you ever spoken at an event and they won’t allow you to give your details? Have you gone on the radio and they forget to announce where you can be contacted? If your contact details are left out or if you’re prevented from giving information [...]

How To Set Up A Professional Home Office
by Justin Koh Each day, more and more people are getting caught in the 'work from home' fever. Government as well as companies is quickly embracing this type of 'work from home' scheme as there are many benefits such as employee being able to spe [...]

The Do’s and Don’ts of Giving Feedback
Copyright 2005 Inez Ng Being able to give effective feedback is not just a good skill to possess in business, it is a great life skill to have. Because when you are masterful at giving feedback, not only can you help your employees to sustain contin [...]

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