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China: A Joint Venture Playground
China is an economic superpower. It is home to some of the world's most industrious manufacturers who are responsible for the production and export of many leading consumer brands familiar to people around the world. Currently, China's economy is gro [...]

Do you have a Business Idea?
Every year tens of thousands of people strike out on their own with a vision of starting a successful business. They have the idea, they've got the planÂ…all they need now is to take the actions to turn their dream into reality. It is at this point [...]

InvestorIdeas.com Announces Addition of Chinese Language Financial Research, Original Articles and Content In Response to Asian Market Growth
Responding to the growth and increasing global influence of Asian markets and economy, www.InvestorIdeas.com now provides content and research resources in Chinese language. POINT ROBERTS, Wash., November 11, 2005 - www.InvestorIdeas.com, a leadi [...]

Keys To Starting Your Own Clothing Company
Ever wanted to start your own clothing company? Its not as difficult as you think. What do you absolutely need? 1. A decent logo 2. Creative concepts and graphics - Design Talent 3. A unique, blank apparel supplier 4. A decent screen printer 5. [...]

Living and Working In Perthshire
Perthshire is situated centrally in Scotland being about one hours drive from both of the major cities of Glasgow and Edinburgh. There are good road and rail links, an airport in Edinburgh and an international airport in Glasgow. Perthshire is a bea [...]

Stop your wasting time right now!
Well not really, you have to know where you are and where you want to be in order to improve anything. So deciding that your time management skills are poor, and learning how to get better and where you want to be is time well spent. How ever in sayi [...]

The Uses in Forex Trading of Moving Averages and MACD
Moving Averages: If you consider the "trend-is-your-friend" statement of technical analysis as a true sentence, the moving averages will be very helpful. Moving averages tell the average price in a given point of time over a defined period of time. T [...]

Trends and Profitable Trading In The Forex Markets.
The basis behind using technical analysis is to find trends when looking at the forex charts and be aware of when they first develop so you can ride the trend until it ends. The foreign exchange market is a very strong trending market, lots of ups an [...]

What MACD & RSI Mean in Forex Trading?
As a forex trader your main objective must be to become a profitable trader. In order to achieve this goal, it is vital that you learn how to use the widely known technical indicators. These are very useful parameters that will tell you with a high p [...]

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