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10 Profitable Reasons To Add A Discussion Board Or Chat Room To Your Web Site
1. You'll be able to communicate with your visitors. They'll begin to trust you and get to know you on a more personal level. People will purchase products quicker from somebody they already know and trust. 2. People will revisit your web site to p [...]

10 Reasons Why People Don't Visit Your Web Site
1. You don't offer free original content. It's important to give your visitors information they can't find anywhere else. If you're the only source for a certain type of information, people will flock to your web site. 2. You don't offer free softw [...]

5 Ways to get your website noticed
Your website is just one of the billion sites parked on the World Wide Web. Chances are, you don’t think yours will ever get noticed. We hear your cries for cyber attention. Here are five ways to get people clicking on to your site. 1.) Make sure [...]

Benefits of Integrating Online Chat Software with CRM
Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a strategy and processes used to learn more about customers' needs and behaviors in order to develop stronger relationships with them. CRM applications are traditionally developed as client-server software. T [...]

Choosing A VOIP Provider
There are 2 basic VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) provider options: free services or paid providers that charge a monthly fee. Making that choice depends on how you plan to use VOIP. If you just want to chat with friends and family over the Int [...]

Copying XBOX Games
There really is no shortcut to copying XBOX games. In fact, this is a mightily complicated process and has stumped some really techie people. This is evident with the prevalence of the question on copying XBOX games in Internet message boards and tec [...]

Create Worry-Free Sales With Secure Shopping Cart Software
Succeeding in business can be a hassle and a headache without the right tools. This is especially true when dealing with ecommerce. Regardless of the market, service, or goods being offered, the one tool that is essential to the success of every onli [...]

Creating Online Communities
Looking for somewhere online to meet new people, discuss hobbies, plan events, or just have fun chatting? Online forums have been around for some time on the internet and often free and easy to setup. Forums are basically online discussion web sites [...]

Do You Need Electrifying Ways To Multiply Your Orders?
I have some strategies for increasing orders of your products. I'm sure you will reach great profits by using them. Join affiliate programs that go with the theme of your web site. You'll just be wasting valuable space and time if your visitors are [...]

Finding friends by playing online games
There are tens of thousands of websites offering free online games for those who want to have some fun online or find friends online. Don’t believe me? Make a simple search through your favorite search engine and you’ll see the vast amount of websi [...]

Increase in Customer Sales = Increase in Customer Service
One of the most popular questions asked in online business forums or even by my customers and subscribers is this : “How the hell can I increase my sales?” or “I’ve got tons of visitors but nobody seems to be purchaseing anything? What gi [...]

Internet Chat Rooms: Are We Missing the Point?
In my short life, after years of talking too much, I’ve come to realize that if one is always speaking, one never listens. If you never listen to others, well, you’re limiting your access to a lot of knowledge and information. Recently, after much [...]

Internet Safety
Parents are constantly struggling with ways to keep their children safe online. The Internet has a global reach and at this point no bounds, or limitations. Outside of installing filtering software children should be educated in order to protect them [...]

Social Considerations For Artificial Intelligence
Social Considerations for A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) According to Dennis Gorelik, a Senior Developer at IBM, a weakness of an AIS (meaning, an artificial intelligence society, consisting of computers trained to 'think') is that it was not born [...]

Switching To Broadband Internet - Is It Really Worth It?
The internet is a growing and dynamic entity. Growing in exponential rate everyday and changing as just as fast. Naturally companies try to offer access to internet in growing number of ways. Dial-up, Broadband, Wi-fi and such. But we'll talk about b [...]

The Problems with Blogs
What in the world is up with the world of blogs? Blogs are meant to be this great new technology where people can share their ideas and interests with others around the globe. As far as I’m concerned the state of blogs is one of chaos, confusion, an [...]

The Top Twelve Threats No Computer User Should Ignore by Kai Chandler
The Top Twelve Threats No Computer User Should Ignore The internet is undoubtedly a fantastic resource for families and offers a rich vein of educational content. However, there are potential dangers - welcome to the seedy world of viruses, spam [...]

The Ultimate Source of Knowledge at Your Fingertips
When I was young, and that wasn't very long ago (I'm just about to reach my thirtieth birthday), information wasn't easy to get. When it came to education and research about specific issues and ideas one would usually go to the library or possibly to [...]

Things to look for when purchaseing a computer microphone
Computer microphones are a valuable addition to any PC and they greatly increase interactivity and communication levels. You can use a microphone for performing various tasks, both business and fun related. For example, you can hold a conference with [...]

Web Conferencing - What is it?
Web Conferencing is, very simply, a meeting, conference or seminar that is held over the World Wide Web. Web conferencing can refer to audio, video or text-based conversations and are conducted in real-time. Web conferencing is an incredibly useful [...]

What is google talk ?
The advent of Internet has affected lives of almost the entire world and websites, e-mails and chating on net none need any introduction even for young kids. There is an outpour of websites throughout the Internet all offering numerous services to at [...]

What's the difference between vbuzzer and instant messenger
A new communication tool called vbuzzer is very hot recently. Most people already found it's a useful tool. But there are still a lot of people can not find the difference between vbuzzer and instant messenger after their first look of the software. [...]

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