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"I Am An AUTHOR" - Is This The Next Big Fad?
Write an article, get the traffic. Well sort of! Since the birth of writing articles, our industry has caught on to the phenomena of increasing your website’s traffic by becoming the professional in your field. The only problem with this is that for [...]

***Writing Is Fun!***
When I was establishing my consultants practice in 1990 I set about creating a book. The book was aimed at helping people to progress in their careers and shows how to assess yourself, prepare an interview winning resume’, market yourself and win th [...]

5 Questions to ask before purchasing a book online
--> What is it you want to order? Have a clear idea of what you want to order. Do you want to browse through a category, or do you want to read a particular author or do you know the name of the book itself. Most online bookstores let you to browse [...]

A Guide to Creative Writing That Sells
It's unbelievable that with all the creative writing courses out there, that no one teaches the necessity of researching your market before you set pen to paper. Yes, we all want to be creative and let our imagination go. At the same time, wouldn't [...]

About Writing
In this free email course, I'll tell you everything I know about improving your writing, publishing it electronically and in print, and promoting it after the sale. Two questions you should ask: (1) What will it cost me? (2) What does this Michael [...]

Article Writing: How To Use Your Chakra Energy To Write
The seven Chakras are the hidden energy centres in your body through which you receive, process and transmit life energies. They act as "energy transformers" and influencers of change. Your thoughts, emotions or actions can either block or activate [...]

Benefits of Journal Writing
The benefits of journal writing are fairly well established due to the long history of journal writing. From Anne Frank to Di Vinci, journal writing has proven itself. Benefits of Journal Writing When considering the benefits of journal writing, i [...]

Can Your Theme Be Proved In Your Story?
Creative Writing Tips – Your theme has to be something you can prove in your story - It doesn’t have to be a universal truth. This means that your theme doesn’t have to be something that happens in real life all the time (providing our logic can [...]

Do You Know What A Plot Is?
What a plot is and what a story is can be sometimes confusing. If you think they are the same¡K They are not. A plot is the outline of your story. The story is everything included. I will illustrate the difference by asking you to visualize two p [...]

Do You Plot With Your Character In Mind?
Creative Writing Tips – You are plotting the story. You write down what will happen, what problems will arise, what obstacles you will place so the character won’t reach his goals immediately, what he’s going to do to overcome these problems etc [...]

Documenting Everything: Your Journal is Your Logbook
Sailors had it for years. Great explorers had it as well. If you go on an expedition to an ancient Aztec mound, more than likely the archaeologist will have one too - so, why shouldn't you own one? No, I'm not speaking of the scurvy that plagued the [...]

Does Each Element of Your Story Further The Theme?
Creative Writing Tips – Whichever theme you choose, all the elements, which make up your story, dialogue, conflict, scenes, etc should be written with the theme in mind. Your theme should progress the story. If you find that anything in your stor [...]

Does Your Plot Suit Your Characters And Vice-Versa?
Creative Writing Tips – When an idea comes to us for a short story, we either think of a story line first or a character first. Whichever we think of first, and later on build, we have to make sure the plot and the character suit each other. Examp [...]

Does Your Story Have A Theme?
It should. A theme is a one-line explanation of your story.. Every story should have one because our stories are about something. When I say should, I mean that this isn’t always the case. Especially so for beginner writers, who may not know, th [...]

Field Notes on Country Linguistics
As Suzy stammered, my ears perked up. For distraction I called out, “Hey Kathy, put on another pot of coffee.” Suzy spoke again. The fact is, gouging my own eyes out with a ketchup bottle would not have distracted me. A linguistic calamity was emin [...]

Five Ways A Writer Can Make More Money With A Personal Website
These are really exciting times for writers. This is mainly because the World Wide Web has opened up opportunities that did not exist previously. There are amazing new opportunities that are capable of helping any writer market and sell their work ve [...]

Four Useful Lies About Writing
Most writing “experts” favor a particular way of looking at plot, and will adhere to it for years or an entire career. That’s all well and good, but its important to realize that any way of modeling story is just that—a model, not the depths and [...]

Guidelines For Reviewing Writing
Writing detailed reviews is time well spent. Reviewing itself is a writing exercise. At Writing.Com, creating detailed feedback for a fellow writer is one of the best tools available for improving your own writing. That said, if you're going to spen [...]

Have You Completed A Character Questionnaire?
Creative Writing Tips – Complete a character questionnaire for each of your main characters or even secondary characters that play a vital role in your story. This way you will know your character(s) well before you start writing about them. Fill [...]

Have You Plotted Your Story Before Writing It?
Creative Writing Tips – The writer, who doesn’t have the time to plot, always finds the time to rewrite. Sound familiar? I’ve been guilty of this too, back in the early days of my writing apprenticeship. I was so eager to get stuck into writing [...]

Have You Tested Your Plot?
Creative Writing Tips – Our plotting stage is our testing area. Everything in the plot should be tested for its effectiveness before we put in into our stories. If you believe something in your plot could be better, make it better. Figuring every [...]

Have You Tested Your Theme Against Your Plot?
Creative Writing Tips – How we usually begin the preparation stage in the writing process is… We think of an idea for a story We think of a suitable theme We plot Once we come up with a theme and we begin plotting, we have to see how the theme [...]

Hooks, Lines & Sinkers
Hands up if the title to this article made you think that you'd strayed into a fishing feature? Perhaps you didn't quite go that far, but hopefully you were puzzled or curious enough to wonder what on earth those three angling associated words have [...]

How Are You Plotting?
Creative Writing Tips – Writing is a creative process and how every writer chooses to create, is individual to them. Likewise, with plotting, every writer plots at a level they are comfortable with. Some just plot the bare essentials. They have a [...]

How the Writer Survives
So it’s your dream to write novels? Be a freelance writer and make a living off of your articles? Or maybe you nurture an ambition to write and sell enough short fiction to put bread on the table, like those writers of the golden age of the pulps? [...]

How to Have an Effective Reading Group
Writing leads to reading. Therefore, it’s only fair to supply my readers with sufficient information on creating an effective reading group, since the last article was based on writing groups. You’ll notice that some of the information is quite re [...]

How to Have an Effective Writing Group
The works you’ve written are numerous, ranging from short stories to even the novel, hidden in a storage bin (under the bed) collecting dust. But there comes a time when you must wipe away that dust, regain your pride, and prepare your babies for pu [...]

How to Jumpstart your Next Writing Session
I have always enjoyed writing. Sometimes it’s a problem for me to just sit down and write something. There are days when I choose “procrastinating” over “proactive.” Putting things off is common with everyone. I am very gifted in this area. ;) [...]

How To Select a Great Topic For Your Book or Ebook Part 4 of 5
For part four of this discussion, we'll be taking a look at some specific topics you may wish to explore... Looking young Perhaps sixteen year old girls don't want to look younger, but from that point on, and for most of the population in Western s [...]

How To Select a Great Topic For Your Book or Ebook Part 5 of 5
These are fiery hot topics that are sure to be on the rise. You can pull any one of these to use for your first ebook. Then come back and pull another topic for your next ebook. Using the latest electronics. We are a society obsessed with having the [...]

How to Write Bad Poetry
So you’ve decided to crown yourself with a title that a million other people (just like you (yes, just like you!)) give themselves every day. Some people believe giving yourself such a title is equivalent to, and just as beneficial monetarily, as na [...]

If The Viewpoint Character Is A Secondary Character, Have You Established Who He is?
Creative Writing Tips – I have said above that if a secondary character tells the story of the main character, then the spotlight should be kept on the main character. This shouldn’t be taken to the extreme though. In other words, you don’t jus [...]

Interviewing an Author: Don't Be Left Speechless
Edited by Jenny Wilson Joyce Carol Oates. Langston Hughes. Anne Sexton. F. Scott Fitzgerald. Nikki Giovanni. The names of authors (dead and alive) can go on and on. But I’ll let you have first pick! You are in a room with some of your favorite aut [...]

Is The Theme Reinforced In The Ending?
Creative Writing Tips – By now you should have an idea that your theme has to reach its conclusion just as your story does. But our theme has to do more than reach its conclusion – it has to be reinforced in the end and by doing this, it will stre [...]

Is The Theme Running Throughout The Story?
Creative Writing Tips – It’s no use coming up with a theme and not using it. Short stories are about a character or characters and about one situation or happening in those characters’ lives. By concentrating on that one thing, our stories are f [...]

It Was Good Enough For Shakespeare!
One of the core conflicts for creative artists of all kinds is the tug-of-war between art and commerce. Frankly, an artist needs to make money, and it is preferable to make it from his craft. A writer who must work a full-time job to support himself [...]

Learning to Question your Elephant Child: Who, What, Where, When and Why
Having problems writing? I don't know why. San Francisco Chronicle columnist Jon Carroll writes up to five columns a week. After all, if he can write five columns, you should be able to write a five-lined poem-but that does not seem to be the case. [...]

Making Freelance Writing Niche Types Fit
Our Freelance Writing Needs Defined We must make freelance niche types fit our needs, wants, values and lifestyles, and we also must make ourselves fit freelance niche types. Of our waking hours, we work more than we do anything else. I keep this in [...]

Mission Possible: Get Published with Goals, Guidance and Persistance
You send me an e-mail. You tell me you’ve written over three hundred poems since you were 16 (in your teenage angst stage). You mention the novel you’ve completed and it’s really good (it really is!!!), and the novel-in-progress. You mention how t [...]

Secrets to Creating Great Headlines
By Catherine Franz Great! You finished your piece and now need a headline. Usually headlines are less than ten words and need to be expressed in short, expressive, active words. This provides quick focus and pull in. By waiting until you know what y [...]

Speak and Touch the Heart
Presentations and seminars become all too familiar in the business world. Jim Speaker is there with the overhead projector and PowerPoint slides-each with four of five points. Hours later the seminar is over. Seminars are informative but can be dead [...]

Steps to a Writing an Effective Press Releases
Want to get the most media attention and spotlight for your business? Then the first place to start is with a GREAT press release. Now I can almost see half of you leaving now, dreading the thought of having to write one of these. But wait!! I’m goi [...]

Ten Tips For Budding Authors
1. For me the most important tip is to write, write every day, 365 days a year. Remember practice makes perfect. 2. Very few authors are published on their first attempt; it’s a hard slog and you’ll often want to pact the whole writing business in [...]

The "Casablanca" Secret
Good writing is often designed around a character who has a distorted vision of himself or of the world. During the story, he is placed under sufficient pressure to force an epiphany, a moment of clarity in which, he sees the world as it is, not as h [...]

The Biggest Challenge Facing A Poet, Getting Published
The best advice that I can give any child or adult who wants to be a poet is to read lots of poetry. Get a feel for poetry. Look at different styles of poetry. I have grown so much in my own writing by reading the work of other poets. Don’t be afrai [...]

The Golden Hour
During a conversation earlier today, a formerly svelt young lady said that she had given up on the idea of exercise, because to have a body worth the trouble, it would take three or four hours a day. Novice writers complain that in order to build th [...]

The Indie Author Revolution
I remember well the night I first heard Nirvana. I was sunk in wretched and ugly despondency, not wanting to talk to anyone and hating myself. I couldn't discern or articulate my inner state, even to myself. There was no separating cause and effect. [...]

The Right Words Can Make You Wealthy
Imagine you're in a darkened movie theatre watching a suspense thriller, and the scene you are engrossed in shows a beautiful woman walking alone on a dimly lit, shadowy street. The only sound is the rhythmic noise of her shoes against the pavement. [...]

The Three "Questions" Of Science Fiction
There is a great deal of misunderstanding about what that particular branch of literature called “Science Fiction” actually consists of. Is it space-ships and monsters? Time machines? Galactic empires? Well, its all of those things, and often none [...]

Tips For Cover Letters To Get More Interviews
Here’s a tip for cover letters to get more interviews. Use a bulleted format cover letter rather than a standard letter in paragraphs. The bulleted format is more eye catching, and is more likely to be glanced at by the hiring manager or other perso [...]

Top 10 Tips to Complete a Creative Writing Project Without Losing Your Creativity
Have you ever started a creative writing project with great excitement, only to have your interest dwindle as the process, itself, interfere with your creativity? How do you keep the momentum going and continue to enjoy the creative process? Follow t [...]

Ways To Increase Traffic by Writing Articles
Writing articles is the fastest and easiest way to get a stampede of people to your website who recognize your name by your signature and adhere to what you recommend. Most people reason that finding information in articles, forums, and discussion g [...]

What Can Go Into A Plot?
Creative Writing Tips – We all tackle plotting differently. How you plot will be individual to you, as it is with every writer. Below is an outline of what can go into a plot. How much you choose to develop each point is entirely up to you. So so [...]

Why Do I Write – A Masochists Dream
My website administrator has given me an assignment. I am to write an article and explain why it is that I write. That sounded so simple until I sat staring at this blank expanse of white. Do you want the dramatic version, or the logical one that a [...]

Why You Need a Newsletter
If you’re a small business owner you definitely need promotion. And, if you’re a freelancer—you ARE the product—so you’ll ultimately need self-promotion. Newsletters can not only inform your customers of future events, discounts, and services, b [...]

Writing Nonfiction
All of us are authors, and all of us have a book already written within us that needs to come out. I believe that fiction is the easiest to write because none of what you write can, or needs to be verified and you are only limited by your imaginatio [...]

Writing Short Info Reports
People want information, they want it quick, frequently in short form, and straight to the point. Its no wonder that they go straight for a computer connected to the internet to find anything from how to grow tomatoes to choosing a web host. As a ho [...]

Writing Tips For Novice Authors
If you are reading this article then you probably have asked yourself at some point in your life, "Do I have what it takes to become an author?" I believe that successful authors, those who actually write and finish that novel, or book of poetry, or [...]

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