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Alternatives to Credit Cards
Are you one of those people who only ever got a credit card for the convenience of being able to pay without cash, or because you weren’t aware of any other easy way to borrow money? Millions of us are, thanks to the unavoidable advertising of the c [...]

Asset and liability basics
Knowledge of accounts can make life much easy. If you are to invest in a new business or joining your forefather’s business, planning to take some loan, looking for job in any marketing company, desire to be the manager of a multinational company or [...]

Auto Loan Options for People with Bad Credit
Internet surfers with bad credit looking for an auto loan are bombarded with advertisements most days. Many of these ads are truthful in their bad credit auto loan options. However, there are many things to avoid, and this article will describe some [...]

Auto Loans: Don’t Dig a Money Pit in Your Garage
Choose the wrong auto loan and you might drastically increase the chances of defaulting and losing your car. Find out step-by-step how to avoid a money pit. Car loans are certainly less costly than home mortgages, student loans, or other kinds of l [...]

At some point during most peoples' lives there comes a time when borrowing money is the only option. This may be to purchase a house, a car, for home improvements or simply to consolidate debts. Persuading financial organizations to lend money, esp [...]

Bankruptcy 101
‘Bankruptcy’ the term that can raise the goose bumps of almost every individual who hears it and even a nervous breakdown to those who confront it. Bankruptcy stands for the situation when a person runs into huge debts and there is hardly any money [...]

Beware Of Bad Credit Payday Loans
Could bad credit payday loans be the answer consumers with low bank accounts have been looking for? Is there any harm in using these services? Aren't they better than using credit cards or going hungry? Have you seen the commercials? Cute charac [...]

Business loans: translating potential for financial success and independence
A good entrepreneur knows that the essence of striking gold in business is finding the right opportunity and going after it despite the risks. These opportunities keep on sprouting when you are doing business. Or you might have stumbled upon one and [...]

Canadian Debt Consolidation
Life throws people a number of challenges often on a daily basis and unfortunately, some of those are financial challenges. The loss of a job, an illness and many other situations can make paying off loans difficult to do. Sometimes people simply o [...]

Collection Agency Secrets for Collecting on Bad Debt
Getting worried that one of your clients, customers or patients will never pay? Have you given up on a customer who's essentially said he won't pay? Congratulations--being stiffed by a customer or patient is a milestone in the growth of a business or [...]

Commercial Collections: Business Finance Booster Shot
If commercial collections is not part of your B2B business plan, you’re losing money. Get your cash flowing again with these commercial collection secrets. Commercial collections: fixture of the new B2B culture If you’re in the business-to-bu [...]

Dealing With Disputes
Disputed debts are a pain! Every Credit Controller would agree that the time taken to deal with disputes on the aged debt is time which could be spent calling the customers/clients who do pay or the larger accounts where their group targets will be [...]

Do You Need Bad Credit Help
? Are you one of thousands with no credit and no collateral to help secure approval, or you just have extremely bad credit and no one wants to help you, and all you hear is stories and more stories? Bad credit is a term used to describe a poor c [...]

Effective Policies and Procedures - 4 Parts of the Complete Cash to Cash Cycle
The Cash to Cash Cycle Final of Series Part One: http://www.bizmanualz.com/articles/01-05-05_inventory_procedures.html?src=ART78 Part Two: http://www.bizmanualz.com/articles/01-11-05_accounts_receivable.html?src=ART79 Part Three: http://www.bi [...]

Financial Woes - Consider a Debt Management Company
You've been working yourself silly for years and yet... you still have no savings and the pile of unpaid bills seems to grow each and every month. You have creditors breathing down your neck - calling and sending you letters so much that you're afrai [...]

Financing and Refinancing Programs are Plentiful
As cliché as it may sound, the “Money makes the world go round” adage still holds true. Especially nowadays when everything and anything tangible or intangible can be bought with one’s dollars, money is apparently of extreme importance. What if y [...]

Get Out Of Debt Faster With Debt Stacking
Each month you pay the minimums and although you KNOW you've got a handle on it - you are not charging your credit card or accumulating new debts anymore - it seems that you will be paying the minimum fees forever. Did you know that HOW you pay you [...]

Government Student Loan Consolidation
Are you behind on your bills? Do you have more than one student loan? If you answered “yes” to either question there are some terrific opportunities for you to lump your debt together with a government student loan consolidation. Please read on for [...]

Home Equity Loans ... Wise or Unwise?
Home Equity Loans Over the past few years many Americans have established lines of credit secured by the equity in their homes. For marginal borrowers this can turn out to be highly risky as it exposes these families to the loss of their homes. Len [...]

How A Home Business May Protect You From The Housing Bubble
Not everyone agrees there is a housing bubble which will have an impact on the entire economy, but how about one that has an impact on you? If your home was devalued, even temporarily, do you have the cash flow to sustain your credit or allow you to [...]

How do commercial debt reduction companies work?
Don’t stress it – commercial debt reduction companies are proven authorities in debt negotiation to reduce your commercial debt in the best way possible for you, especially when you’re least interested in the worst alternatives like Chapter 11. [...]

How Millionaires Get to Be Millionaires
Money is not just a necessity nowadays; it has become a supplement for sustaining wealth and luxury. Anybody of practical reason who’s being asked will have to say that riches should provide for the next generations. Having this thought in mind, eve [...]

How To Avoid Medical Collections
Medical Collections True Tales: Confessions of a Dental Debt Deadbeat Medical collections are costing doctors millions. Here are the secrets of why patients don't always pay their bills, from a real-life deadbeat. With medical collections costing [...]

How to Cut Credit Card Debt
Most Americans have too much credit card debt. Duh, we've all heard that before, right? Only now its gotten a bit personal... right again? You personally have too much credit card debt and its about to drive you crazy. Well there IS hope so don't [...]

How to give your customers a choice between you and the competition and have them choose you.
Instead of giving your customers or potential customers a choice between you and your competition and having them choose the other guy, have them choose you. Michelle Dunn’s new book” Become the Squeaky Wheel,” says creating a credit policy can [...]

How to Write a Credit Policy for your Business
The book, “Become the Squeaky Wheel,” by New Hampshire author Michelle Dunn, says the different ways people use and extend credit makes or breaks your credit policy and bottom line, which could result in less or more sales and money for your busine [...]

Improving Your Financial Situation With Investments and Business Ideas
With financial information and virtual business transactions just a click away, people are finding themselves more financially savvy and in the know on how to fatten up their financial portfolios. While most people rely on banks and properties to s [...]

Incorporating Your Business Using Three Simple Steps
You may publish this article in your ezine, newsletter on your web site as long as the byline is included and the article is included in it's entirety. I also ask that you activate any html links found in the article and in the byline. Please sen [...]

Invoice Factoring – What Is It And What Are The Benefits?
Are you a business owner who wants to increase monthly cash flow, working capitol, and improve your credit rating? Then invoice factoring could be right for you. Invoice factoring is the process by which businesses sell their invoices to a third pa [...]

Is Incorporating Your Small Business Best For You?
There comes a point in time when every small business person contemplates on whether to incorporate their business or not. A lot of times small businesses start out sole proprietorships, and then become incorporated as the business expands and de [...]

Legal Debt Collection For Local Businesses
If a customer owes your local business money, it's hard not to feel angry, like you want to do anything possible to get your money back. But the days of going all out to collect on a debt over. The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, designed to pr [...]

MLM Success Training - How To Make Prospects Beg To Join Your MLM Business Opportunity.
Copyright 2005 Richard Knight If you’ve been struggling to close prospects into joining your MLM Opportunity or even to go to a website or go to a conference call to get more information then you HAVE to read this article. In order to effectively [...]

MORAL ARMOR'S Economic Warning for Americans
Copyright 2005 Ronald E Springer For years we’ve suffered under recession, prompting us to ask, When will it end? My answer is, “It’s only the beginning.” Historically, recessions are the result of high interest rates, pushed up as the result o [...]

Negotiating A Short Sale – The High Road to Huge Foreclosure Profits
purchaseing foreclosures can be extremely profitable for real estate investors. However, most of these homeowners are mortgaged to the hilt. They have no equity, and big loan payments. In fact, many actually owe more than the property is worth! Mos [...]

Press ReleaseEntrepreneur Runs List Sales Company from Office in His Home
After being fired and told he'd "never work in politics again," Shawn Harmon, incorporated his own list company to compete against his former employer. Annapolis, MD July 16, 2004 -- After being fired and told he'd "never work in politics again," Sh [...]

Real Estate Foreclosure and Your Mortgage Financing Options
Foreclosure is one of the risks involved in engaging in business or owning a property if financing comes from a lender which can be a bank, an institution, family and friends and any agencies that can provide the needed amount. Owning a home is o [...]

Securing a Debt Consolidation Loan
It's the day you've been waiting for the last two weeks... payday and the only time when your face lights up and you actually go to the office with a lot of wonderful, dreamy thoughts in your head - such as how fast you'll be able to bolt out of the [...]

Short Sale Success Secrets with Foreclosures
If you're active in real estate investing, you may already realize one of the biggest issues real estate investors face: Finding Great Deals. Foreclosures at a 52-year High With foreclosures at a 52-year high, there are thousands of deals availab [...]

Six "Honest Serving-Men"
- You Can Employ For Nothing To Galvanise Your Business I keep six honest serving-men They taught me all I knew); Their names are What and Why and When And How and Where and Who. (RudyardKipling, from "The Elephant's Child" in Just So Stories). [...]

Small Business Collection Agencies Get You Paid
If you're like many small business owners, the mountain of debt you accumulated during startup might have been enough to make you worry about collection agencies every time you answered the phone. But your feelings toward collection agencies are even [...]

Small Business Debt Collection Law Cheat Sheet
In your small business debt collection laws will eventually become important, as your debt grows and some clients do not pay. To collect small business debts legally, you must first send a written notice that collections have begun, within five day [...]

Small Business Debt Collection Letter Writing
Writing a debt collection letter is one of the most important skills of any small business owner. Do you have what it takes to get the money you’ve earned? I have a confession: I'm a business writer who's let clients get away with not paying me--a [...]

Small Business Debt Collections Law Trap
When someone owes your small business money, you certainly feel like a victim. But did you know that if you aren't careful, you could break the law by trying to get the money back? How to Break a Federal Debt Collection Law You have a small busin [...]

The Distribution of Global Capital: 3 billion people lives on $2/day
Copyright 2005 Ofer Shoshani This week the Live 8 mega-event turned our attention to the problem of poverty. We learned that a child dies from it every three seconds. While we wait for the world to finally do something in order to save the African k [...]

The Ins and Outs of Credit Card Debt Settlement
Are you a self-confessed shopaholic who purchases anything and everything that you get your shopping addicted hands on? Such thoughtless and impulsive purchaseing will most likely result in the accumulation of a bunch of junk that will simply collect [...]

The Seller’s Creed
I will not make sales. I will make Customers. I will target the heart of my Customer. Never their wallet. My Customer is the lifeblood of my business. Though I may sell my Customers what they want, I will deliver what they need and make their [...]

The Use of Common Stock in Venture Capital Transactions
When raising capital for a business venture, a company can either raise debt capital, equity capital or a combination of the two. Debt capital is money loaned to the company at an agreed interest rate for a fixed time period. Conversely, equity capit [...]

To Factor or Not to Factor?
By: Marty Milan The purchasing of accounts receivable (invoices) is generally known as factoring. Businesses can sell their invoices to companies known as factors. Although not all business are familiar with factoring, historians claim that factor [...]

Using Payday Advance Loans Wisely: Emily’s Smart Move
Thinking about taking out a payday advance loan but worried about falling into a debt trap? Read this real-world scenario of how one person navigated the maze of payday advance loans to stay out of debt. Ever wonder how some people manage to take o [...]

What to Consider when Filing for Personal Bankruptcy
President Bush in April signed into law The Bankruptcy Abuse and Consumer Protection Act. This bill promises many changes to law, and will make it more difficult for the average person in financial trouble to have debts removed with bankruptcy. Recen [...]

Why a Collection Agency Is Your Small Business�s Best Friend--Really
Does the term �collection agency� put you on edge? If you�re like many small business owners, the mountain of debt you accumulated during startup might have been enough to make you worry about collection agencies every time you answere [...]

Why “Mom’s” have the Upper Hand in Debt Collection
If you are a mom, you can be a successful bill collector. In my opinion, if you are a mom, you are superwoman and can do anything you set your mind to. Some of the things moms and bill collectors have in common are: Teaching Being assertive and fi [...]

Your IR is Essential to Your Market Position
Title: Author: Kathleen Gage Email: kathleen@turningpointpresents.com Word Count: 508 Copyright: © 2004 by Kathleen Gage Web Address: www.kathleengage.com Publishing Guidelines: You may publish my article in your newsletter, on your web site [...]

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