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"Modern" diets and supplements
For the majority of people who don't raise their own foods, diets can be deficient in vitamins and minerals. In fact, it was the study of diet deficiencies in the USA and other countries that led to the creation of vitamin and mineral supplements. [...]

10 Tips On How To Lower Cholesterol
Seriously high levels of ‘bad’ cholesterol (LDL) represent a menacing cause of heart disease. By lowering the LDL level in your blood, you will automatically lower the total level of the cholesterol in your body (the HDL also known as the ‘good’ [...]

5 Simple Steps To Lower Cholesterol
You can lower cholesterol without drugs by following some basic steps that will not only change your cholesterol readings, but also improve your health today and in the future. So often we use a prescription drug and hope it will magically cure whate [...]

A genuine effort to kill Obesity with Diet Pills!
Diet Pills Many diet pills have been approved by the FDA in order to treat the rising Obesity epidemic. They are appetite suppressants which are helpful in limiting hunger or some diet pills work directly in the body and blocks fat from getting d [...]

A Mediterranean Diet - How to Lose Weight Safely
Copyright 2005 Roy Barker If you are looking for a way to lose fifteen pounds in two weeks, a high protein diet, a low carb diet, a fruit diet, a no fat diet, a blood type diet, a juice fast, a diet named after a place in Miami, a grapefruit diet, a [...]

An Introduction to Whey Protein -
Made from cow’s milk, whey protein is a pure, all-natural, high-quality product that contains little to no fat, lactose or cholesterol and is a rich source of essential amino acids. In its purest form, whey protein isolate, it provides benefits for [...]

Are Diet Pills the Answer?
There has been a lot of flak with how USA has been flirting with health problems because of obesity. More and more people are getting drowned in the onslaught of fast food and junk foods. Remember the movie "Upsize Me"? It played a parody on how Amer [...]

Atkins and South Beach Diets Compared
Low-carb diets have been in the market for quite some time now. Two of the most common these days are the Atkins and South Beach Diet. Beginnings Both were developed by medical doctors (cardiologists) who -- according to reports -- were trying t [...]

Atkins diet new controversy - low carb recipes and low fat recipes at loggerheads!
Dr Atkins diet has been at the heart of heated controversy in recent times. On May 26, 2004 A Florida businessman filed suit against the makers of Atkins diet, based on low carb recipes, as opposed to rival diets which favor low fat recipes. [...]

Be Careful With Diet Pills
If you are a person who has struggled with their weight and has a BMI, or body mass index, above a 27, the idea of a pill helping you lose weight is very appealing. Taking diet pills seem to be the quick fix to helping obese persons lose weight. Ther [...]

Beyond Macronutrients and the Importance of Vitamin Supplements
Most healthy eaters are familiar with the three macronutrients that garner the most media attention within the diet world: proteins, carbohydrates, and fats. Indeed, some highly regarded eating programs, such as the Isometric Diet®, are designed to [...]

Brink's Unified Theory of Nutrition For Weight Loss and Muscle Gain
Copyright 2005 Internet Publications When people hear the term Unified Theory, some times called the Grand Unified Theory, or even "Theory of Everything," they probably think of it in terms of physics, where a Unified Theory, or single theory capabl [...]

Calorie and Carbohydrate Counters
I recently received an email offer for a hand held computer that contains food fact tables, non volatile memory to hold the user's input data (food types and amounts, height, frame type) and calculates the total calories or carbohydrates that the die [...]

Can I Eat Sugar Alcohols On My Low Carb Diet?
"Polyols" or sugar alcohols are a number of different carbohydrates that are neither sugars nor alcohols--and are commonly used as artificial sweeteners in a range of products, from ice cream to chewing gum. While these tasty sweeteners appear to b [...]

Can You Still purchase Ephedra?
With millions of people aiming for successful weight loss, many are still interested in diet pills and want to purchase ephedra. Perhaps you are wondering...can I still purchase ephedra? The answer is yes, you can still purchase ephedra. Not all co [...]

Carbohydrates, Proteins, and Hidden Fats
Recent TV news showed that various food brands are offering low carbohydrate foods due to public demand. That just shows how poorly informed the public can be. The Mayo Clinic (http://www.mayoclinic.com/) tells us that "Every day your body requir [...]

Carbohydrates: What You must know
This scares me to death, every day you walk down the street it is becoming more and more apparent that the average person is becoming larger and this trend has escalated over recent years. Why are they getting fatter? Here are some reasons... · Le [...]

Chosing The Right Diet For You
There are so many different and varied diets floating around today that it can be quite difficult to make a decision regarding which one is right for you when you feel it’s time to lose weight. Some diets emphasize low fat while others insist low ca [...]

Common Sense About Low Carb Diets
Copyright 2005 Ardmore Internet Marketing, Inc. With all of the conflicting studies and fuzzy interpretation of information, it's no wonder that confusion reigns when it comes to the value and safety of low-carb diets. It seems like heated debates a [...]

Dairy in Diet
Dairy foods are a great source of calcium and some vitamins and minerals. But seek out the low fat versions for good health. Powdered milk has no fat, yet much calcium. Also, powdered milk has far fewer germs than pasteurized bottled milk. Diets in [...]

Diet Food Doesn’t Have To Be Boring!
Not too long ago, my mother and I were talking about food and diets. "Your grandmother used to feed you pasta five nights a week," my mother insisted. "She did not!" I exclaimed, stung. After all, I remembered my grandmother as a wonderfully varied [...]

Diet Pills – Do they work? Are they safe? Which one should I use?
Diet Pills are the fastest growing segment of the dietary supplement industry. Sales of diet pills and related supplements have been increasing 10 to 20 percent annually to the point where last year they reached $2 billion. Considering the fact that [...]

Diet Plans for a Low Carb Diet
One of the most popular diets is the low carb one. But because of its popularity the number of diet plans is growing, and growing and growing. When you have to decide it is so difficult: the very large amount of information freezes you. You’re block [...]

Diet scams : How to avoid getting ripped off
Have you ever received those tempting ads that seem to arrive regularly in the post - seductive brochures describing diet pills, patches and potions promising miracles? They show you "proof". They have the endorsements by medical and scientific "expe [...]

Dietary Guidelines Show Need For Supplements
The 2005 Dietary Guidelines emphasize getting all of your nutrients from conventional foods, if possible, but also flag the need for some supplemental nutrients."The fact is that many people do not get all the nutrients they need from diet alone, and [...]

Dieters need more calcium
REQUIREMENTS FOR REPRINT: You have permission to publish this article free of charge in your e-zine, newsletter, ebook, print publication or on your website ONLY if it remains unchanged and you include the copyright and author information (Resour [...]

Dieting, Scams and Losing Weight
Copyright 2005 Richard Keir I've been reading so much stuff on diets and weight loss that I've lost about 15 pounds since I just can't stand to eat anything anymore. Not protein, not carbs, not chocolate, nothing. And I'm getting very hungry, but f [...]

Diverticulitis And Diet
What Is Diverticulitis? Diverticulitis is another one of those conditions that has followed from industrialisation, and a fundamental change in eating habits to a diet of processed food. The condition emerged after milling became commonplace in Wes [...]

Do Diet Pills Really Work?
Many over-the-counter diet pill manufacturers say their product will help you see miraculous weight loss -- like losing up to 30 pounds in 30 days -- without diet or exercise. Their claims sound too good to be true, and most of them are. A few pi [...]

Do Jet Lag Diets Work?
Anti jet lag diets have been around for some time now, but do they work? Perhaps the best know anti jet lag diet is the Argonne Diet, developed at the Argonne National Laboratory in 1982. Over the years thousands of people have downloaded copies of [...]

Does Calorie Restriction Lead to Weight Loss?
Yes and no. Moderate calorie restriction helps in controlling and getting rid of fat to a certain extent. In fact the so called low carbohydrate diets are low calorie diets. Research proves that the weight loss in these weight loss programs is on [...]

Does YOUR Diet Do All The Right "Things"?
Where Diets Go Wrong... When we discover that we are heavier than we want to be, we have a natural inclination to eat less food. We may skip lunch or eat only a tiny amount of our dinner in the hope that if we eat less our body will burn off some o [...]

Don't Be Confused About Low Carb Diets - 7 Key Points Explained
With all of the conflicting studies and fuzzy interpretation of information, it's no wonder that confusion reigns when it comes to the value and safety of low-carb diets. It seems like heated debates are raging everywhere! Whether it's Atkins, [...]

Don't Just Rent Your Body
Have you noticed that some people treat rental housing with total disrespect? Whether house or apartment, some people scuff the floors and trim, poke holes in walls, break toilets and faucets, let kids write on any surface, neglect worsening problems [...]

Don't Obsess About Food
One of the dangers of dieting is the 'diet mentality'. The constant need to weigh, measure, count and account for food that most dieters feel can become an obsession with food that comes close to that experienced by someone with an eating disorder. I [...]

Don't Undermine Your Diet
Let's start this article off right. You are not 'going on a diet'. Our concept of 'a diet' implies a temporary change that will work miracles - if we're only strong enough to stick to it. That way of thinking is encouraged by decades of 'fad diets' t [...]

Don’t Let Extra Pounds Pile Up Like the Leaves This Winter!
(ARA) - The days are getting shorter; the air is getting colder. Are you nervous about losing the summer figure that you worked so hard to achieve? Winter will be here before you know it and so might those extra seasonal pounds. Now there is an easie [...]

Drug Companies Hijack Clinton's Heart News
When Bill Clinton was scheduled for heart surgery, reporters spoke of how he had been a junk food addict, loving burgers, fries, and shakes, even eating a whole pie at one sitting. After his quadruple bypass surgery, the major TV news shows talked [...]

Eating Wisely and Weight Loss
Please bear in mind that I am not a dietician, or a physician, and my opinions are those of a Yoga teacher and life-long student of Ayurveda. Always consult your family physician before changing your diet. It may be generally agreed that eating wis [...]

Eggs are healthful!
After years of bad press, new studies show that eggs have been give a bum rap. If eggs are served without fatty sausage or bacon, no buttery toast, and cooked without fat, eggs are actually quite nutritious and safe. It's easy to boil an egg, or "fr [...]

Eliminate The Doubt Of Low Carb Diets
With all of the conflicting studies and fuzzy interpretation of information, it's no wonder that confusion reigns when it comes to the value and safety of low-carb diets. It seems like heated debates are raging everywhere! Whether it's Atkins, the [...]

Excessive Fat kills.
In this new century, news media are finally aware that America's major health problem is obesity. Excess weight not only contributes to almost every health risk, it can actually multiply the risk factors, including those from tobacco. It has already [...]

Exercise Can Decrease Hunger
It is obvious that exercise directly helps the loss of excess weight by burning calories. It is less well known that exercise also has indirect benefits for controlling weight. Many studies have found that even moderate exercise can improve the fee [...]

Fad Diets
High-Fat, Low-Carbohydrate Diets - Millions of Americans have joined the low-carb craze and started high-fat, low-carb diets such as the Atkins Diet, and the Zone Diet. They are made up of about 60% fat, 10% carbohydrate, and 30% protein. These diets [...]

Fad Diets and Why They Don’t Stay
Copyright 2005 Adam Waxler Fad diets are well known for their promise of bringing some instant weight loss. However, while these diets may help you lose weight quick, they may also create health issues. Here is some helpful fad diet advice: 1. It [...]

Fad Diets can Kill!
Everything you read about diets should be "taken with a grain of salt". If something seems too good to be true, or not plausible, seek other sources, or ask at http://mayoclinic.com. You probably have heard about "anorexia", self-starvation, or " [...]

Fast And Easy Weight Loss Using Diet Programs And Diet Pills
If you’re one of the approximately 67% of Americans that are wired into the internet, there’s a good chance that sometime in the last 24 hours you’ve received at least one spam email promoting the latest and greatest diet pill or weight loss progr [...]

Fast Diet Fraud
Under the theory that "seeing is believing", people continue to purchase books and pills for dramatic weight loss in 7 days, or 4 weeks, or some other rather short interval. What should be checked is how much weight loss remains effective in one year [...]

Fat burner myths
A surprisingly high number of books by physicians and nutritional consultants teach that foods in combinations, or special supplements, can "turn up your fat burners". Publications by the Mayo Clinic, US Government, and other reliable sources all say [...]

Fats and carbohydrates – their place in your healthy diet
Lately it would seem that fats and carbohydrates have both gotten a bad rap. First it was fat that was the culprit in all dietary ills, and low fat diets were all the rage. Then the two switched places, with carbohydrates being the bad guys and fat r [...]

FDA Announces Rule Prohibiting Sale of Dietary Supplements Containing Ephedrine Alkaloids Effective April 12
The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced today that the final rule on dietary supplements containing ephedrine alkaloids is effective immediately. The rule, which was published on February 11, 2004 in the Federal Register, declares dietary su [...]

Food Intolerance And Low Carb Diets
Food intolerance is a pharmacological reaction to the consumption of certain foods. In many cases, food intolerance may appear to be the side-effect of pharmacological drugs, but in fact, it is generally caused by the consumption of natural foods pro [...]

Frequently Asked Questions About Weight Loss And Diets
If you’re on a diet, or considering going on one, you’re in luck. We’ve put together ten of the most frequently asked questions about diets and weight loss and compiled them here. Enjoy! 1. How much should I weigh? Your doctor can answer that q [...]

Garlic for Health
Garlic is a traditional tonic in many cultures. In my teens and twenties, I was very aware that one should not eat garlic or onions out of respect for other people (e.g., bosses or potential dates). However, garlic breath does not bother me nearly [...]

Gastric Bypass Surgery – Get Your Vitamins!
Gastric bypass patients face a great task in the following months and years after surgery, most of which includes monumental lifestyle changes in comparison to their old habits and methods. The most important of all, given that gastric bypass patient [...]

Have you been looking for the latest and accurate opinion relating to garden stepping stones.
When you're trying to find excellent advice about garden stepping stones, you will find it hard extricating the best information from misguided garden stepping stones suggestions and advice so it's astute to know how to judge the advice that is offe [...]

Health News as Source for Laughs
Google News can be entertaining (http://news.google.com/). Late August 2004 headlines show that at least some USA government experts understand the difference between "good" and "bad" sugars. However, they stopped short of telling us to limit refine [...]

Healthy eating for a healthy body
Healthy eating means many things to many people, and everyone has different goals for the perfect diet. The key to following a healthy diet is to find a diet you can stick with for the rest of your life. A diet should not be simply a temporary change [...]

Healthy eating for vegetarians and vegans
Study after study has revealed the importance of a balanced diet to good health. Eating a balanced diet, one that is rich in all the various minerals and vitamins needed for a healthy body, can present quite a challenge for vegetarians and vegans. [...]

Healthy eating with fruits and vegetables
Dietary experts recommend that every person should eat at least five servings of fruits and vegetables every day. The importance of fruits and vegetables to a healthy diet has been known for quite some time, but studies have shown that very few peopl [...]

Healthy Eating: A Key Component of a Healthy Lifestyle
Why is healthy eating so important? You hear a lot today about the benefits of living a healthier lifestyle. It's all over the media ... almost everywhere you look. You can't turn around without hearing about low carb diets, such as The Atkins diet [...]

Here's A Diet That Won't Work
How's this for a diet: Take in fewer calories than you expend and you'll lose weight. I just read another article that suggested this as the sure-fire way to lose weight. Of course it's true, and about as useful as telling an alcoholic he can beat hi [...]

High Energy Food Illustrations
Take a raw carrot, and hold it to a bare flame. Nothing much happens except some charring and bad smell. Place some liquid fat (oils) in a shallow dish prepared with a wick. Touch a match to the saturated wick, and observe the heat and light that r [...]

How Diet Influences Cancer Risk
Diet is a double edged sword. Improper diet increases the risk of cancer but a proper, well balanced diet reduces the cancer risk. Diet is one of the most important lifestyle factors and has been estimated to account for up to 80% of cancers of the [...]

How hard is it to diet
Advising on the best opinion in relation to diet. Often when you are looking for high-class advice concerning diet, it'll be complex extracting the best information from unprofessional diet proposals and guidance so it is wise to recognize how to mo [...]

How the Protein Diet Works
Protein is an essential nutrient necessary for maintaining good health. In its basic form protein consists of amino acid chains. Of the 22 amino acids that are capable of creating protein, 8 of these can only be obtained through a protein diet. Becau [...]

How to Eliminate Weight Loss Failure by Lifting Weights: The Secret Everyone Ignores
Many times, when one begins a new fat loss regime; they focus on dieting (hopefully intelligent dieting, not fad diets or very low calorie diets) and hopefully an exercise regime. Most of the time, to accomplish fat loss, people seem to believe that [...]

How to Know if You Need Vitamin Supplements
Taking vitamin and mineral supplements is perhaps one of the most controversial issues regarding healthy living. The lack of vitamins in your diet can be unhealthy, but too many vitamins can also put your health in danger. So, how do you know if taki [...]

How to Lose Weight Easily, Increase Health with a Fast, Tasty Diet
If you are looking for a way to lose fifteen pounds in two weeks, a high protein diet, a low carb diet, a fruit diet, a no fat diet, a blood type diet, a juice fast, a diet named after a place in Miami, a grapefruit diet, a cactus diet, a coffee and [...]

How To Treat High Cholesterol Safely
Cholesterol may differ depending on the lifestyle, gender or the heritage of the individual. Every one of us can do certain things to live healthier, longer lives. One of those alternatives includes maintaining cholesterol at the right level. However [...]

Irritable Bowel Syndrome Diet
Irritable bowel syndrome is a frequently diagnosed condition in this country. Approximately 10 to 20% of people have this condition. Women account for almost 70% of this group. This condition causes explosive diarrhoea, constipation and abdominal pai [...]

Is eating a raw food diet actually healthy for you?
Whatever diet you choose to live by, the food you eat has to provide your body with the nourishment to properly balance your body's chemistry. If you have health challenges, are overweight or obese, chances are you are not in balance at all. The typi [...]

Is Low-Carb Weight Loss Really Just Water Loss?
By Craig Whitley Diets and Weight Loss Plans A Daily Blog for Dieter's Any weight loss or diet plan, including low-carb plans like the induction phase of the Atkins Diet will result in water loss during the first week or two. However, one of the r [...]

Is the new “high-protein low-saturated fat” diet the answer to weight loss?
The heated debate, within diet circles, that began a few years ago and continues today is over the effectiveness of the high-protein, low-carbohydrate, type diet versus its counterpart, the high-carbohydrate, low-fat diet. To the delight of the Atk [...]

Is Your Hoodia Fake
The diet supplement Hoodia Gordonii has gotten a lot of press lately. It has been featured on the news show 60 Minuets, and more recently on the Today Show. With all the buzz surrounding Hoodia and its ability to control ones appetite it didn’t take [...]

Junk Foods Kill.
All of the following are health hazards. Fatty foods High salt levels Sugar and most artificial sweeteners. Americans now consume roughly 25 times as much sugar and equivalents as was typical around 1900, which is not healthful. Refined sugar [...]

Listen Up: Listen Your Way To a Better Diet
The battle against the bulge isn’t an easy one. Most people these days are trying to eat healthier but it’s tough to keep up with the onslaught of diet-related information and to stay motivated to choose nutritious foods. So here’s a tip. Listen y [...]

Living with Your Diet
Recently, I was reading about a diet plan where you throw everything out of your pantry. Although this sounds like great news for the supermarkets, over the short-term, this leaves very few choices for you to actually eat. Can you exist on salad, [...]

Lose Weight Fast For A Special Occasion
Copyright 2005 Adam Waxler If you have just a little weight to lose, and want to take it off fast (say, so you can fit into those great pants for your cousin's wedding), there are a number of diets that you can use. Most of these wouldn't be recomme [...]

Lose Weight Without Starvation!
Everyone at one point in his or her life needs or wants to loose weight. Whether it is for health reason, or just to feel better about you, deciding on a weight loss plan is not as easy as it sounds. There are literally thousands of plans and produ [...]

Low Carb and Lowfat Diets...A Scam?!
Low Carb and Low Fat Diets - A Scam?! If anyone knows anything about fitness, it’s that a low fat diet is the healthiest way to avoid serious diseases, right? Maybe wrong. In many instances quality research has shown just the opposite…that a lo [...]

Low Carb Diet Secrets Revealed!
You may be considering a low carb diet program, but wonder if they really work, and if so, how well? Let's take the mystery out of low carb diets by giving you the 3 most important elements to their success. First, you need to bring your carb [...]

Low Carb Diets are Catching On Across the Country
(ARA) - There is no question about the fact that the low carb diet is in. Magazine covers proclaim its success, books like “Dr. Atkins New Diet Revolution” and “The South Beach Diet” remain on the top sellers list week after week, and stores that [...]

Low Carb Intelligence vs. Low Carb Stupidity
Copyright 2005 Tom Venuto Remember that movie with Jim Carey, “Dumb and Dumber?” And remember the sequel to that movie, “Dumb and Dumberer?” Well, the low carb mania that is sweeping the globe today has reached a level beyond dumberer… It’s mo [...]

Low Carb is High Dumb
Low carbohydrate diets are now the craze in the U.S.A. Fast food stores even offer hamburgers in lettuce rather than in buns (still with the fats of meat and sauces). Breads and pastries modified for lower carbohydrates are now making fortunes for [...]

Low Gi Diet or Low Carb Diet – Which One Is Best?
These days, most everyone has heard of low carb diets such as the South Beach and Atkins diet but the GI or glycemic index diet is a fairly new name on the diet scene. While low carb diets restrict the quantity of carbohydrates, the GI diet focuses [...]

Low-Carb Diet, Should I or Shouldn't I?
It's no wonder that confusion reigns when it comes to the worth and reliability of low-carb diets after all the conflicting studies and confusing interpretation of the information. It seems like debates are popping up everywhere! No matter if it's [...]

Low-Carb High Protein Diets
This type of diet became very popular as of recently due to the promotion of the ever-popular Atkins Diet Craze. This diet is very popular because there is no calorie counting involved, and many foods that many people love to eat are allowed on the d [...]

Mediterranean Diet - What is it?
Well, to begin with, there isn't really any one Mediterranean Diet! There's a whole swag of countries bordering the Mediterranean Sea. The basic Mediterranean Diet has common characteristics even if the sourrounding countries differ in culture, langu [...]

Mediterranean Diet-Lose weight quickly, easily & safely
If you are looking for a way to lose fifty pounds in two weeks, a high protein diet, a low carb diet, a fruit diet, a no fat diet, a blood type diet, a juice fast, a diet named after a place in Miami, a grapefruit diet, a cactus diet, a coffee and ci [...]

Menopause and Weight Loss
During menopause, many women report that the challenge of weight loss becomes even more difficult. The need to lose weight haunts women most of the time, and now more men are reporting the same struggle. When women hit menopause, weight gathers aroun [...]

Migraines Retreat With Diet Modifications
The research is clear, food intolerance, allergies, and hypersensitivities are key triggers of headaches and migraines. Although each migraine sufferer may react to a different food or group of foods, there are a few which seem to pop up as frequent [...]

Miso and Potato Soup Meal
I previously described a Hearty Miso Soup Meal which gets some of its protein and bulk from angel hair pasta. Here is a variation on the theme, replacing pasta with potato. Both recipes provide a high protein meatless meal, low in fat. These propor [...]

Moderate exercise is necessary for good health.
At a minimum, walk a mile or more several times a week (or daily) and move the arms and wrists around to loosen up the joints. If you can't walk or ride a stationary bicycle, use a rowing machine, swim, or join wheel chair races. My paddle-wheel st [...]

Moderate weight loss can earn good health benefits
It is not compulsory to shed enormous weight for a good health gain. Moderate weight loss brings healthy news to your body. Even before you achieve the set goal, you begin to reap the benefits. If you are obese, try to lose the first 10 kg and see [...]

Monosodium Glutamate & Hydrolyzed Protein
Industry spokes persons and publications of various national governments assure us that MSG is good for us, with no detrimental effects. Such assurances are totally meaningless to those of us who find even small amounts of MSG can cause a feeling o [...]

Need To Lose Weight Fast For A Special Occasion?
If you have just a little weight to lose, and want to take it off fast (say, so you can fit into those great pants for your cousin's wedding), there are a number of diets that you can use. Most of these wouldn't be recommended for long-term weight lo [...]

Nutrition Is More Than The Nutrition Facts Box
Most people pay little attention to the nutritional content of their food until they are on, or about to begin a diet. Then they take a keen interest in seeing which diet has less calories or less carbohydrates. But it is a simple fact that most pop [...]

Olive Oil -Not Just for Popeye
Archeological records indicate that man has cultivated the olive tree for about 6,000 years; having been especially popular in the Isle of Crete (which as you recall, also appeared in the Seven Countries Study to be the site of the lowest incidence o [...]

One Change Can Make All The Difference
Ever wondered why some people manage to keep their weight off easily and others just pile it all back on when they stop that new diet? The answer is easy, it comes down to one simple change. Before we get to that simple change, you need to keep in [...]

Overweight Diet & Fitness "Experts"
Diet is a topic much discussed in theory, neglected in practice. I am amused that photos and TV images of most weight loss gurus in USA show them to be "pleasingly plump", that is to say, OVERWEIGHT. While "juicy" (or "zaftig" or "zoftic") bodies c [...]

Potatoes are healthful!
Not deep fried potatoes. Not potatoes smothered in butter, margarine, or sour cream. Low fat yogurt can be used as a topping, plain or with herbs and spices. But try potatoes that are baked, boiled, fried on a non-stick surface with a minimum o [...]

is a wonderful word that is too little appreciated by people in North America and many other countries. Just look at recent news. Prevention applies to mega forest fires (controlled burns in advance), earthquakes (better construction in California [...]

Protein - The Denominator Customary to All Diets
The Human Body is in a constant flux with the environment. Matter and molecules flow in and out, casting themselves into its complexities. Although the body lends them structure, it is the intake—the diet—that decides its physique. To control what [...]

Protein: Common or Missing Link?
Most of us equate the word diet with calorie reduction. This is understandable, since most diet marketing is relentlessly focused on offering consumers low-calorie options. Unfortunately, this way of thinking is categorically wrong. The simple fact [...]

Real Soy Sauce
When I was growing up, I thought soy sauce was salty water with dark coloring and some secret soy and wheat stuff mixed in. That's because my parents did not know any better than to purchase LaChoy brand. Some of the cheapy stuff from China is not [...]

Reasons for Obesity
Causes of Obesity Just like there is no weight loss pill or single "magic potion" diet plan to cure obesity there is no single cause of obesity. We are living in an age of two income families, job loss, stress, and time constraints. It makes it [...]

Redeeming Unsaturated Fat
The most dreaded word in many dieter’s vocabulary is ‘fat’. It is not uncommon to hear a dieter discuss their avoidance of eating fat as if it were something thoroughly unwholesome, or even life-threatening, like an allergen, or a contagious disea [...]

Safely Transitioning Off Meal Replacement Plans
Meal replacements have been part of the diet landscape for decades. They have helped numerous people lose weight, and more importantly, they have helped people learn the difference between healthy and unhealthy eating choices. Both quantity and quali [...]

Salt saves, salt kills.
Salt is essential to health. This means sodium chloride and potassium chloride, with traces of other mineral salts. If you sweat a lot at work or play, lack of salt can cause "heat stroke". Salt can kill. Excess salt is probably the biggest dieta [...]

South Beach Diet Or Another Fad Diet?
I have thoroughly researched this diet and am giving you every detail of south beach diet for information. South beach diet book is founded on the premise that switching to good carbs stops insulin resistance and curbs appetite which leads to weigh [...]

Soy Foods for better health
Soyfoods aid longevity. Although a few authors dispute this, most literature found on the reputable internet sources show that traditional soyfoods, especially those with live cultures, correlate with reduced risks of various diseases without negati [...]

Sports Drinks - Should They Part of Your Diet and Exercise Program?
Sports Drinks - Should They Part of Your Diet and Exercise Program? You've seen the diet and exercise commercials featuring buff, perfectly tanned, healthy and happy young people doing extreme exercising replenishing themeselves with the latest [...]

Start Losing Weight Today!
I'll start my diet on Monday. How many times have you told yourself that? Right after New Years', I swear. Tomorrow. Are you tired of hearing yourself say the same old excuses day after day, month after month, year after year? If so, listen up! Here [...]

Strategic Weight Loss
One of the first things that you'll do when you decide to lose weight is to set a goal weight. For most, that goal will be their 'ideal weight', but for many, that 'ideal weight' may be exactly the wrong weight for them to be aiming for. Years of d [...]

Supporting Your Weight Loss Goals
As anyone who has ever been on diet knows, trying to lose weight is hard enough without any added pressures. While having your own personal weight loss coach would certainly help matters, for many people that is simply an unaffordable daydream. Nev [...]

Take Hoodia diet pills with a Smart Diet, not a Starvation Diet
Could Hoodia weight loss supplements fulfill the expectations of dieters and impact the United States obesity troubles? Today fifty million Americans are attempting to slim down with just a low five percent sustaining the weight loss they are seeking [...]

Take Your Vitamins - But Take Them Sensibly
When it comes to vitamins, the more you take the better off you are, right? Actually, that's not true and you can be wasting your time (and money) or even doing yourself harm by overloading on vitamins. To get the ultimate advantage from vitamins, be [...]

Taking the confusion out of purchasing prescription diet pills.
If you were to search ‘Prescription Diet Pills’ online you would come up with more than 3.5 million results, certainly a large number of results to sort through to find the best prescription diet pill. The problem is that several diet pills go by [...]

The Atkins Diet...what is it?
You're probably wondering how a diet like this could actually lead to weight loss. According to the late Dr. Atkins, it's all about limiting carbohydrates. As Americans, we eat a large amount of carbohydrates. These are foods that contain white flo [...]

The benefits of healthy nutrition
Question: What are some of the benefits of healthy nutrition? What makes a healthy diet worth it? Answer: The effects of having a healthy nutritional diet are innumerable. The human body needs various nutrients and minerals to keep it functioni [...]

The Danger of Curbing Hunger Artificially
Unhealthy eating is a harmful problem in America, and contrary to a very outdated perception, this harm is not limited to those who suffer from obesity[1]. In reality, according to the Directors of Health Promotion and Education, the majority of Amer [...]

The Diet Experts Agree More Than They Admit!
Lately, I've been hearing a lot about how wrong for our bodies the current recommendations from our most respected medical institutions are. Well-known diet gurus and nutritional researchers have stepped up to the plate to declare that the high carbo [...]

The Glycemic Index and Dieting
The field of nutrition is awash with charts, tables, diagrams, models, acronyms, and abbreviations; more than the average person can memorize. As such, one often comes across someone who has simply burnt out trying to keep track of how much to eat, w [...]

The Hidden Truth About Diets
Quick, what's the first thought that pops into your head when you hear the word "diet?" Probably that when you're on one, you feel like you're going to "d-i-e" right?! WHAT EXACTLY IS A DIET? Most people believe that a diet is something that invo [...]

The importance of diet in Lowering blood pressure
Diet is extremely important for people with high blood pressure, because eating unrecommended food can lead to kidney failure or heart-attacks.People who have high blood pressure must take up a healthy diet if they want to improve their condition. [...]

The Isometric Diet and Balanced Health
The concept isometric has been a part of the health care vocabulary for decades. The most common application of the term, until now, has been with respect to physical exercise. Taken from the Greek root word Iso, meaning equal, the familiar term Isom [...]

The Link Between Diet and Nutrition
You will be happy to know that the latest low-carb diet plans such as The South Beach Diet and The Zone are making more room for both diet and nutrition planning to lose weight and become more healthy. The energy we use to drive our various body [...]

The Low Carb F.A.Q
When most people think of low carb diets they automatically think Atkins. For obvious reasons. Dr. Robert Atkins formulated the original low carb diet in 1972 and was met a with a hail of ridicule and negativity from the medical community at large. [...]

The Low-Down On Diet Comparison
Low carbs and high protein is the way to lose weight, or so you'll hear from one diet guru, and he has the testimonials to back it up. Low fat, lots of carbs and fresh fruits and veggies, says another - and he's got the back up from satisfied users, [...]

The Main Causes of Hemorrhoids Are Diet and Toilet-Strain.
Hemorrhoids have two main causes: diet, and toilet-strain. Studies have also shown that these two causes are linked because eating bad food can lead to constipation which then leads to straining on the toilet. Diet A diet that lacks fiber contribu [...]

The Most Under-Rated Aspect of Weight Loss
If I were asked, “what is the most difficult thing many people find to do when they start a weight-loss program?", I would have to say right near the top of the list is this - they don't drink enough water! Few people realise at first just how esse [...]

The New And Improved Nutrition Pyramid
Just when you were getting the Nutrition Pyramid down to an exact science, the USDA goes and releases an all new nutrition and diet plan for healthy Americans. On April 19, 2005, the United States Department of Agriculture unveiled its new My Pyramid [...]

The Perfect Diet Just for You
You decide to start a new diet plan. You shop around, get ideas, talk to friends, family, co-workers, forum friends, chat room buddies…then you choose the one that sounds best and works within your budget and sign up. Next comes the fun part of le [...]

The Profect Solution for Diabetics
Diabetes, which affects more than 6% of the US population or over 18,000,000 people [i], is diagnosed when the body is not creating or effectively utilizing the hormone called insulin. As a result, much-needed energy from sugar, starch, and other sou [...]

The Real Mayo Clinic Diet
For over thirty years, the Mayo Clinic has been combating the rumor that they recommend a version of a quick weight loss diet that touts the consumption of grapefruit, vegetables, fruits and unlimited portions of meat and fat. The clinic has repeated [...]

The risk of ischemic heart disease with low-fat, high-carbohydrate diets
There is convincing scientific evidence that type of fat have a more important role in determining the risk of coronary heart disease(CHD) than total amount of fat in the diet.(1) However, because of misleading presentation of epidemiological data by [...]

The Simplest Diet Plan Ever - 3 Easy Steps to Healthy Living
You've heard the popular advice on weight loss diets. Cut the fat! Cut the carbs! Cut the calories! Eat a balanced diet! But how can you cut though all of the confusion, and eat a diet that's balanced and healthy? Here's the advice from nutriti [...]

The South Beach Diet
Among the most popular forms of dieting is the South Beach diet, developed by cardiologist Arthur Agatston of Miami, Florida. The South Beach diet is always confused with Atkins Diet, which is a low-carbohydrate diet. The South Beach diet highlight [...]

The Truth About High Protein Diets
All you hear about today is how good protein is for you. It is advertised as the best way to build muscle and more than that it helps one lose weight. Hey, if a little protein is good for you then a lot is even better, right? WRONG! That statement co [...]

The Truth about the Mayo Clinic Diet
This was posted on their site, http://mayoclinic.com, August 22, 2003: "Mayo Clinic diet: It doesn't exist. A number of so-called "Mayo Clinic diets" have surfaced over the years. None of these originated at or are endorsed by Mayo Clinic." If y [...]

The Ultimate Weight Loss Attitude
Us the diet and exercise industry have our opinions on what diets work and which ones are just sales gimmicks. I believe this can be very discouraging to you the consumer. Unfortunately, a lot of people want to get on the band wagon of wellness and t [...]

The Wonderful Benefits of the Mediterranean Diet.
The Mediterranean Diet is now recognized as one of the healthiest in the world consisting as it does of large amounts of fresh fruit and vegetables, salads,nuts,seeds, omega-3 rich oily fish, olives and olive oil and being comparitively low in dairy [...]

To Salt Or Not To Salt: That Is The Question, but What Is The Answer?
(ARA) - Americans love salt. It’s in the news, it’s in our food, and it’s a part of our culture. It’s estimated that the average American consumes more than 4,000 milligrams of sodium a day. The Food and Drug Administration’s recommended daily a [...]

Top 10 Questions and Answers on Atkins Diet
1. What is Atkins Diet? Dr. Atkins diet, first introduced in 1972, is strictly focused on limiting carbohydrate consumption. That is why it is called a low-carb, high-protein diet or sometimes simply a low-carb diet, together with other diets [...]

Truths about Diet, Obesity, and $75 Billion
Sensible diet prevents obesity! Healthy living prevents most diseases! (Unfortunately, old age is not a disease.) These truths should be self evident. Yet recent shock headlines tell us that "medical problems caused by obesity are costing U.S. [...]

Tuna and Water Diet
Ready for a hardcore diet to get lean in a matter of days? This diet is used by professional bodybuilders to prepare before the competition. It requires an iron willpower but guarantees 100% results. Here is how it works: * Normally this diet is [...]

Ultimate Low Carb Food List
! Wouldn't it be great to have a low carb food list to help you with your low carb diet program? Whether it's Atkins, Beach diet, or one of the many other low or no carb diets you are practicing, low carb food lists become necessary to living [...]

Understanding Low Carb Diets
With all of the conflicting studies and fuzzy interpretation of information, it's no wonder that confusion reigns when it comes to the value and safety of low-carb diets. It seems like heated debates are raging everywhere! Whether it's Atkins, the [...]

Walking To The Beat Of A Different Drun?
Walking and Weight Loss Three universal goals most of us share are: 1.) To live longer, 2.) To live free of illness, and 3.) To control our weight. Interesting enough, normal walking lets us achieve all three. In fact, walking may be man's best m [...]

Weight Loss : Keep it Simple
An increasing trend over the last few years has been for diet books to make things complex. I expect it's because each one vies with the other to come out with some brand new theory or other about why we gain weight and why their diet plan is the [...]

Weight Loss And Nutrition Myths – What You Need To Know! Part 1
MYTH: Fad diets work for permanent weight loss. FACT: Fad diets are not the best way to lose weight and keep it off. Fad diets often promise quick weight loss or tell you to cut certain foods out of your diet. You may lose weight at first on one of [...]

Weight Loss Scams - What Have You Got To Lose!
There are literally Thousands of weight loss plans and equipment on the market today. Some are genuine in their promise of weight loss. Some although sincere in their promise, are flawed in their design. There are others that are blatantly fake. [...]

Weight Loss Survey: Why Dieters Fail To Lose Weight
Current levels of overweight and obesity, together with weight-related disease, have made weight control a major health priority throughout America. Yet statistics indicate that average weight reduction on conventional diets adds up to a mere 5-8 pou [...]

Weight Loss Tips: Get Free and Effective Weight Loss Tips!
Looking for Diet Programs on net is like looking for water in an Ocean. But trust me, looking for good Diet Program is like finding a pearl in the ocean. Me and my team have traveled from shore to shore and short listed few highly effective diet prog [...]

Weightloss Supplements
People everywhere are searching for the elusive miracle drug that will cure their weight loss problems for ever. Weight loss supplements can assist you in the weight loss process but are far from the miracle and only solution you should seek. We [...]

Wellness versus Ignorance
If you ask most Americans whether wellness is important, most will agree. Parents will usually say that family health is one of their major concerns. Yet most are rather ignorant about nutrition information. Blame our public education system, false o [...]

What Is The Atkins Diet?
The Atkins weight loss diet is based on one simple principle: Your body burns both carbohydrates and fat for calories. If you reduce the amounts of carbohydrates available, it will burn more fat and you will lose weight. According to Atkins, calori [...]

What is the South Beach Diet?
So you’ve heard about The South Beach Diet. You know people on the South Beach Diet. But just what is it? The South Beach Diet teaches you to choose what you eat more carefully, encouraging you to eat the right fats and the right carbohydrates. It [...]

Where's The Beef?
…It's now on top since low carb recipes have turned the food pyramid upside down. The craze over low carb recipes is one of the major reasons why beef is back! Until recently, the beef industry leaders had about as much interest in celebrity docto [...]

Why Diets DON'T Work
One of the biggest scams ever successfully pulled on the American public is - somewhat appropriately - a 4-letter word. That word is, of course, Diet. By now you have seen advertisements for more diets than you can easily remember, and have also most [...]

Why Diets Lead to Failure
Ever thought of, known someone, or gone on a diet? You probably have. The word diet seems like a common word for someone who is unsatisfied with their current physical condition. The problem is that most diets usually end up failing…in the long run. [...]

Why fad diets don’t work!
Copyright 2005 Adam Waxler The answer is simple...fad diets are not natural. Fad diet is the term that describes an array of diet approaches used to temporarily lose weight through unsafe and unrealistic methods. Quick fix programs do not work...al [...]

Why Isn't My Diet Working?
Have you been on a new diet for a couple of weeks and found that you STILL can't lose weight? Have you actually GAINED a pound or two since you've been on it? Are you just about ready to throw this diet out the window and try something else? Well, ho [...]

Why Many Fat Free Diets do not Work
Most people understand that it is wise to limit the amount of fat grams in their daily diet. The dietary reference intake amount for an adult ranges from 20% to 35%[i] of daily calories; or about 44 to 55 grams per day[1]. Since a single slice of pec [...]

Why the HAPPY DIET works
Understanding why and how the happy diet works. There is a simple explanation and that being is you get to choose what you want to eat. Most diets today prove to be very stressful for many men and women in their quest to lose weight. This is becau [...]

Why the Low GI Diet is the Key to Your Weight Loss Goals
Losing weight is one of the hardest goals Americans annually seek to accomplish. The weight loss industry is huge and incorporates every type of fad diet, pill, cream, and lotion possible. Instead of falling prey to one of these "lose weight quickly" [...]

Why The Low GI Diet Is The Key To Your Weight Loss Goals!
Copyright 2005 Wesley Atkins Losing weight is one of the hardest goals Americans annually seek to accomplish. The weight loss industry is huge and incorporates every type of fad diet, pill, cream, and lotion possible. Instead of falling prey to one [...]

You Can Lose Weight on a High Carbohydrate Diet
A startling fact is that carbohydrates are not responsible for making people fat. Don't feel too badly though, you are not the only person who was sold on the idea that a high protein, low carb diet was the only way to lose weight. Here is a simp [...]

You don't need to go on a diet to lose weight
You are reading this article probably for one of two reasons. 1. You want a weight loss program that works 2. You are a serial dieter, because you can never lose weight and then keep it off.In fact you seem to end up heavier and more depressed tha [...]

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