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10 Tips For Saving Cash On Your Gas
Gas prices are getting more and more ridiculous. And it’s going to keep increasing with no limit in sight! For the new car owners out there, do you know that a gallon of unleaded gasoline used to cost only $1.25? Therefore, it is becoming more and [...]

10 Ways To Lower Your Auto Insurance
Nowadays, auto insurance is really expensive. A typical insurance policy can cost a few hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars a year. And the insurance rates you pay are hugely dependent on the insurance company or agent, your age, your car type, [...]

18 Simple Ways To Save Money On Your Car
The upkeep of your vehicle can be quite an expense - from initial purchase to insurance to maintenance. And sometimes we get the sinking feeling that every time we need a car repair, we’re going to get taken for a ride. (pardon the pun!) Actually th [...]

2005 BMW M5 Performance and Luxury at Its best at Partstrain
The all-new fourth generation M5 pushes that envelope even further with the first V10 engine to power a production sedan. The new V10 produces 507 horsepower and 383 lb-ft of torque by European measure. This new engine is mated to a seven-speed SMG t [...]

2005 Corvette LS2 400 hp engine
The new Corvette has a 400 hp engine so notable named the LS2. The predecessor was the LS1 model at a mere 350 hp. This engine along with aerodynamics allows this Corvette to have the highest top speed of any Corvette, including the exotic ZR-1 model [...]

2006 Mercury Mariner Hybrid and Ford Performance Parts
The Mercury Mariner Hybrid uses both gasoline engine and electric motor, which gives a 50% increase in driving efficiency with a much lower emission. All this is achieved by the use of 6 powertrain components, which work in perfect unison. Ford motor [...]

2006 Pontiac G6 Coupe Redefines Performance; Is Further Enhanced with GM Performance and Aftermarket Parts from Parts Train
"The G6 coupe and convertible are uniquely Pontiac vehicles that are great additions to the family started by the G6 sedan," said Jim Bunnell, Pontiac-GMC general manager. "The G6 coupe delivers outstanding performance and generous interior room, and [...]

4 Tips To Saving A Bundle At Your Next Car Auction
Many of us have been at the car dealership and have been drained by a salesperson during price negotiations for the purchase of a new car. Most people give in too easily or do not negotiate at all to avoid the dreadful act. This only means more mone [...]

5 Considerations To Computing Your Car Insurance Premiums
by Justin Koh Have you ever wonder why car insurance costs vary from one car insurance company to the other? This is due to the different type of computation factors that car insurance companies use to derive the car insurance cost. Based on the [...]

5 Reasons to Take a Defensive Driving Course
If you or someone you know and love drive or ride in a car, then you know the importance of being able to drive defensively. Defensive driving courses are so important for so many different reasons. Driving defensively allows you to appropriately rea [...]

5 Steps To purchaseing Your Car
Most people do not enjoy purchaseing a car. A survey conducted by CNN revealed that 75% of people would rather visit a dentist than face visiting a car dealership. It's not that people don't want a car - it's just that there are so many pitfalls to n [...]

A beginner’s guide to Motorcycle Parts
Once you hop in a motorcycle and realize that you have deep interest in riding it, I’m definitely sure you’ll have lots of questions in your mind. You’ll probably ask the basic questions on how to start and drive it with the use of gears. These ar [...]

A Complete Online Store Features Premium Class Diesel Fuel Injection Parts and Other Performance Parts for Volvo
No matter what vehicle you drive, whether it is a passenger car, a van, a Sport Utility Vehicle or a truck, it is subject to common car problems from time to time. Volvo cars are no excuse. Despite this car’s renowned safety features, durable and hi [...]

A Look at Car Transport Trailers -
If you are moving a standard passenger car and want to investigate different car transport trailer options there are many possibilities in today’s auto shipping industry offered to the discerning customer. Open carrier transport is the most popular [...]

A Look at Truck Tire Chains -
Truck tire chains can be purchased for everything from a pickup truck to an 18-wheeler. Drivers can find a chain to fit just about any need, spanning every size and style, and desired performance. Single highway truck chains are recommended for hig [...]

A subjective insight of the future automobile
The future car, lets say a 2025 model will be a very different machine to its present day Grandfather. They will be packed with computers and safety devices ensuring that not even a stunt driver can crash, and they will run on carbon dioxide and emit [...]

All you need to know about pick-up trucks
Although diesel prices have shot up to about Bt23 per litre, cars with diesel engines are still more popular than their petrol-driven counterparts due to their durability and functionality in varying weather conditions. This is thanks to the lack of [...]

Are You Ready to Take the Challenge of Modifying Your Mitsubishi Car?
Okay, I know you love cars, but it doesn’t mean you have to purchase a new one every now and then just to have something new and more exciting car to drive. Admit it, cars are valuable investments and I’m pretty sure you don’t want to spend your e [...]

Auto Insurance Glass Coverage, and Other Sleep Aids
So what could possibly be more sleep-inducing than reading (or writing) a 650-word article about auto insurance? After considerable brain-racking, I’ve come up with one possibility: watching towels dry. However, if you drive a car in the United Stat [...]

Auto Insurance Primer
What is auto insurance? Auto insurance (or car insurance, motor insurance) is insurance consumers can purchase for cars, trucks, and other vehicles. Its primary use is to provide protection against losses incurred. By purchaseing auto insurance, depe [...]

Auto insurance, reduce costs but maintain protection
Auto insurance is a legal requirement in every US state and Canadian province. Costs are continuing to rise. How can you reduce some of these expenses and still get the best coverage? First, get multiple quotes from the Internet and your neighborho [...]

Auto Parts Discount Features the Best Replacement Lights for BMW, Chevrolet and Toyota; Tips to Prolong Life of Auto Lights Also Offered
Both front and rear lights play significant roles in keeping you safe as you drive so keeping them in tiptop shape and condition is necessary. You can do this by keeping them clean and by regularly checking its connections to other parts of the vehic [...]

Auto Parts Fast Features the Best Headlights, Taillights, Foglights, and Turn Signals for Toyota, Honda, Jeep, BMW and Ford
Auto lights are indispensable in a vehicle; they serve as our extra eyes, especially at night and during low visibility driving conditions. Most of car accidents resulted from the driver’s inability to see upcoming vehicles and pedestrians and fixtu [...]

Auto Parts Fast Features the New 2007 GMC Yukon Denali and Top Quality GMC Parts
The sale of SUVs has slightly abated recently due to rising prices of fuel but GMC seems not daunted by this phenomenon. Just last October 5, 2005, GMC unveiled the 2007 Yukon and the flagship Yukon Denali full-size SUV at the California Internationa [...]

Best Advice and Tips to Be Used when Parking
You are a driver so you know that incidents may happen not just on the road, but also in parking lots. Most of the incidents caused by violent drivers are taking place in suburban parking lots. In order to avoid getting caught in a violent parking lo [...]

BMW 3 Series Sports Wagon Debuts At The Frankfurt Motor Show While BMW Performance Enhancers In Stock At Partstrain
To be introduced at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September 2005, the all-new BMW 3 Series Sports Wagon will be available in the US beginning in October 2005. The BMW Sports Wagon will continue the highly successful tradition of combining more versatil [...]

BMW 7 Series: The Best Driving Luxury Sedan in the World; With Impressive BMW Parts from Parts Train
The fourth-generation 7 Series is the most successful prestige luxury performance sedan in BMW's history. It is a highly prestigious luxury sedan offering generous space and comfort for the driver and passengers. All BMW 7 Series now feature BMW's [...]

Bully Riders on Big Bikes
Big bikes have this striking appeal to people. Not only because they are big but also because they have what it takes to be B-I-G. Aside from that, big bikes and riders connote a negative impression. Riders riding big bikes are presumed to be rough [...]

Car Color Trivia
REQUIREMENTS FOR REPRINT: You have permission to publish this article free of charge in your e-zine, newsletter, ebook, print publication or on your website ONLY if it remains unchanged and you include the copyright and author information (Resour [...]

Car Diagnosis Made Simple
With a little research on your vehicle, you can avoid future repair problems. Whether you are mechanically savvy or not, you can detect many common vehicle problems simply by using your senses of smell and sight. TAKE A GOOD LOOK! Are there any s [...]

Car Repair 101
The more you notice about your vehicle, the more likely you'll be able to head off repair problems. Yep- even if you're mechanically challenged. You can detect many common vehicle problems by using your eyes and nose. “See No Evil” Is there a l [...]

We will start with the definition of caravan. A caravan is a group of travelers or merchants banded together and organized for joint support and protection while traveling through unsettled or unfriendly country. Caravan trade, however, is associated [...]

Clean Car for Good Gas Mileag
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Coming to the Rescue…with Motorcycle First-Aid Kit
How safe is riding? Or how dangerous can it be? Perhaps, the level varies depending on the rider’s manner of driving and the efficiency of the bike’s totality. Nevertheless, we can’t say that responsible drivers will never encounter accident - sam [...]

Cordless Radar Detectors -
The demand for convenience has lead to an impressive market of cordless radar detectors. A cordless unit does not have to mean a less impressive gadget, as manufacturers continue to develop new technology that rids drivers of the hassle of cords whil [...]

Correct Diesel Tuning, all you need to know to get improved power and economy from your diesel.
Diesel tuning is more important than we think. Lets get down to the basics. Diesel is distilled crude oil (Distillate). Unlike what most ‘Hollywood’ movies promote of a diesel truck hitting a wall and exploding like a small nuclear bomb, oil does [...]

Defensive Driving Classes and Courses Online -
With the advent of the Internet, it’s no longer necessary to take a defensive driving course at a local school or even in the car. A variety of defensive driving courses are offered online, allowing you to learn safe driving techniques from the comf [...]

Discover Ways To Get The Fuel Figures Right before it’s too late
Do you know Why your car meter reading is Might Not show the correct fuel mileage? You may be trying hard to increase gas mileage of your car but when you don’t know how to get the best possible mileage reading of your car, then everything else is [...]

Do you have enough car insurance?
Many people who reserve a rental car show up to the counter with little thought given to the “what if's” that could result from them driving a car that is not their own. You wouldn't think of driving your own car without coverage, so take a few mom [...]

Drive slower, save the planet!
Site: Hoot Article Release details: Immediate Date: 23 September 2005 Drive slower, save the planet! The environment is a hot issue that we just can’t afford to ignore any longer. To some, being environmentally aware is a way of life, a neces [...]

Driver Education - Auto Insurance Tips
From the beginning, starting with your first contact with whatever is connected to driving and cars, you must have heard of the utmost important aspect:the car insurance. To a certain extent the driver education must deal with this aspect which is vi [...]

Driving Instructor v Test Examiner
To get into a car along side a complete novice who has no knowledge whatsoever of handling a vehicle, let alone handle other drivers on our busy roads takes some guts. (Instructor) Knowing how to drive is simple? Knowing the high way code is even mo [...]

Driving Safely in the Dark
Safety is a primary concern for all drivers, especially at night. Although there are fewer cars on the road, most fatal car accidents happen at night than any other time of the day. Our ability to see the road ahead is seriously impaired at night. Da [...]

Durable Replacement Parts for the Toyota Lexus LS430 now Available at Parts Train
The LS430 is a large, rear-drive sedan, powered by a 4.3-litre, dual overhead cam V8 pumping out 207kW of power and 417Nm of torque. Chief designer of the Lexus LS430, Makoto Ooshima, told American industry journal automotive News the car's design wa [...]

Foggy Motorcycle Ride
Beach, chilly fruit shakes, summer babes in hot bikinis and summer escapades – pretty sure you are missing them all. Summer lovin’ is left behind let’s give winter its chance to freeze us. Chillin’. Freezin’. Glazin’. Winter time is fast appr [...]

Ford Escape Hybrid: First Gas-Electric-Powered SUV and Ford Replacement Parts for Its Exceptional Performance
The Ford Escape Hybrid is a fuel-saving, gas-electric hybrid-power version of small, four-door sport-utility vehicle, available with front-wheel drive (FWD) or four-wheel drive (4x4). Its power train has 2.3-liter, four-cylinder gas engine rated 13 [...]

Ford Focus Fuel Cell Vehicle with Ford Automotive Replacement Parts at Parts Train
The Focus FCV is one of the industry's first hybridized fuel cell vehicles combining the improved range and performance of hybrid technology with the overall benefits of a fuel cell. Using a fuel cell powertrain supplied by Ballard Power Systems, t [...]

Ford Ranger 2005: Still America's Best Selling Compact With The Best Ford Replacement Parts
A Ranger equipped with the German 4.0-liter overhead-cam V6 has an optional five-speed automatic available complements each available engine with close ratios for better throttle response when accelerating, towing a trailer or driving off road. The [...]

Formula One Cars - Unsurpassed Technology at Its Finest
Formula One Racing is, quite simply, the paramount of karting. It is the professional form of the sport in its entirety. Formula One is an international phenomenon, a media conglomerate that rakes in millions and millions of dollars a year from adver [...]

Getting A Great Deal On A New Car
Ah, the excitement of a brand new car! Driving to every friend’s house you ever had to show it off. Spit shining it ever chance you get. The only bad part about the deal is, well… the deal. Fortunately, there's a way get a great price on a new [...]

GM Extended Warranty - Whats In It?
An extended warranty is a contract between you and a service provider. Many people purchase extended auto warranties to shield themselves against the costs resulting from mechanical breakdown or failure to their vehicle. The extent of coverage, benef [...]

GMC Sierra Hybrid 2005 Accentuated with GMC Parts from Parts Train
A standard Vortec 5300 5.3-liter V8 engine powers the Sierra Hybrid and a 4-speed Hydra-Matic automatic transmission coupled with the full-size truck segment’s first hybrid propulsion technology for improved fuel economy. The Sierra hybrid uses el [...]

GM’S 2006 Cadillac XLR: Cadillac Performance Parts, Aftermarket Parts
The 2006 Cadillac XLR-V is the newest addition to the high-performance V-Series vehicles for the ultra-luxury class of high-performance roadsters. The 2006 Cadillac XLR is equipped with a supercharged 4.4-liter Northstar V-8 engine, good for 440 ho [...]

Helping Your Car Run The Extra Mile
A little extra care here and there when it comes to your car, and you'll find yourself saving loads of money - not just on repairs, but on fuel as well! Keep your engine tuned up. A misfiring spark plug can reduce fuel efficiency as much as 30 perc [...]

How do I choose a good Insurance Company for my needs?
It’s easy to see which company is least expensive, but when you need them to cover a claim, what kind of job will they do? To put it another way, which is the most reliable insurance company? Here’s some quick tips to help you choose the right ins [...]

How Do Radar Detectors Work? -
Police have long used radars to track the speed of drivers and to help maintain safe roads. Meanwhile, many drivers have begun using radar detectors to help avoid costly fines for speeding violations. Despite the popularity of radars and radar detect [...]

How to Avoid Free Radical Pandemic Plague
The only constant in life is change. For decades, master mechanics in arenas such as -- trucking, automotive, motorcycle, farm, boat, etc. – articulated feeding our vehicles a well balanced diet of fuel, frequent replacement of oil and spark plugs, [...]

How To Change Auto Insurance Companies
Changing Auto Insurance Companies May be Easier Than you Think! There are many reasons why you may choose to change your auto insurance coverage to another company. Perhaps you’ve found another company that offers you the same amount of coverage f [...]

How To Never Make Another Car Payment
Again Car prices today compete with small houses and well-equipped mobile homes. As these price increases become more accepted by consumers, so too are the longer terms that are necessary to fit them into cost of living budgets. At one point, th [...]

How to purchase Cheaper Auto Insurance Than Your Friends!
What if all of your friends are the same age as you, have similar driving records and credit reports, and own vehicles like yours? Believe it or not, that doesn't necessarily mean you will have the same auto insurance premiums. Wouldn't you li [...]

Hybrid Hype and a Small Price Hike
Drive by any car lot in the United States and ask to see the latest hybrid car models. Don’t be stupefied if eight out of ten tell you that they can’t seem to keep them on the lot—that they’re just selling too fast! There is reasoning behind the [...]

In the Nick of Time: Your Car’s Serpentine Belt
Recently, my friend called me from a roadside Dairy Queen in frenzy. His dad had been driving his Ford car down the highway and heard and awful noise. First, there was a squeal and then what sounded like a whip smacking the underneath of his hood. Th [...]

Jeep Performance Enhancers at Parts Train for the Jeep Gladiator Concept Car 2005
Why concept cars? For obvious reasons - to get a visible, tangible look at a design before production so its feel can be evaluated, possible problems can be foreseen, and, for concept cars shown to the public, so reactions of non-gear heads can be ju [...]

Just what is auto air conditioning?
There was a time when auto air conditioning was considered an extra! Judging from the time we spend on the road these days, it’s no wonder that auto air conditioning is now more of a necessity. Auto air conditioning adds to the comfort of a car’s [...]

Lincoln Sedans: What you Need to Know
Lincoln brand luxury sedans have been at the top of the class for years. Backed by a solid company with a reputation you can trust, Lincoln is a great choice for you and your family. Let's take a closer look at the two different size Lincoln sedans [...]

Mazda 5 Driving Dynamics with the Most Complete Line up of Performance Parts, Replacement Parts
The MAZDA5 is powered by an all-aluminum 2.3-liter, four-cylinder MZR series engine shared with the popular MAZDA3 subcompact, producing 157-horsepower and 148 lb-ft of torque. Sequential Valve Timing (S-VT) provides brisk throttle response and ple [...]

Fresh from the wheels up, Mazda MX5 -- the world’s favorite roadster remains true to the lightweight, fun to drive formula that sold more than 700,000 MX-5s worldwide since its introduction in 1989. The third generation Mazda MX-5 will be presente [...]

Money Saving Car Tips
Today with soaring gas prices it's more important than ever to pay attention to the little things that can help your car to run more efficiently, hence saving you money. You can turn this into a win-win situation for you and for your car. The first [...]

Motorcycle Radar Detectors -
Standard radar detectors were not built for motorcycles and were never intended to be used on them. Most detectors use an audio device to inform the driver that radar had been detected, and are therefore inappropriate for motorcycle riders because th [...]

Nine Secrets To Maintaining Your Car
Robert Sikorsky’s little book Drive It Forever offers invaluable tips to keep your car going the extra mile. His stellar advice could save you a year’s worth of car payments or more! The smoother you drive, the longer your car will run. Stopping [...]

Nissan Sport Concept Debuts as Parts train Prepares Its Performance Parts
"The story behind the development of the Sport Concept, AZEAL and Actic is that Nissan is thinking big about the small car segment," said Jack Collins, vice president, product planning, Nissan North America, Inc. "With these three design exploratio [...]

Parking Your Bike
Parking is probably the easiest thing to learn about riding. Nevertheless, there are a great number of riders who are violating it. Parking is not a driving skill to master. However, if you take it for granted, chances are, you may cause scatches, [...]

Preserving Your Old Chevrolet Impala
“A prestige car within the reach of the average American citizen.” This was said by Chevrolet’s chief engineer in the late 50s when he was asked to describe the Chevrolet Impala. This sedan-based automobile is indeed one of the most successful and [...]

Pssst: Wanna (not) purchase a Stolen Car?
Would you purchase a used car--with cash--from someone you just met in the bar, and who walked you down a dark alley to show you the car? Not likely. How about from a well-dressed, friendly, middle-aged man or woman, who placed a classified ad in you [...]

purchaseing a New Sports Car – Twelve Tips To Avoid Financial Sticker Shock
Nothing (well, almost nothing) can compare to the thrill of driving a road-hugging high performance sports car. Instant steering response. Power at the exact nanosecond you ask for it. Then, if you have one of the sexier models, you’ll attract att [...]

Quench that Rider's Heat!
Imagine the burning sensation when you ride within a temperature of 90 degrees up. The sun is hurting you much but you can't stop. Riding is driving you crazy and you just can't let the moment pass without doing the best out of the time. Enough is en [...]

Radar Detector Product Reviews -
Although no system is 100 percent effective, there are several good models on the market to help evade the notice of a radar gun. Cobra, Escort, Whistler, BEL, and Valentine are among the most popular brands of radar detectors for speed demons and el [...]

Replacement Parts for the Mercedes Benz E500 at Partstrain
The award-winning Mercedes-Benz E-Class line will soon feature the new 2006-model E350 sedan and wagon, both powered by a new-generation 3.5-litre V6 engine that produces 268 horsepower – a 20 percent increase over the 3.2-litre engine. The E500 s [...]

Safety On Lawn Tractors
Lawn tractors are probably the most powerful tool you might offer to any garden. They are the best solution for advanced landscapers. Lawn tractors will help those people who don’t have much time to take care of their large lawns. Among many other f [...]

Save at the Gas Pump - Real Money Saving Tips
Real Money-Saving Steps There are numerous no- or low-cost steps you can take to combat rising gas prices. Most cars can run on regular unleaded – 87 octane. High performance vehicles will usually require 91 octane or higher. Check your owner's m [...]

Seo today
The problem with most e-commerce marketing strategy today is that companies don’t understand how they use things like web analytics. Most e-commerce directors or web marketers are given a budget and told to stick to it, and good analytics don’t usu [...]

Simple tips to improve your gas mileage
With gas prices seemingly out of control it’s more important than ever to learn how to improve gas mileage in your vehicles. There are many simple steps you can take that are free or low cost that at first glance seem silly or even obvious but you [...]

Some of the Best Gas Saving Tips
If you have a car and you are sick and tired of paying too much money for your gas then you need to find some effective gas saving tips. Gas prices have gone up significantly due to the latest storm and there is no sign of relief in sight so it is [...]

SUVs vs. Minivans: Making The Right Choice
Has your family started to cram into the old sedan like a pack of sardines? Have members of the neighborhood car pool begun to look suspiciously at your battered station wagon? Perhaps it’s time to retire the old family car and move up to a bigger v [...]

The 2006 BMW M6: BMW Performance Parts, Aftermarket Parts now available at Parts Train
The all-new M6 features weight-saving technologies such as a carbon-fiber roof and 19-inch forged aluminum wheels that are almost four pounds lighter than regular cast wheels. With almost 500 horsepower available, BMW claims the M6 will hit 60 mph in [...]

The All-New 2005 Ford Escape Hybrid and Parts, the first Hybrid Vehicle of Its Class
After Toyota’s introduction of the Prius, the first hybrid vehicle, in 1997 which was followed by the debut of Honda Insight two years later in America, General Motors adopted the Hybrid technology to their vehicle with the 2005 Ford Escape Hybrid. [...]

The basic Motorcycle Gears for beginners
For most beginners, they don’t have enough clues on optimizing with the basic gears required to become a motorcyclist. Some beginners think they need to purchase their bikes only and they’re off to their riding spree. In riding motorcycles, eithe [...]

The future of UK roads
Site: www.wheelsatonce.com Article Release details: Immediate Date: 14 October 2005 The future of UK roads Britain’s roads can be treacherous; every journey, even popping to the shops, requires drivers to concentrate hard and take in hundreds [...]

The Importance of Snow Tire Chains -
During the winters, drivers should take extra caution when driving. Snow and ice can spell trouble, especially for those drivers who do not have experience driving in those conditions, or those who fail to prepare. One of the most important aspects o [...]

The Need for Defensive Driving Courses -
A defensive driving course is designed to help people operate a motor vehicle with the skills to avoid an accident in a situation where one may occur. Defensive driving teaches advanced skills and awareness not initially taught to new drivers. The go [...]

The Need fore Tire Chains -
Whether you are driving in snow, mud, rain, or ice, tire chains are a great way to give your vehicle added traction, providing extra safety for the most important cargo you have - yourself, your kids, and other passengers. Before shopping for tire [...]

The New BMW 1 Series: Sheer Driving Pleasure Now Found In The Compact Class With BMW Aftermarket Parts at Parts Train
The typical BMW drive concept, powerful engines, high-grade equipment and the experience of sheer driving fun offer a new and unique alternative in the new BMW 1 Series. The 1 series is available in several configurations; a four-door hatch, two-do [...]

The New Mercedes Bens E320 CDI Now the World’s Most Successful Luxury Car Line Maintained by Superior Performance Benz Performance Parts
Equipped with the latest innovative diesel technology, the E320 CDI has 201 hp and 369 lb-ft. of torque, enough to propel the car to 100 km/h on the test track in just 7.0 seconds. Good performance, low exhaust emissions, great fuel economy and low n [...]

The New Truck From Honda: Ridgeline
The Honda Ridgeline is Honda’s new pickup truck on the market. It uses Honda's unibody large vehicle platform, shared with the Acura MDX and Honda Odyssey. It is powered by an all aluminum 255 hp 3.5 L V6 coupled to a 5-speed automatic transmission [...]

The RULE that SAVES!
We are governed by rules. These rules make everything in order. They put every piece of the puzzle on the right place. If we dare violate the same, we are subject to its irate consequences. Rules are everywhere. They exist even in streets. In fact, [...]

The Secret to Saving 14% at the Gas Pump!
If you know the smart way to purchase your gas you can save a considerable amount of money. The following strategies could save you 4 percent, 5 percent, 10 percent or even 14 percent of your gas costs. In this article you will learn the secret to [...]

Tips For Keeping Up With Automotive Recalls
You hear about automotive recalls all the time in the newspaper, on the Internet, as well as on the nightly news. Amazingly, one in 12 cars traveling the roads today were recalled for one reason or another in 2003. However, even more amazing is the f [...]

Tips On Choosing Discount Tires
There is a saying by a famous tire manufacturer Michelin: "So much is riding on your tires." This is true no matter if you're driving a sport coupe or an electric scooter. Cheap tires can damage a great car, and great tires can do wonders for a worn [...]

Tips To Avoid Car Insurance Premium Increases & Becoming Assigned Risk
Below are some tips to reduce your auto insurance bill, prevent substantial premium increases and avoid becoming assigned risk. Claim Reports: You know about credit reports, you should also know about claim reports. C.L.U.E.® (Comprehensive Loss U [...]

Tips To Get Your Car Through A Cold Winter
Everyone wants to save money on car repairs, right? Make it a point to schedule into your calendar a winter booster check for your car. Keep these tips in mind for your winter travel, and you’ll have a safer winter travel season all around! A [...]

TIRES SIZES Learn what they mean
If you're like most of us, or maybe I should say if you're like me, the way you choose what new tires you should purchase for your car is by reading the label on the side of your existing car tires. After comparing the prices of the compatible tires [...]

Top 5 Factors Determining Your Car Insurance Rate
Auto insurance can be confusing and mind boggling sometimes and it’s hard to determine exactly why some individuals are receiving rates which are lower than others. There are many factors which contribute to the rate of auto insurance, some you have [...]

Top 9 Used Car Salesmen Tricks, and How to Avoid Them
One of the biggest moments in many people’s lives is driving off in their brand-spanking-new automobile. It’s an exhilarating feeling. It’s also a big moment because in that very instant, that brand-spanking-new car loses a big chunk of its value [...]

Top of the Line Aftermarket Parts for the Mercedes Benz E500 Sedan
The Mercedes Benz E500 sedan is a V8-powered muscle car with handling and brakes to complement its' engine's 302 horsepower, and a new seven-speed transmission. It has three-valve-per-cylinder, single overhead cam, aluminum alloy 5.0-liter V8 puts ou [...]

Torque Converter Operation
The torque converter is one of the least understood components in an automatic transmission equipped vehicle. I will attempt to explain what it does and how it does it. The torque converter has a few different functions. We first need to understa [...]

Torque Converter Operation Explained
The torque converter is one of the least understood components in an automatic transmission equipped vehicle. I will attempt to explain what it does and how it does it. The torque converter has a few different functions. We first need to understa [...]

Towing Your New Trailer
You have bought a new trailer and have your first trip all planned out. Are you ready to start out on your trip? Assuming you have done all inspections for your trailer and cargo, then here are a few tips for being on the road and towing your trailer [...]

Truck Performance 101 – A beginner’s guide
Today, the aftermarket gives truck owners more performance options than ever before. However, all the new products and gizmos can be a little hard to sort through. What you need for your specific truck will depend on what type of truck you have and w [...]

Volvo Electric Powered Concept Sports Car and Volvo Replacement Parts
While major U.S. automakers are focusing on hybrid and fuel cell vehicles, Volvo took a different route, unveiling a sports car powered entirely with lithium-ion batteries. Volvo's 3CC concept car, won "Best Design" and five Gold Standards at the rec [...]

Ways to Save on Car Insurance
The American economy is sucking a lot of money out of consumers’ pockets due to high gas prices and the general increase in every other consumer good from food to clothing that is associated with high oil prices. However, there is good news on the h [...]

What to Look for in Ford Catalytic Converters
Automobiles are highly responsible for the alarming rate of air pollution affecting the global environmental condition today. Everyday millions of cars, trucks, and other vehicles around the world belch out fumes and gases that are harmful to the env [...]

What To Look Out For When Test Driving A Car
Test-Driving is usually done on any model vehicle that you wish to purchase to find out whether that model is suitable for your requirements. You might have some presumptions about a particular model but everything would be cleared when you test-driv [...]

What’s the new Honda Civic Coupe have to offer?
The 2005 Honda Civic sets the benchmark for reliability and resale value. Everyone seems to know this, but what’s new and what can you expect out of the new Civic Coupe? The Honda Civic Coupe models range from the DX – Value Package, the HX – Le [...]

Where to Find Wholesale Radar Detectors -
Radar detectors have become an extremely popular piece of technology for drivers. With quality detectors running several hundred dollars, the perceived high cost of these devices has the potential to drive away consumers. In reality, consumers can pu [...]

Why Become A Truck Driver?
There are a great number of good reasons for someone to become a truck driver. First and foremost among those reasons would be the great pay. Did you realize that most truckers, their first year out on the road, earn an average of $35,000 a year? And [...]

Why Won't My Car Start?
Have you ever had your car just "die" on you, you try to start it and it just will not start. You end up calling a tow truck and paying those big tow bills, then to make matters worse the technician at the shop tells you that it will cost hundreds of [...]

Winter Bike Riding -- The Safe Way
Are you one of those motorcycle riders that live in northern climates where winters can be harsh and still choose to continue riding when the bitter winter sets in? Well, everybody would say you’re dreadful to even consider riding out in the snow. C [...]

Winter Car Tips
Believe it or not, your car has affects from the cold too. Follow these tips to help you have a safer winter driving season. First, and this goes for any time of year, change your oil at the manufacturers specified time, generally 3,000 miles. When [...]

Your Engine, Your Baby: Synthetic or Conventional Oil
One central argument between car enthusiasts and on Internet car forums alike is what oil is better for your car, synthetic or conventional. Before synthetic oils became available for regular automobiles, the argument centered solely on brand types a [...]

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