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5 Great New Fashion Trends for Women
Here’s a quick look at some of the new trends in women’s fashion. The overall trend is chick and ladylike. Liven up your wardrobe by adding a few of these pieces. Brooches Your great grandmother probably wore these in her day. Now brooches have [...]

5 Quick Tips for Great Holiday Hair and Makeup
This holiday season you might say that old fashioned glitter and glamour is back. The online beauty tips web site http://www.1-minute-beauty-diva.com has snooped out what’s hot this season: a modernized version of the old Hollywood glamour look. H [...]

5 Tips for a Great Fashion Fit
Ladies, have you ever been in a department store dressing room and talked yourself into purchaseing an outfit that looked great – on someone else? Face it. If it doesn’t fit right in the dressing room, it won’t fit well or look good when you wea [...]

8 Things That Maketh Not The Lady
1. Tattoos. Tattoos used to be the colouring of soldiers, sailors, mafiosi and punk rockers. About ten years ago, they became fashionable. The lower-middle classes started taking them up. Unfortunately, unlike last years' shoes, tattoos can't be ta [...]

A Beauty Salon will help you look your best!
A beauty salon will help you look your very best with a price that will fit in almost any budget. A beauty salon will be able to make your hair, skin, toes, and fingernails look marvelous. In addition, most beauty salons offer their services for a fa [...]

A cigar box purse or handbag is a unique fashion accessory with a touch of old world charm.
There’s an unmistakable charm about a cigar box purse or handbag. Neat, petite and elegant, and decorated with romantic, quaint and quirky images from a bygone era, these design gems are becoming increasingly sought after fashion accessories. You ca [...]

A Designer Purse for you!
The need for high quality is important in today's designer purse world. People demand high quality, especially when choosing a designer purse, but they also want fashionable and unique items as well. And, the market is responding. With so many choice [...]

A Handbag and A Purse Fad!
What woman wouldn't love a cute handbag or purse? None that I know. Finding a cute purse or handbag is important to many people actually. Having a purse or handbag that matches your outfit of choice is key. And, it just adds a level of style and soph [...]

A thing of beauty is a joy forever! And that can be You!
It is said that a thing of beauty is a joy forever. That probably explains why possessing beauty and being beautiful is one of the foremost preoccupations of human beings. Over the years, consumerism has transformed such preoccupations into frank obs [...]

Antique Jewelry: a timeless and elegant adornment
Antique jewelry is a timeless classic adornment which can never go out of fashion. It is the epitome of ethereal charm, delicate grace and a gentle reminder of a bygone era. It is that jewelry which has been made during and before the early 1900's. [...]

Are You An Amber Gal?
Amber is a beautiful gift from mother nature. It comes in many different colors - yellow, orange, red, white, brown, green, blue and almost black. It may be transparent or clouded. Transparent tones range from pale to dark yellow, to yellow light bro [...]

Are you happy with your hairdresser and salon?
Insights from top Australian salon owner and hairdresser By Perriann Rodriguez How many times in your life do you think you will go to a salon to get your hair cut or styled? Let's see, if you start when you're about 2 years old and go 6 times [...]

Are you in the market for a Wholesale Purse?
Wholesale purses are all the rage. Why? Because they offer high fashion and high style for a lot less. And in a struggling economy, every woman loves a deal! Wholesale purses are easy to find, especially when looking online. They are widely available [...]

Are You One Of The 40,000,000 Invisible Women In Our Society?
It's a sad but true fact that so many women over forty feel invisible. Changing this has become my passion. One of the things that inspired me to do what I now do, after having had an executive position with a telecom giant, was an experience I had [...]

Behind Your Levi 501 Jeans!
Behind your Levi 501 jeans is a lot more than just comfortable clothing that's both fashionable and durable. There's also a very interesting history about it. For one, do you know that Levi Strauss, after whom the jeans are named, didn't make the jea [...]

Boots to Work and Dance in!
Wearing boots today is even more popular than ever. It used to be that boots were only for stomping through the mud with. Now however, boots can be as fashionable and stylish as you’d like. From motorcycle boots to cowboy boots and western boots, th [...]

Brazilian Jeans are HOT!
They are a growing trend, Brazilian jeans, that is. They are just what the name implies, jeans imported from Brazil. And they are hot. They are the trend these days among fashion gurus and teens alike. The jeans are made in all types of styles and de [...]

Caring for Your Jewelry
Sterling Silver & 14kt Gold: Both will tend to tarnish over time. -Store all precious metal jewelry in a zip lock bag to protect it. This does not stop the discoloration, but will drastically slow the process. -Use a polishing cloth as needed for [...]

Celebrity Fashion For The Average Woman
It’s never ending Jessica Simpson totes a Vuitton bag, Courtney Cox is seen in Instyle wearing a beautiful Prada dress, Hilary Swank heads down the runway wearing Calvin Klein. If that’s not enough Paris Hilton arrives on the scene with Chanel sung [...]

Choose Unique Wedding Bands
You’re in the market for your wedding rings. You've put alot of thought into them, and you don't want the plain bands everyone else is wearing. You want something different, more unique. Here’s some ideas to toss around. You can have custom bands [...]

Choosing a comfortable yet flattering bra
Today’s bra is not only designed to make you feel pretty and sexy, they are designed for comfort and practicality. You can choose from an underwire bra for support or a bra without underwire. Need some help with adding a little extra to your bustl [...]

Clothing that is fashionable and stylish!
Clothing encompasses a wide range of apparel. From big and tall men’s clothing to women’s clothing. How we dress ourselves and what we wear tells the people around us a lot about who we are. Clothing has always been subject to change based on the d [...]

Cowgirl Boots Add Fashion Fun For Fall 2005
Originally a working man's boot developed to make riding and working safer for the cowboy, western boots have come a long way. Far from home, home on the range, far from chaps and spurs, and even farther from the rodeo circuit, western cowgirl boots [...]

Denim Is Big This Season - Dress It Up Or Down
For all you denim lovers, like myself, this is the season for you to shine. Denim is big this season. Denim has become a fashion statement of its own. No longer are we limited to boot cut, low rise, or relaxed fit jeans. It has come into its own - we [...]

Designer Handbags -- How Do You Know When You're Addicted?
You love designer handbags. You collect them, lust after them and treat them better than your nearest and dearest. Your credit cards twitch and flinch when the latest fashion magazines arrive in the post, small wimpering sounds carrying to you gent [...]

Diesel Jeans -- There's One For You!
Diesel Jeans has your type of jeans. There was a time when someone who bought something new wanted a product that appeared new. There was also a time when someone who bought clothes wanted the product that would fit in style. Well, not so with jeans. [...]

Different Types of Uggboots
Uggboots, the latest fashion trend, are everywhere! It seems you cannot walk by the window display of any clothing or shoe store without seeing in it a pair of these trendy boots. No matter where you are in the world, from Australia to California to [...]

Do My Ugg Australia Boots Put Me Ahead of Fashion or Behind?
Ugg Australia boots are not just for winter anymore. These boots are showing up everywhere. Women are wearing these big boots with short skirts. Children and grown-ups alike are wearing their brightly colored boots regardless of the season. Celebriti [...]

Do you need a Coach Purse?
Women worldwide pride themselves with their coach purse. These designer, top quality purses are a must for the fashion savvy individual. The Coach Brand is well known for its quality and fashion. Although they carry many fashionable items, such as wa [...]

Does Your Watch Keep Time with Fashion or Function?
If you haven't lived under a rock for the past few decades, then you surely know that Rolex stands for luxurious precision timekeeping, and you know that Timex is the premier name in inexpensive, reliable timekeeping. The vast area between the two, h [...]

Earrings The Ultimate Fashion Statement
Earrings are an important part of every woman’s wardrobe, whether we are headed for a day at the beach, to the office, or to a wedding. Your earrings give a subtle hint about your personality. You can change the entire look and feel of your wardrob [...]

Elle Magazine, The History
One of the planet’s most famous womens’ fashion magazines is, undoubtedly, Elle Magazine, which was created in France in the 1940’s (and is still owned by the Lagardere Group of France, but is being published by Hachette Filipacchi Media US to thi [...]

Estate Jewelry is Ready For Teen Fashions
If you’ve ever gone shopping with a teenage girl you know that teenagers can be a very picky bunch! Their physical and mental growth has them experimenting with all kinds of fashion items to improve their image and their look. Teenage girls have a f [...]

Estate Silver Jewelry Is A Hot Fashion Pick!
Sterling silver is an excellent choice in estate jewelry. Long lasting, easy to care for, and so beautiful. purchaseing estate jewelry sterling silver can be a lot of fun but it can also be confusing. Whether you are looking at sterling silver for [...]

Fall Fashion Trend - Take Your Jacket To The Shrink
Fall and winter may have brought out long peacoats and trenches before, but not this year. One of the most sought-after pieces for the upcoming season will be the shrunken jacket, in a variety of styles. The difference between these new, tinier versi [...]

Fashion Trend Report: The New Basic is Anything But Black
We all have it in our closets. Black – the universal color that mixes and matches with anything. Black makes us look good, while covering up figure flaws. And that’s good. Black has its place in our fashion hearts. But, now it’s time expand our wa [...]

Find a Wholesale Handbag at a Great price!
A wholesale handbag is a great alternative to the expensive, hard to find high fashion designer bags. While designer handbags are in high demand, selling at outrageous numbers worldwide, knock-offs or wholesale handbags are just as valuable. Blame it [...]

Find the Right Handbag for your style!
To make the outfit a success, find the right handbag! A handbag, or purse, can be the item to make an okay outfit into a fashion statement. While some women prefer to have just one or a couple handbags in their collection, others have as many as they [...]

Finding the dresses and fashion you need!
When you look in your closet do you see dresses that you like or are there many, many old, out of style dresses that you wouldn’t dare be seen in? Fashions do change over time and naturally the cut and style of modern dresses is very different from [...]

Foot Sandals for comfort and style.
Comfortable sandals are what everyone enjoys in the summer. Your feet are open to the sun and breeze which just makes you feel that much better. Not only can your sandals be light and easy to wear, but sandals are also fashionable and stylish. Many p [...]

Got A Closet Full of Trendy Clothes? Watch Out!
You just bought a pair of Ugg boots to go with your hip hugger jeans and trucker cap. And that’s not all. You scour the fashion magazines for the latest trends, then go running out to fill your closet. Trendy is good, right? Uh, not so fast. Keepi [...]

Gucci Purse… Real or Fake?
Gucci purses, designer accessories, status quo for those with money and those who pretend like they do. Where did it all start? Via Condotti, Rome was home to the first shop opened in 1938 by Guccio Gucci. By 1947 Guccio had brought us the instantane [...]

Guide To Choosing A Fashion Design School
A successful future in the fashion design industry depends on the right choice of school to attend. Although fashion design is not one of the more popular careers to pursue, if your talents lie in this field, there is ample opportunity awaiting you. [...]

Hairstyles to make you look attractive!
Have you ever wanted to change your hairstyles every couple of weeks? It doesn’t mean there’s something wrong with you, not at all. Thinking about different hairstyles simply means that you’re a complex person made up of many different dimensions. [...]

Hot Wedding Trend: Platinum Wedding Rings
In our hungry-for-anything new pop culture world, celebrities are often the ones that can start a hot fashion trend seemingly overnight. With their heavy media exposure, they are often photographed wearing the latest styles in fashion and jewelry. [...]

How Do I Wear Pink Sheep Skin Boots?
Perhaps you have seen them and thought, “Why in the world is that person wearing pink sheep skin boots?” But then again, while out running errands, you saw those smooth pink boots again. Then one day, while flipping through your favorite fashion ma [...]

How Online Shopping Can Help You Save Money
With the oil prices at $2 a liter, driving to a mall is going to be even more expensive than ever. Driving anywhere is going to be very costly. Then there are the traffic jams which translate to more unproductive time in the car, wasting even more [...]

Is Your Bra Hazardous To Your Health?
Breast cancer is the most common form of cancer found in women, and this year alone 192,000 new cases will be diagnosed in the U.S. It eventually strikes one out of every eight American women. Breast cancer also causes more deaths than any other form [...]

Jeans can make you look very fashionable!
A little over a century ago Levi Strauss invented to first modern jeans. Introduced originally as rugged, durable clothing for hard working men and women, today all social classes feel comfortable in jeans. Trends and fashion icons come and go but we [...]

Ladies, show off your Hair with cute Hair accessories!
Hair accessories offer an easy way of showing off your hair. Choose from a host of hair clips, scrunches, trendy scarves, bandanas and what have you. A well-chosen and well-coordinated hair accessory goes a long way in giving you and your hair a uniq [...]

Let Them Eat Cake -- Just Not at Your Wedding
It's a fact, however odd it seems, that some brides don't like cake -- and don't want one at their wedding reception. Others like cake just fine, but prefer to serve something a little more distinctive for dessert. On the whole, brides pass up cake a [...]

Look Fashionable At The Beach!
It’s that time of year when we pack up our bags and head to the beach for the day to enjoy those warm sunrays and the refreshing sound of the lapping water. So what constitutes a good beach wardrobe. Well there are certain essentials that none of [...]

Marking Time
?Time is an equal opportunity employer. Each human being has exactly the same number of hours and minutes every day. Rich people can't purchase more hours. Scientists can't invent new minutes. And you can't save time to spend it on another day. Even [...]

Maternity Clothes Trends
For most women, the most stylish maternity clothes solution is to wear stretch classic jeans and a man’s white oxford shirt. However, the day comes when they face the inevitable: the visit to a maternity clothes store, either for a special occasion [...]

Maybe a Replica Handbag?
Replica handbags are in high demand these days. Whether because of the slow economy or the lack of consumers wishing to spend hard earned money on designer labels, these handbags are available everywhere. Of course, they may look and feel like the de [...]

Munro Sandals for Summer 2005
Munro shoes offer unbeatable comfort and value. Made in America, their sandals come in an astounding variety of fashionable colours and textiles, sure to suit your every mood. Flip-flops and mules are still popular this season, but Munro has introduc [...]

Never Leave Women In Shoes Store, They Shop To Much
Shoes and women are two combination of style and fashion. They are always be together in happy and sad. That’s why never leave women in shoes store, they might purchase any shoes they see. Eventhough, there are some women who are fussy about their s [...]

New Handbag Designs from Gucci
Well, it’s that time of the year again. All of the big design houses are releasing their new designs to the hungry masses, and Gucci is no exception. Unless you have been stranded on a desert isle for the last thirty years, you have undoubtedly hear [...]

new woman clothing line
the lovable logo luv2flipclothing company.Hot trendy t-shirts and other fashion apparel just for woman About the author: luv2flip clothing co looking for employees and investors [...]

Plus Size Fashion Trend: Feminine Chic
A new fashion year is here and so are the latest styles for women looking to freshen up their wardrobes. Ladies, good news. Femininity is back! From the office to casual wear, you can show off the power of your femininity while still taking care of [...]

Prada Handbag!
Designed under a singular tag, Prada handbags are one of several that are available in the market. One could easily say that a Prada handbag caters to the distinct need of a woman to be different and stand out. Handbags available on the market come i [...]

Pride and Prejudice : Why Elizabeth Bennett never got fat
In Jane Austen's day young women were not usually overweight even though it was unfashionable to be too thin. Food (for people in society) was plentiful and served in large quantities. (Just think of all those formal meals and banquets). But habits a [...]

Purse Envy Syndrome (PES)
A dictionary meaning of envy is “a feeling of discontent and resentment aroused by and in conjunction with desire for the possessions or qualities of another.” People have feelings of envy for many reasons. A new emerging form of envy is what I cal [...]

Romantic Fall 2005 Fashions
Get swept away in romance this fall. As usual, designers are pulling out all the stops designing for fashion forward women for Fall 2005. The new look is girlish, innocent romance. Some are calling this new look "Gypsy Romantic." It is accentuated [...]

Seven Jeans.
Are you into high fashion jeans like Seven jeans? Seven jeans are well known as highly priced, but highly fashionable jeans. They are worn by celebrities and teens alike. Of course they come in all shapes and sizes, but check out the heavy price tag [...]

Sewing Machines: Making A Comeback?
While we don’t have to rely on sewing machines to satisfy our basic clothing needs, more and more people today turn to sewing to create unique, luxurious, one-of-a-kind pieces. Every family has that hand embroidered grandmother’s table cloth or a h [...]

Shopping Tips and Tricks to find a perfect pair of shoes
Shopping Tips and Tricks to finding a Perfect Pair of Shoes This article will provide you with some useful shopping tips and tricks to finding a perfect pair of shoes. Following a recent advertising campaign I asked a number of women what informa [...]

Silver Jeans 31 Tab.
Silver Jeans 31 tab are one of the hottest items out there. They are a must have for many! Where will you find yours? Can you find a discount? And, what about how they compare to Levi Jeans or Seven Jeans? The first place to look for many of these an [...]

Swimwear that you'll feel comfortable in!
Finding the right swimwear can be a fun and also a stressful experience. You want to look your best in the swimwear of your choice at the beach. Light, colorful beach clothing will make you feel comfortable and cool. Some of the varieties you can fin [...]

Synthetic Hair Extensions Create Choice Hair Styles for Fashion and Hair Loss Clients
Synthetic Fiber Hair Extensions Create Choice Hair Styles for Hair Loss and Fashion Clients By Perriann Rodriguez From the beginning of time, women have cared for their hair. As far back as 4000-300 B.C. Egyptian women and even men are shown with v [...]

Tanning Is Great! But Get Some Sun Protective Swimwear.
Summer is the season of fun at the beach and there is plenty of sunlight making it imperative to put on sun protective swimwear . Whilst the great pastime time during this period is sun bathing, the greatest danger lurking along beaches and swimming [...]

The Art of the Gucci Handbag!
Many people know that Gucci Handbags are outstanding in quality and always the most fashionable. But, does the consumer know the ease of purchasing one of these online? It is quite simple and very convenient. It allows the consumer the most options. [...]

The Bag Purse!
Women are so busy these days they need a bag purse to keep all the necessary items right within reach! The bag purse, or shoulder bag purse is a large sized purse. Its designs vary, but the common thread is their size. Bag purses are invaluable to th [...]

The Engagement Rings of The Celebrities
Whether we like it or not current trends in engagement rings say bigger is so much better. Just have a look at what style engagement rings celebrities are choosing. And of course what’s good for them is good for the rest of us. J Lo’s engagement [...]

The Louis Vuitton Handbag!
The designer is Louis Vuitton and Louis Vuitton Handbags. This designer is known for his top quality, high fashion handbags as well as other leather products. Louis Vuitton collections are luxury items, fashionable, yet exquisite. The handbag is only [...]

The Louis Vuitton Purse Collection!
As every designer knows, the Louis Vuitton purse is in high demand. These purses are of high quality, high fashion, and available to all individuals. They offer a large selection of styles and colors, but always offer top quality merchandise. The des [...]

The Right Purse for you!
The right purse will make the outfit, right? With so many choices available to the consumer, there's got to be a right one out there for everyone! Purses can be sophisticated or simple, fancy or plain, designer or department store. They come in all s [...]

The truth about your tiara!
By Ann-Marie Payne - 1st-Choice Tiaras A tiara (from Persian tara borrowed by latin as "tiara") is a form of a crown. Often referred as a diadem. Traditionally, the word tiara refers to a high crown often with a shape of a cylinder narrowed at i [...]

The Women’s Plus Size Clothing Revolution
Once upon a time, not too long ago, if you were a woman who wore clothes over a size 14 your clothing choices were limited to cheap looking, baggy and unattractive clothes that made you look old before your time. My how times have changed! There ha [...]

There Are Always Time For Women Shoes Shopping
It has been known for centuries that women have been dressing up since long time ago and will be for centuries to come that they also going to wear different kind of shoes. When there are a crowed of women, there are always be some interesting stylis [...]

Use Estate Earrings For A Classy Fashion Finish!
Estate Earrings add the finishing touch to any outfit – from your jeans to your wedding dress. They complete your look and polish your image. There are earrings for all occasions and esate jewelry earrings add just a little extra flavor. You can p [...]

Varicose Veins and how to prevent them
Varicose veins – they can hurt and, well, let’s face it. They’re not exactly pretty, are they? So how can we prevent varicose veins? While certain factors including age, genetics and whether or not you’re pregnant can play a huge role in whethe [...]

Visit Buena Park California
Buena Park, California, just under seven (7) miles down the freeway from Disneyland in Anaheim, is a city of 80,000 plus people and is a tourist attraction city that is overlooked by many tourists. This city is home to Knotts Berry Farm, "With over 1 [...]

Wearing birkenstocks is like wearing no other pair of shoes!
Wearing birkenstock shoes is like wearing no other pair of shoes. Johann Adam Birkenstock was a shoemaker in Germany in the late 1700’s. The birkenstock shoe was designed with an understanding that a person’s shoes should reflect the shape of their [...]

Wearing Sexy High Heels!
Wearing high heels is a way for a woman to accentuate her image and style. While there are different designs and fashions for high heels: from soft and classy to wild and bold, most women agree that adding high heels gives them a little bit of flair [...]

What Do You Get from a Burberry Handbag?
Just what do you expect when you purchase a Burberry handbag? These high end products are in high demand these days. So, high, in fact that there is a huge market for knockoffs and discounted Burberry handbags as well. So, what do you get in a Burber [...]

What to Watch For When purchaseing Child Ugg Boot
Children are more in tune to today’s marketing mania than most parents realize. The producers of television and radio stations that are geared towards children select and run advertisements that are especially created to attract the attention of thi [...]

What to Wear With Ugg Boots?
The question of what to wear with ugg boots is a simple one to answer. This popular style of boot can be worn with just about anything. There are no fashion rules when it comes to wearing these boots. In fact, it seems that wearing this style of boot [...]

Why Ugg Footwear is the Right Choice?
You need only peruse the pages of any fashion magazine or visit any mall to know that ugg footwear is “the” choice in footwear these days. But what are the reasons behind the popularity of this footwear? The truth is there are many reasons. Probabl [...]

Why Wear A Thong?
Thongs are the latest new design for women’s panties. Thongs are panties designed to offer a totally smooth fit with no detectable panty lines. The no-show thong has become popular with women of all ages. Basically, the thong is a panty with full [...]

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