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4 Steps to Sure-Fire Basketball Free Throws
NBA Finals, Game 7...Your team is down one point...One second left... A foul and two free throws coming... Who do you want at the charity stripe? Of course, we’d like to have a Reggie Miller or a Larry Bird or even better Michael Jordan at the [...]

Backyard Croquet
Backyard croquet is a gift that keeps on giving. You can use a croquet set and you can use it again and again and again and again for friend or family entertainment. I recently bought a croquet set and played a game of backyard croquet or poison croq [...]

Bamboo Fly Fishing Rods
Fishing Tips - Bamboo Fly Fishing Rods Beyond a doubt the best fly fishing rod material is good bamboo properly selected, cured, split, glued, and correctly proportioned. It possesses strength combined with lightness, resiliency, pliancy, power and [...]

Bird Watching Competitions – I Spy With My Little Eye
Bird watching typically conjures up images of people pursuing a relaxing day of staring into the sky with binoculars. Ah, but then there is the competitive side of birding. Flying Emus…err, Elbows For many people, something is only worth undertak [...]

Bird Watching – Writing What You See
No bird watcher is complete without his or her bird watching journals. When you go bird watching, you need to keep your life list. The Life List If you are or become an avid bird watching enthusiast, you’re going to need to keep records. The reas [...]

Colorado Fly Fishing – Bait Huckin' vs. Fly Fishin'
It was one of those fishing trips. You know, everyone catches fish but you, you loose six or eight of your most expensive streamers, it rains buckets, and you sink the boat. That’s right; I got skunked at Steamboat Lake over Memorial weekend. I was [...]

Communications Equipment in the Wilderness
Communications Equipment in the Wilderness For Hunting, fishing, hiking, boating or cycling By David Leonhardt Communication in the wilderness is a matter of survival, as well as convenience. Before even leaving home, communications must begin. In [...]

Creating a Baseball Fantasy League
Baseball Fantasy Step #1 Calling all Teams The first baseball fantasy step to creating a league is getting your teams together. This basically means you need to get 8-12 friends together to create teams. Remember, if you have less than 8 teams or mor [...]

Croquet is Cool
I know not all people have played croquet. So few people have played croquet; in fact, that croquet may not even seem like a cool thing to do. It may seem like a nerdy, boring, or childish activity; a kids game. On the contrary, however, it is very c [...]

Crystal Radio Sets are Alive and Kicking
© Ned Norris. This article can be reprinted, used in newsletters or on web pages as long as it is credited to Ned Norris of RUSC.com, it appears in its entirety and the resource box below is included. # # # Crystal Radio Sets are Alive and Kicking [...]

Dirt Bike Racing
What’s so good about dirt bike racing? The adrenalin is flowing, heart beat racing and blood pumping; the dirt bike racing is about to begin. As far as adrenalin fuelled sports go, you don’t get much more action packed than dirt bike racing. It [...]

Downloading free audio books or purchaseing other audio books methods
The modern technology gives us the opportunity to “open” the existing concept of a book. Nowadays, in addition to reading a book in the old fashioned way, one can listen to audio book in one of at least 3 methods: An audio book on a cassette, an au [...]

Eel And Eelskin Lures
Eel and eelskin lures are used mostly in saltwater to catch such fish as striped bass, bluefish, snook, and marlin. The most difficult part about making eel and eelskin lures will often be obtaining the eels themselves. The eel usually used is the [...]

Fishing By Moon Phase: Increase Your Catch
Every fisherman dreams of a bigger catch! Is it possible to know beforehand when you should plan a trip to enjoy some fishing, catch more than usual, and come home feeling 100% satisfied? Based on my own personal research around the best fishing time [...]

Fishing Equipment And Accessories
The sun is shining. The air is cool and crisp. Yes, this is a great time for fishing. As you come to the edge of a swiftly moving stream, you see a great fishing adventure beckoning. You set down your tackle box and your rod and reel, slip off your [...]

Fishing Reels 101 - Part 1
There are four basic types of fishing reels: Spincast, Spinning, Casting, and Fly. All of them are used to achieve the same result, which is to hold enough line for casting and playing a fish. Here is a breakdown of the types: Spincast The spincast [...]

Fishing the Fall Salmon Run in Michigan - A Beginner's Guide
I decided to write this guide because a couple of years ago I was the "beginner." I don't claim to be a master at it, but I have lost my fair share of fish and have put a few in the freezer each year. Let me start by saying that, to the best of my kn [...]

Fit The Fishing Rod To The Fishing Task
See yourself standing on the bank of a swiftly moving stream in the shade of a gnarled willow, your fishing rod bent beneath the weight of an unusually large catch. Whether or not you land that fish depends on the decisions you made at the shop -- [...]

Fly Fishing - In Search of the Chase
With fly fishing, sometimes it is all about the chase. Here’s a day trip that looked unfruitful, but turned out alright in the end. Colorado Fly Fishing We put the raft in on a warm morning in Sept. without a cloud in sight. My expectations were n [...]

Fly Fishing Gift Ideas – Christmas Presents
Coming up with fly fishing gift ideas is a surprisingly simple task. Here are a few fly fishing gift ideas that will make great Christmas presents. Fly Fishing Gift Ideas Fly fishing is much more than just a rod, fly, water and fish. Don’t scoff. [...]

Fly Fishing Gifts for Christmas
Christmas is a wonderful time of the year unless you’re having problems coming up with gift ideas. Here are a few fly fishing gift ideas. Okay, I’ll be the first one to admit publicly that purchaseing gifts for the holidays can be a pain in derri [...]

Fly Fishing in Russia
A few years back, I spent a year living in Siberia and had a chance to head out to a town called Tinda. Much to my surprise, a couple of the locals had fly fishing on the menu. The Siberian Surprise Mention the word “Siberia” and most people thi [...]

Fly Fishing Journals – Keep Track of Your Trips
Fly fishing is addictive. Once you start, you'll never stop. Whether you are going to the local water hole or to Alaska, you should use a fly fishing journal to keep track of your sessions. Fly Fishing Journals Fly fishing is more than just fishin [...]

Fly Fishing On The Green River - Paradise Lost
Fly fishing is all about finding a great location, preferably in the middle of a hatch. The Green River in Utah was one such place, but is it still? The Secret Is Out No less than five years ago, it seemed like you head to the Green River and see f [...]

Fly Fishing Rods – Getting The Bends
Picking a fly fishing rod is a tricky endeavor. Do you go with your ego, expected fishing environment or something else? While length is a factor, the bend or action of the rod is a key factor. Flexibility Fly fishing rods are often defined by thei [...]

Fly Fishing – Catch and Release Yourself
When fly fishing, many anglers prefer to catch and release their fly fishing prizes. Still, what should you do when you’re the prize? That’s Gotta Hurt If you become a fly fishing fanatic, you will inevitably hook yourself one day. Of course, thi [...]

Fly Fishing – I Know Knot What I Do
When it comes to fly fishing, tying a knot is not the most glamorous of subjects. Without a knot, however, you’ll not be snatching the Muskie of your dreams. Fly Fishing Knots First thing first, we need to get the lingo down since we wont be usin [...]

Gambling legality basics
The gambling scene in America can be traced back to centuries. Gambling has remained to be a part of the American dream life ever since the inception of lotteries in New Hampshire. The history of American gambling can be broadly classified in two. On [...]

Get The Most Out Of Your Camera. (Part 1).
Would you like to take wildlife pictures like you see in magazines, or even turn everyday objects into photographic art? Did you ever see an image where only a small part of it is sharp? Using the aperture ring correctly can maximise the artistic [...]

Golf and Fishing what have they in common
Golf and fishing could not be more different but they both have something in common and that being is, how they give enjoyment and pleasure to all who participate in the sport. For most people they are hobbies and for others it is how they make their [...]

Grunion Runs – Fishing With Your Hands In San Diego
Fishing is peaceful and inspiring sport regardless of the type of fishing your doing. Well, with one exception – grunion runs. El Grunionino Throughout the year, the fish known as the grunion run in San Diego and much of California. This little s [...]

Halloween Fly Fishing - The Ultimate Bite
Halloween and fly fishing may seem like an odd mix, but not for true anglers. Yep, I’m talking about the ultimate test of your abilities and nerve. Dracula’s River Okay, everyone knows the story of Count Dracula. The book is huge and has been tu [...]

Have Fun With Nature: How To Play Conkers
In an age where children spend a huge percentage of their free time playing with expensive computer games, it’s nice to know that some old-fashioned games are still being played outdoors and cost absolutely nothing. During the fall, wherever you fi [...]

How to choose your road bike
How to choose your road bike? Well the first question is how much do you want to spend and how much cycling will you do? The answer to the first question is a difficult one, many people when they are younger they want to ride there bike all day and w [...]

How to Increase Your Fishkeeping Fun
Title: How to Increase Your Fishkeeping Fun Author: Trevor Greenfield Word count: 1,857; 65 characters per line Contact e-mail: mailto:trevor@reprintarticles.com Categories: Pets & Animals, Self-Help & How-To's, Recreation Autoresponder: mailto: [...]

How To Skyrocket Your Chances Of Winning The Lottery...
If you’re like me then you probably enjoy playing the lottery but are still waiting for the ‘big win’. You may even be disappointed you don’t seem to get very many of those ‘little wins’ either. I used to be one of those disappointed every wee [...]

Inflatable Boats: An Overview
Inflatable boats are made from flexible material, usually rubber, canvas, or neoprene, and hold air at high volume but low pressure. They need to be fitted with a frame to which an oarlock mount is firmly attached. Such frames are either made of meta [...]

Inflatable Pontoon Boats
Bryce Whitmore designed the modern whitewater inflatable pontoon boat, and in fact designed several models. The one that has been produced the most is a three-tube model of unparalleled maneuverability and load bearing capacity. This boat which is fo [...]

Introduction To Fishing
The Thrill Of The Catch If you haven't fished before, you don't know what you're missing. If you did, you would be a fisherperson. Not only does it bring you closer to nature, there's the thrill of the catch. Imagine standing on the bank of a stre [...]

Kayaking Gifts for Christmas
Finding good Christmas gifts ideas is easy if you think about a persons hobbies. If you are purchaseing for person who enjoys kayaking, here are a few ideas for kayaking gifts. Kayaking Gifts Kayaking is a sport that appears to require relatively s [...]

Motorcycle's Fatal Crash Formula
Almost everyday, the broadsheets are swarming with news on collisions, side-sweeping and the likes. Numerous persons are injured and some are fatally wounded. The worst thing is that lots of lives are taken because of certain person’s negligence. In [...]

Mountain biking in Bali's Mount Batur
here is no better way than to enjoy the sights and sounds of Bali than on a mountain bike. You not only get to cover areas where motor vehicles will not go, but get a good workout as well. Instead of viewing Mt Batur from where the masses gather at [...]

Mountain Croquet
Are you looking for a cheap and easy way to impress your date and to have a good time? Then get a croquet set and teach them to play. I recently taught a girl to play croquet. At first I thought that she thought I was nerd and that I was ridiculous f [...]

Nitro Powered RC Cars - Tips for Choosing Your First Gas RC Car
RC (radio controlled) cars, especially the nitro or gas powered RC cars, are becoming increasingly popular. With speeds up to 70 mph, realistic looks, and racing clubs in virtually every large city, it's easy to see why. If you want to join this exc [...]

Online shopping for bike accessories
At one time you could only purchase cycling equipment at your local cycle shop, if they had what you wanted or you had to hope they could order it and then you would have to wait for it to come and hope it was the right size, colour or price. Then cy [...]

Outdoors Gifts
Outdoors gifts are some of the easiest to find and purchase. The only limitation is your imagination and bank account. Outdoors Gifts In creating the following list of ideas for outdoors gifts, I’ve tried to cover prices ranging from the very aff [...]

Rigid Inflatable Boats
A rigid inflatable boat is defined as a hard-hulled boat with air inflatable collars. RIB hulls are made of fiberglass, aluminum or composite materials. The soft bumpers or fenders, called "sponsons," can be air tubes, or all foam systems. These boat [...]

San Diego Beach Hikes – Cardiff to Carlsbad
San Diego offers a bevy of interesting hikes. With the average home price being around $500,000, they better be interesting! To unwind, I typically stop on my way home from work to hike from Cardiff to Carlsbad on the beach. For picturesque sunsets [...]

Skydiving training methods
The Basics First, you will need to find a skydiving school with a good reputation. This is a fairly easy thing to do. The internet, phone book, and local airports are full of them. Next, you will need to check your pocket book. Skydiving is one of t [...]

Sports Massage - An Introduction
Sports Massage - An Introduction Copyright 2005 Richard Lane Many therapists offer Sports Massage on their “Massage Menu” yet few understand what Sports Massage is about. When a client comes in requesting a Sports Massage, some therapists mer [...]

Sunglasses 101
Sunglasses are not as simple as many people think. As such, it’s important that you get “briefed” before you purchase. The different parts to sunglasses will have a great impact on the look and feel of the pair. Different parts can also affect UV [...]

Surface Fishing Twitch Baits - 101
What is a "twitch" bait? First off, what is a "twitch" bait? I first heard this term from my Brother-In-Law when he saw me catching fish on one and mumbled, "I never could catch anything on those twitch baits." A twitch bait is really nothing more [...]

The Basics of Chess
Chess is a fascinating board game that was invented thousands of years ago. Throughout its long history, it has earned acclaim and is considered to be the 'king' of board games. Several famous personalities were known for their chess skills. Napoleon [...]

The Beauty of an Abstract Painting
The art of abstract painting began a very long time ago. Artists began this art several hundred years ago. In fact, you have probably seen some of the more famous abstract paintings before. You may recall a famous abstract painting created by Van Gog [...]

The Benefits of Inflatable Fishing Boats
Inflatable fishing boats are great yacht tenders/camping boats that are light enough to be carried in a backpack. Some 8-foot inflatable fishing boats are good for two and gear, and are large enough to float in moderate whitewater rivers. They can al [...]

The Gwynne Jones Misleading Article in MartialArts Illustrated
News Gwynn Jones misleading article in Martial Arts Illustrated. and its effect on British Aikido History. Bends the Branch A statement by Henry Ellis Please visit the National Aikido Data-Base for forum comments www.aikido-database.co.uk I am [...]

The History of Steeplechase Horse Racing
The History of Steeplechase Horse Racing The sport of Steeplechase racing dates back to 1752 in Ireland when two, half-crocked, friends settled the argument over who owned the best horse by racing to the nearest Church steeple after returning from [...]

The Irony Of Michael Owen
Owen burst into the international scene with his spectacular solo strike against Argentina in the 1998 World Cup. He helped Liverpool achieve the treble in 2001. His success and accolade accumulated and he won the European footballer of the year. [...]

The Kenshiro Abbe 50th Celebrations
THE KENSHIRO ABBE 50th CELEBRATION EVENT 14th May 2005 Crystal Palace Sports Centre London. UK By Henry Ellis Henry Ellis, a direct student of the legendary Budo master Kenshiro Abbe Sense, from 1957 describes the great event at the Crystal Palace [...]

Tying Fly Fishing Flies – The Frankenstein Fly
You can purchase flies for fly fishing, but you’ll want to tie your own at some point. Undoubtedly, your first fly will be the Frankenstein Fly. Of Flies… There is a particular fly for every fish, location and situation. There are basic flies li [...]

Unique Backpacking Christmas Gift Ideas for Backpackers
Christmas gift ideas can be hard to come by. If you’re purchaseing for a backpacker, here are a few unique backpacking gift ideas. Okay, I’ll be the first one to admit publicly that purchaseing gifts for the holidays can be a pain in derriere. Wh [...]

Unique Camping Gift Ideas for Christmas
As November passes quickly, it is time to start thinking about purchaseing Christmas gifts. Here’s a primer on unique Christmas gift ideas for people who like to go camping. Unique Camping Gifts Camping enthusiasts love to get away from the rat r [...]

What you need to know about - Camping Vacations
Camping is a delightful and adventurous way to spend your vacations. Camping basically means living in tents that are pitched on specific grounds. The biggest advantage of camping is the cost saving. You can have a good vacation within your budget. F [...]

What you need to know about deep fishing.
The equipment used to deep fish is basically the same as other fishing equipment. In deep fishing, though, the equipment has to be suited to fishing in the depths of the water. The line need to be stronger because the fish are stronger and larger. In [...]

What you need to know about rodeos
The perfect way to elate your spirits, the peculiar cowboys and cowgirls and their sturdy horses, their thrilling activities and the mind boggling music…the world of Rodeos is charismatic and bewitching in its own way. Initially Rodeos were associat [...]

Where To Get Your Martial Arts And Self Defense Equipment
When you start training martial arts or Self Defense you will need the adequate martial arts of Self Defense equipment. Both types of equipment are different and you should know what to look for when shopping for martial arts or self defense equipm [...]

Why Go Gold Panning?
Gold panning is a great outdoor activity that can be fun for people of all ages and health. If you can walk slightly off the beaten path, you can pan for gold. Despite the metal detectors, sluice boxes, and other large equipment often associated with [...]

Why We Do It The Motives and Types of Fall Salmon Fisherman
Why do we do it? Some people come to party. For some of us it is definitely the need, or desire, for the meat of the salmon itself. Others pursue them for the challenge of catching one using various types of bait and tackle. Another type of fisherman [...]

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