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3 Serious Concerns About Hygiene in Public Restrooms Revealed in Survey
In a study by Kimberly-Clark Professional, 39% of survey respondents feared picking up germs in a public restroom more than any other place. Is there good reason for the fear or are people overly concerned? Can you reduce the risks? WHAT'S IN TH [...]

5 Keys to Naturally Better Vision
Our vision is our primary means of relationship to the world around us. Of the five physical senses, vision is the most dominant and useful sense. Yet, over half the people in this country (U.S.A) wear glasses or contacts. Needing corrective-lenses [...]

5 Simple Signs to Tell if it is Acid Reflux or Heart Pain
Chest pain can be a very scary, serious issue. If you are one of many Americans at risk for heart disease, it can be even more frightening. But sometimes chest pain isn't heart related, it is a digestive issue. Heartburn, or it's more serious cousin [...]

7 tips to keep your fluid down on dialysis
As any dialysis patient will tell you, keeping your fluid gain between dialysis sessions in check is not only important to your long term health, it is a major factor in your immediate well-being. Keeping fluid level gains as low as possible betwee [...]

A Look at Acid Reflux and Your Diet
There is an undeniable connection between the occurrence of acid reflux and diet. Everything in your body has a delicate balance. The human body is a miracle of systems that maintains just the right conditions to keep everything running smoothly. The [...]

Acid reflux and heartburn natural remedies
Here is a list of natural remedies that you can use when you have acid reflux or heartburn. No need to use antacids, which have unwanted side effects and contain aluminum, which has been associated with senility and Alzheimer’s disease. Anise, pep [...]

Acid reflux and heartburn natural remedies part II
If you have acid reflux or heartburn, using natural remedies to rebalance your stomach is what nature intended. Listed are four natural remedies that you can use to rebalance the acid in your stomach Cinnamon Cinnamon has many medicinal uses asid [...]

Acid reflux chokes me awake at night
by Drew Harris http://www.acid-refluxsite.com Acid reflux has forced me to suddenly wake up countless times, in a state of panic, choking on my own acid and gasping for breath. Nothing can really describe the burning bile feeling, or the taste i [...]

acid reflux disease
What is ? Acid reflux disease can and often is mistaken for heartburn. But the heartburn symptoms of acid reflux disease usually occur 2 or more days a week for at least 3 months and can damage your esophagus. At the top of your stomach is a muscle [...]

Acid Reflux Drugs and Antacids Are Killing You
Doctors and Pharmaceutical giants know that their drugs and antacids do not cure heartburn or acid reflux. They have known for a long time that their drugs simply suppress the condition and continue the cycle of heartburn, acid reflux, and drugs. If [...]

Acid Reflux – Symptoms and Treatment
Acid reflux (also known as GERD or heartburn) is a common condition -- Over 60 million Americans experience it at least once a month. For some, acid reflux is a temporary phenomenon experienced only when eating too much, or eating particular types [...]

Acid Reflux.....In My Day it Was Indigestion!
When I was young, we had indigestion, now we discuss heartburn, acid reflux and that great mouthful known as gastro esophageal Reflux Disease (thankfully described as GERD) Whatever you call it, if you are suffering from belching, gas or a bloated [...]

Acid Reflux/Heartburn - Simple Steps to Relief
ACID REFLUX/HEARTBURN - Effective Strategies to Stop the Burning. by Andrew Kelly You've seen the advertisements: Acid reflux is a horrible disease that can cause damage to the oesophagus and lead to cancer. Are these claims realistic, or simply e [...]

Adult Ear Infection
What is ? Though adults are not affected as frequently as children, it is important for adults to be aware of how adult ear infection can affect them. Adult ear infection is caused by infection in the Eustachian tube, near the inner ear. The Eustac [...]

AIDS 101- what you absolutely need to know
Introduction Due both to the stigma and the awareness program attached with it, now AIDS has become a common household term. There are very less people who actually know that the exact word is Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome, AIDS in short. Bec [...]

Alternative Therapies for Acid Reflux Disease
Acid Reflux Disease, or GERD, is a common disease which affects approximately 5-7% of the population. It occurs when acid from the stomach backs up into the esophagus, a long, thin, muscular tube, which connects the mouth and the stomach. This often [...]

Another Good Reason To Take Your Fish Oil
Two factors that has caused the spread of viral hepatitis around the world is: It is much easier to fly to another continent in a matter of hours. We can eat fresh produce grown in countries all around the world. These are just two reasons the h [...]

Arnold Press guide
The Arnold Press, also known as the rotational shoulder press, isolates the deltoids with little other muscle emphasis, with exception of the triceps. It’s a good idea to start out with a light weight when first attempting this exercise, until your [...]

Arthritis Pain Relief 101
Coming of age equals coming of a variety of body pains. And do you know what most of our oldies would complain about regarding this issue? Arthritis. An estimate of over 50 million Americans suffer from osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis and other [...]

Asbestos Mesothelioma- A Deadly Disease
Asbestos- the Main Culprit behind Asbestos Mesothelioma Asbestos mesothelioma is a rare but dangerous cancer caused by exposure to asbestos particles suspended in the air. Asbestos is a group of naturally occurring silicate minerals. It is made up [...]

Asbestos Symptoms: Late Indicators
Asbestos symptoms refer to the changes in the body that indicate some type of serious diseases caused by exposure to asbestos particles. Awareness about asbestos symptoms is important because danger of asbestos exposure affects about 1.3 million pe [...]

Awareness on Varicose Veins
Varicose veins are those irregular shaped veins that are most commonly found in the legs particularly in the calf muscle area. Varicose veins are found mostly on older women and recent survey and research indicate that it is found in largely in men t [...]

Joints can handle some heavy pressure. For example, knees handle a force of three to four times a person’s total body weight on average when just taking a walk.The force of a deep knee bend during a squat can increase to nine times the body weight. [...]

Benign pleural diseases: The Asbestos mystery
A benign pleural disease is an asbestos-related disease which still has something of mystery to experts, since they don't know why some asbestos workers get one of several benign diseases of the pleura while others are not affected by the terrible co [...]

Bird Flu
Copyright 2005 Andrew Cavanagh Bird flu could be the greatest threat to modern civilization and the world is poorly prepared for a bird flu pandemic. The rapid spread of the bird flu virus raises the question: what can we do to protect ourselves if [...]

Bird Flu Is In The U.S.!
In that great Hitchcock thriller, the birds start attacking Tippi Hedron (Melanie Griffith's mom, for trivia fans) in Mendocino for no particular reason. Today, Ms. Hedron works actively in films, international relief efforts and for animal causes. S [...]

Bird Flu Protection
Copyright 2005 Andrew Cavanagh Bird flu protection could be as simple as bowing instead of shaking hands. Japan never suffered an outbreak of SARS despite being surrounded by countries where outbreaks occurred. The most likely reason is that virus [...]

Bird Flu – Answers to 10 Important Questions
Most people know that bird flu is beginning to emerge as a serious health threat to the world. There are real concerns and in this article we give answers to 10 questions which many individuals are asking about bird flu. 1. What is Bird Flu? Av [...]

Bird Flu: Personal Preparedness Must Include These 4 Critical Areas
The recent hurricanes Katrina and Rita have been powerful reminders of how destructive the forces of nature can be, and how preparation for them can mitigate their effects. Avian influenza, commonly referred to as “bird flu,” is a powerful force of [...]

Bird Flu: Should I Be Worried?
In recent weeks, the alarm over Avian Flu, also know as Bird Flu has increased dramatically. It is important to understand the facts about this disease in order to interpret the news accurately and to avoid panic and irrational behavior. Influenza, [...]

Bird Flu: Who Is at Greatest Risk of Dying?
Avian influenza or “bird flu” has now caused more than 60 deaths worldwide, with the most recent epidemic in Indonesia, where four people have died. On a global basis, 60 deaths are not very many. So why are health experts becoming alarmed about th [...]

Can My Dog Get Flu?
Jon Dunkerley In today’s society with flu pandemics and such grabbing so much of the spotlight, it is easy for us to overlook the fact that our dogs can also contract a version of flu. Yes it is true, there is a flu virus becoming prominent in the [...]

Can Quick Weight Loss Really Work?
Quick weight loss is promised by diets all the time. "Lose 10 pounds over night," the ads will scream. Most people know in the back of their mind that quick weight loss is either not healthy or is a short term fix. Most quick weight loss pounds are [...]

Causes of stuttering
When a person has a stutter or a parent realises that their child is developing a stutter they often want to find out the cause. So what causes a stutter? The answer is many things can trigger someone starting to stutter. These are some of them: It c [...]

Chelating is the process of removing toxic materials, metals and minerals from the body by use of certain chelating agents. These are substances that bond with the toxic materials resulting in capsulation of those toxic materials within the chelating [...]

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Dehydration
When you suffer from dehydration symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome, learning how to cleanse and re-hydrate your body will improve your physical energy as well as reduce brain fog, headaches, skin problems, joint and muscle pain, poor digestion and [...]

Coping with telogen effluvium.
Telogen effluvium is a hair loss condition that is characterized by a general thinning of the hair over a period of months. It is usually found in people who have recently experienced trauma with common causes including childbirth, major surgery and [...]

Copper And Your Health
Copper is a trace element mineral that serves a wide variety of purposes within the body, both on its own and as a cofactor, meaning it is an essential part of chemical processes that involve other vitamins, minerals, other nutrients or other substan [...]

Dealing with Acid Reflux
Heartburn, as acid reflux is commonly called, is a very unpleasant and annoying condition. Chronic acid reflux problems are commonly associated with symptoms such as laryngitis, sore throat and swallowing difficulties. A constantly upset stomach and [...]

Dental Care: A Surefire Killer Smile
A smile freshens up the face better than any make-up can do. A killer smile will make everyone look and stare. You do not have to have a perfect set of teeth but keeping your pearly whites clean and your breath smelling fresh will definitely be life [...]

Designed by Moms for Moms, New Thermometers Help Out During Cold & Flu Season
(ARA) - If the changes in the seasons have you feeling blue, it might just be that you caught a cold or have the flu. According to health experts, you’re not alone. The common cold is, well, very common. According to some estimates, Americans annual [...]

Dietary Recommendations After Gastric Bypass Surgery
When obesity gets out of hand, unresponsive to dietary, lifestyle and medical interventions, drastic measures are needed to cut down calorie intake. Morbid obesity with a BMI (body mass index, a measure of malnutrition) above 40 kg/m2 is an indicatio [...]

Different Detox-Cleansing Regimes
Your body should clean itself naturally, but today’s diets make that process difficult. Many turn to internal body cleansing to rid the body of waste products and toxins. A detoxification treatment is designed to help the body eliminate stored toxin [...]

Do you have an acid reflux problem?
Most people have digestive problems that create a variety of illnesses that we see as they age. The main problem is with the food that they eat. As has already been said many times, we eat more junk, processed, and packaged food than our stomach can [...]

Do you have heartburn?
Heartburn affects over 60 million Americans every week and worldwide the figure is into the several hundred millions. Some may have had advanced diagnosis of their condition, but many others will not completely understand the nature of heartburn and [...]

Do You Know If You Are Dehydrated?
Keeping your body hydrated is extremely important to your health and you need to know the warning signs of dehydration so you can take action, especially if you have a very active lifestyle. Your body needs a minimum of 64 oz of water per day. That’ [...]

Does Your Morning Coffee Cause You Pain or Discomfort?
Does your morning coffee cause you pain? Are you frustrated when a night out dining with friends ends in discomfort instead of relaxed conversation? Do you carry antacids with you every day? Heartburn is more than just a nuisance. It can detract [...]

Don't Count On A Bird Flu Vaccine, Count On A Nanomask
You've no doubt seen the news reports about Bird Flu, a deadly airborne virus. And you no doubt feel at risk and vulnerable. A Bird Flu vaccine is months and months away from production, and production will be a problem since health officials belie [...]

Effective dietary supplements for arthritis sufferers
The effective popular dietary supplements for arthritis sufferers are chondroitin, fish oil and glucosamine. Chondroitin can draw fluid into the cartilage, improving shock-absorbing ability and weight control, as more weight equals more joint pressur [...]

Elderly Need To Drink More Water
REQUIREMENTS FOR REPRINT: You have permission to publish this article free of charge in your e-zine, newsletter, ebook, print publication or on your website ONLY if it remains unchanged and you include the copyright and author information (Resour [...]

Factors that Increase and/or Lead to Snoring
There are several health and lifestyle factors that contribute to snoring; and this is true for both men and women, since snoring is a condition that does affect both genders (though surveys suggest that men snorers outnumber women snorers by a ratio [...]

Facts about Heart Fluttering
Heart fluttering is a condition that most people have experienced at some time or another. It is the sensation of a heart beating too much swiftly or irregularly. Heart fluttering is usually called "palpitations," which are rapid, forceful, regular o [...]

Fevers - Causes, Symptom for all Types of Fever
The term Fever is applied to a condition of the body where the temperature has gone above the normal, the human body has a normal core temperature of 37.0 degrees centigrade or 98.6 degrees fahrenheit. Any variation in this core figure implies that s [...]

Fish Oils And A Plethora of Chronic Health Problems
I recently heard of an older couple that eats salmon every day for breakfast. To my finicky palate that does not sound as appetizing as waffles. Why do they do it? They argue that salmon is the most perfect food on the planet, full of protein and ome [...]

Fluoridation and its Dangers
A number of Local Goverment Councils in Australia have been unable to supply free fluoride supplements to the public due to an Australia wide shortage, so residents should be heartened by the knowledge that they are not dosing their children daily wi [...]

Fluoridation, Is It Harmful?
A number of Local Goverment Councils in Australia have been unable to supply free fluoride supplements to the public due to an Australia wide shortage, so residents should be heartened by the knowledge that they are not dosing their children daily [...]

Fueling Up On Water Faster Than An Indy 500 Racecar In A Pitstop!
Fueling Up On Water It's our body's vital fuel, a health drink from Mother Nature! It's calorie-free, inexpensive and easily obtained. Yet few people follow the old fashioned advice to drink eight glasses of water a day. Most people drink when th [...]

Gearing Up for Flu Season
! Well, flu season is coming upon us quickly, and most people would love to skip getting sick this year. The biggest question is…How? Here are the easiest ways to keep yourself and loved ones free of the nastiest of colds this (and every) year. [...]

Generic viagra Kamagra Caverta Meltabs Silagra Edegra Forzest Penegra Tadalis
Trustpharma.com your online pharmacy for obtaining quality generic and brand name medications at affordable prices! Trustpharma.com is a professionally managed generic drugs distributor supplying generic drugs and formulations to customers around t [...]

GERD Essentials
GERD stands for gastroesophageal reflux disease, a clinical condition that occurs when reflux of stomach acid into the esophagus is severe enough to impact the patient’s life and/or damage the esophagus. Gastroesophageal refers to the stomach and es [...]

Glyconutrients: A Well Developed Nutritional Supplement
Unlike other nutritional supplements, glyconutrients provide the monosaccharides recently identified as essential for good human health. Glyconutritionals address the fundamental structure of the body. Rather than trying to chelate out the toxins or [...]

Healing teas are strong medicine
(NC)—The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that over 80% of the world's population satisfy their primary health care needs with traditional herbal medicines. These medicinal plant preparations, passed on and proven through generations of hea [...]

Herbal medicine for cold
Many people on the hunt for nutritional supplements are concerned about what kind of herbal medicine for cold sicknesses are offered. From the period of November until March, cold season sets in and it can really ruin your day. While there isn’t too [...]

Honey - Natural Treatment for Wounds and Burns
Honey is a highly concentrated sugar solution produced by honeybees. It is commonly used as substitute for sugar or a flavor enhancer. But other than that, honey is also effective in treating burns and wounds and it has been used for this purpose for [...]

I came accross this article while i was doing research for my ezine.I hope you enjoy it. HOW MUCH WATER DO YOU NEED? Gabe Mirkin, M.D. Do you believe that a person needs to drink eight glasses of water every day? If you do, you will spend a lot [...]

How to Avoid Colds and Flu This Winter
(ARA) - For most of us, the worst part about the winter season is that it’s also flu season. Every year, the flu costs Americans approximately $10 billion in lost wages and medical expenditures. Make sure you and your loved ones are taking the prope [...]

How to Prepare for Liposuction -
The American Association of Plastic Surgeons recommends that patients undergo a series of physical examinations before the liposuction surgery. The purpose of these exams is to determine whether or not the patient is in good enough health to have the [...]

How To Prevent Acne
You probably don’t know this yet but product wastes and toxic build up in your system is one of the main reasons why you have acne or why your skin breaks out. You see, your body has 4 channels of elimination...your bowels, kidneys, lungs, and you [...]

How to Wash a Down Comforter -
Few things are as comforting on a cold winter night as a down comforter. Soft and fluffy, down comforters are like a big hug after a long day. If properly cared for, a high-quality down comforter can last for many years. So, what is the proper way to [...]

How Vitamins Interact With Your Nervous System
The health and performance of the nervous system is essential to that of the body, and the daily intake of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients affects the ability of the nervous system to perform its many necessary functions. There are several vit [...]

Human body energy stores and losing weight
Many dieters think of stored energy as just body fat, and that to lose weight they need to follow a diet to enable the body to use up these fat stores. But there is more to losing body fat stores than just dieting, there are other stores of energy [...]

Immunization Rates on the Rise
New reports indicate that nearly 81% of infants in the US receive all their recommended vaccinations before the age of 3. Health officials have announced that this is a record high, and slightly exceeds the goal of 80%, set by a federal health agency [...]

Important things to know about an ear ache.
At one time or another we have all experienced the unpleasant discomfort of having an ear ache. According to the 2001 National Hospital Ambulatory Medical Care Survey, over 9.4 million Americans visited a physician’s office because of either an ear [...]

Influenza-its Symptoms and Causes
Know more about Influenza Influenza better known as the "flu" is an infection of the respiratory tract that can affect millions of people. The influenza virus can be spread from person to person through coughing and sneezing of an infected individ [...]

Kick that Flu Out!
Everyone already experienced having influenza and the common denominator among them is the nasty strains feeling of it. Flu will put down your usual activities and let you experienced the battlefield of beating the headache plus the muscle and joint [...]

Kidney Cleansing For Good Health
Why is kidney cleansing important? Every day, your kidneys process the blood and helps to sift out waste products (like mercury, copper, arsenic-bound chemicals and other toxins) and extra water. The waste and extra water become urine. The urine then [...]

Knowing Tooth Decay And Its Modern Treatments
"Tooth decay, also known as dental cavities, or dental caries, is a disease that is five times more common than asthma and seven times more common than hay fever." -- Michael C. Alfano, Dean of the New York University College of Dentistry. As warne [...]

Laxatives You Find In The Drugstore
A laxative is defined as, A substance that is used to promote a bowel movement when you are constipated. Laxatives work by starting and stimulating peristaltic action. Peristaltic action is a wave like movement that occurs throughout your gastroi [...]

Learn how to cope with Narcolepsy without seeing doctors!
Narcolepsy is a malfunction of the sleep/wake regulating system in the brain which until recently was of unknown origin. Its most common manifestation is Excessive Daytime Sleepiness and sleep attacks. Symptoms of Narcolepsy includes: a. Tempo [...]

Liposuction Dangers 101
One Reality TV show, The Swan, thrives on makeovers. Often viewed as tantamount to having a new life, a lot of people get giddy with the thought of undergoing a makeover. Imagine being surrounded by aesthetics professionals brainstorming on how to ma [...]

Mesothelioma Cancer
Mesothelioma is a rare type of cancer in the general population. However, in individuals that were exposed to asbestos, it is not as rare. There are experts that have speculated on other causes. There are incidences of Mesothelioma with no known asbe [...]

Mesothelioma: Symptoms of Mesothelioma Cancer
There are various symptoms of Mesothelioma cancer, but sometimes they don't appear until 30 to 50 years after exposure to asbestos, hence the importance of following the series of recommendations for prevention of asbestos-related diseases among asb [...]

Multivitamins For Your Child
The belief of most parents is that children are eating a fairly healthy diet and if not they give up and throw their hand up in the air. Parents then provide multivitamins. Now that they come in gumballs, gummi candies, cute animals, and cartoon char [...]

Natural Alternative Flu Home Remedy
When Chase-Manhattan lender David Givens began to feel some of the early symptoms of the flu - fatigue, muscle aches and pains (not from exercise), and a slight fever - he had no reason to expect he'd be, as he put it, "amazingly better within 2 days [...]

Menopause may cause women to feel some hormonal changes in their body since their estrogen levels decline. The sudden change in hormones may result in any of the following symptoms: hot flushes, depression, irritability, mood swings, irregular menses [...]

New Dog Flu
A new respiratory virus which is very contagious has been recently detected in dogs around the country. Previously it had only been found in the greyhound racing industry. It has been detected at kennels in New York, Florida, and Massachussetts accor [...]

Otitis Media (ear infection)
In simple terms, otitis media is an ear infection. It is inflammation of the inner ear, often caused by moisture which gets collected in the ear or by minor injury to the ear canal. The moisture often collects after swimming or bathing. Often allergi [...]

pH Balance and Digestive Disorders: Breaking the Vicious Circle
If you suffer from acid indigestion or acid reflux, chances are your body is unable to rid itself of toxic substances. A high acid level in your upper digestive tract is an indication that acid levels are high elsewhere in your body too. In a viciou [...]

Side Effects of Hyaluronic Acid Products -
Currently, there are no known side effects for most hyaluronic acid products including pills, serums, creams and liquids. However, there are some side effects associated with knee and facial injections. Some of the less common side effects for knee [...]

Sinus infection caused by Dental problem
Everyone has a sinus on each side of their nose called the maxillary sinus. Wherein, the roots of the upper back teeth go into the right and left maxillary sinuses. This can cause a problem during sinus season. If a sinus has an infection, it can fil [...]

stammering treatments
The five day speech course for stuttering/stammering. The first two days of the course are used to learn all of the rules of fluent speech. The first day is the most important day. This is the “clients” easy day as I do most of the talking, exp [...]

stutter help
Stutter or stuttering can have a dramatic effect on somebodys confidence. Fluent people really can not comprehend how hard it is to live your life with a speech impediment or stutter. I run one to one speech courses in Birmingham and one of my cl [...]

stuttering in toddlers
Some parents have the shock of hearing their young child start to stutter as a toddler. I am somebody who runs a speech centre in Birmingham, England, I now help people to achieve fluency. I met a lady who was thirty and her little boy aged four ha [...]

stuttering info
Stuttering is a problem that affects approximately one in every hundred people. It is mainly men who stutter, seven out of ten people who stutter are male. There are many types of stutter. Family and friends may not even be aware that a person they [...]

Surviving Flu Pandemics - Questions To Ask - Answers To Know
The urgency and reality of a flu pandemic has certainly been explained to us through media, government and our own medical establishment. Is the Avian Flu threat a “real” threat? No one really knows. Many say that it is just hype and maybe so. But [...]

Take Care of Your Kidneys
Although we tend to take our kidneys for granted, these important organs deserve a little consideration now and then. Often, we don’t pay much attention to them until there is a problem. When a kidney malfunctions, you will definitely know it. We’v [...]

The Advantages of Hormone Therapy to Menopause Women
Menopause is a change that any woman would undergo whether she likes it or not. A woman can be considered menopause when her period ceases. There are changes that occur in the woman’s body during menopause, like lesser production of hormones like es [...]

The Best Way To Avoid The Dangers Of Bird Flu (Avian)
Look After Your Health. The threat of a Bird Flu Pandemic. The threat to the world from Bird Flu is more serious now, than it was when I wrote my first article on the subject in May, 2005. entitled "Will Avian Flu Become Pandemic" since then it [...]

The Bird Flu and You
There is more news about the Avian Bird Flu (H5N1), and some of it may be frightful sounding. Even President Bush finally addressed the issue in a recent speech. He mentioned that the US Military might be called in to help enforce a possible quaranti [...]

The Cause of Aids
AIDS is acquired immuno deficiency syndrome. It is a fatal disease caused by a rapidly mutate retrovirus which attacks the immune system and leaves the patient susceptible to infections, malignancies, and neurological disorders. It was first reco [...]

The Cost of Liposuction Procedures -
The price of liposuction will vary from state to state and from physician to physician. Although cost is surely a crucial factor in determining whether or not to have the surgery performed, several steps should be taken prior to obtaining a price quo [...]

The crucial role of the salt in our health
Salt is vital for our health. Right now, you have around 250 gr. of salt - about a cupful - working for keeping you alive. Without enough of it, muscles won't contract, blood won't circulate, food won't digest, and the heart won't beat. Salt, the [...]

The Facts about Sinusitis
Sinusitis Simply put, sinusitis is inflammation of the lining of your sinuses. Sinuses The sinuses are located behind the eyes, the cheeks, and the jaw. They are chambers in which mucous is produced to clean out the bacteria that we take in ev [...]

The Importance of Clean Water
Consider the importance of water. Did you know that water accounts for over 70% of your body? We are comprised mostly of water. And further more, our blood mineral content is strikingly similar to salt water. A healthy water intake can help us in m [...]

The Importance of Lymphedema Medical Alert Bracelets -
Lymphedema is an accumulation of lymphatic fluid in the interstitial tissue that causes swelling, mostly in the arms and legs. It develops when lymphatic vessels are missing or impaired (primary), or when lymph vessels are damaged or lymph nodes remo [...]

The main causes of hair loss in women.
When you think of hair loss it's natural to assume that it's a condition that predominantly affects men. Some experts however suggest that as many as one in four women will experience hair loss at some time in their lives. So why don't we see and hea [...]

The Most Effective Treatments for Acid Reflux Disease
Acid reflux disease, or GERD, is a common compliant of the digestive system, often characterised by persistent burning or discomfort behind the breastbone. As the symptoms of GERD can mimic those of coronary disease, it is important that you visit yo [...]

The Natural Alternative to the Most Prescribed Hypertension Meds
Wouldn�t it be great if you could get all of the benefits of a high blood pressure medication without the damaging side effects? Well you can if you just know what foods to eat and how to supplement them with a few good choices. When it comes to [...]

The Next Killer Flu -- Can We Stop It?
Flu season is just around the corner once again. But this time, it may be coming disguised as a serial killer. There is deep concern that a new killer flu, nicknamed "Bird Flu," may mix with ordinary flu and kill millions of people. This is how Rob [...]

The proper way to smoke a cigar
Okay. So you've gone out and bought a couple cigars and decided that you wanted take up the popular pastime of cigar smoking. After all, this pastime has increased in popularity in recent years, spawning magazines and books and smoking bars. It's a f [...]

The Psychology of Weight Loss: Part 4 – The Power of Praise!
Your success in sticking with an exercise and weight loss program may just come down to you asking for help - unless pride gets in your way. The key to longevity is surrounding yourself with people who will give you support followed up by accountabil [...]

The Relationship between Ear Infection and Sinusitis
A cold, allergies, coughing, and sneezing can all influence in sinusitis. However, the fact that these can be an influence in ear infection is not commonly known. The reason that sinusitis and ear infection are related is that the sinuses and the e [...]

The Secret Benefits of a Fitness Lifestyle
Copyright 2005 Joey Atlas I can remember my first visit to a health club like it was yesterday. It was actually thirty years ago, when I was five years old. Even though it was a long time ago, that visit triggered something in me that is still with [...]

The Signs and Symptoms Of Acid Reflux Disease
Acid Reflux Disease , sometimes known as Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease, normally shortened to GERD happens when the one way valve at the bottom of the oesophagus that retains food in the stomach, and prevents it from returning to the oesophagus sto [...]

The Story of Phentermine and The Weight Loss Cocktails
STORY OF PHENTERMINE AND NEW COCKTAILS Obesity is an illness which is harder to treat than many cancers. Doctors and patients have been looking for a pharmacological approach coupled with proper nutrition and regular exercises to cope with chronic [...]

The Truth About Acne
Let's take a look at some other popular beliefs about acne to dispel any other rumors; for example, stress. Is it true that increased stress spreads acne? Not exactly. What is true is that ultimately stress can have a very minimal or minor influence [...]

Treat Cold, Flu and Ear Infection the natural way
With or without medication, the cold or the flu can give you real trouble. You can choose from a variety of medications that can give you some relief in symptoms or you can take the natural approach that may prevent, speed your recovery and help yo [...]

Troubled by Incontinence?
It isn’t just the elderly who struggle with bladder incontinence. Anyone can develop bladder problems, leading to embarrassing leaks that can confine many people to their homes in fear of public embarrassment. Children with emotional disorders or he [...]

Turn Off the Fat Genes - A Book Review
Once in a while a good title comes along and "Turn Off the Fat Genes" is one of those titles that just have to be written about. If you are not familiar with Dr. Neal Barnard's work, he has been writing about how to lose weight on a high carbohydrate [...]

Two Easy Ways to Protect against Flu
People across America are lining up for flu shots, purchaseing cold and cough medications, and researching which antibiotics that might need this winter. Despite all this elaborate planning, there are surprisingly few people who remember two of the l [...]

Understanding Ear Infection
Ear Infection An ear infection is an infestation in the ear, caused by either bacteria or by virus. The http://www.xlear.com/articles/adult-ear-infection.aspx adult ear infection and the http://www.xlear.com/articles/inner-ear-infection.aspx inner [...]

viral meningitis
What is ? Meningitis is an inflammation of the meninges (the thin lining of tissue covering the brain and spinal cord) caused by an infection of the cerebrospinal fluid. Viral meningitis is relatively common, and is usually mild, and though it can [...]

Vitamins, Minerals And Growth
Each and every bodily process has its base in the vitamins, minerals and other nutrients that are consumed, and the process of growth is no exception. From the growth and development that takes place in the uterus to infants growing into children to [...]

Vitamins, Minerals and Weight Loss
In the struggle to lose weight, often we neglect our daily intake of vitamins and minerals, as we are cutting down on our caloric intake. This is a definite dieting mistake, and can even contribute to weight loss failure. There are certain vitamins [...]

Voice Care for Coaches
By Catherine Franz Coaches rely heavily on their voice to service clients. If you also give teleclasses or workshops, voice maintenance needs to be one of their top self-care priorities. This information also applies to singers, speakers, or sa [...]

What are the common hair loss causes?
One of the most worrying aspects of hair loss treatment is the tendency of so many people to seek solutions without first determining what has caused their loss in the first place. At best, sufferers may waste money on inappropriate 'wonder cures' [...]

What Are The Four Stages of Mesothelioma Cancer?
One rare form of cancer is called Mesothelioma, a malignant tumor in the mesothelial tissues of the lungs and the abdomen, arising from the inhalation of asbestos. Its rarity is one of the reasons why a lot of people are not aware of this kind of [...]

What are the Symptoms of Mesothelioma?
Mesothelioma is generally associated with a long latency period this means that the symptoms of this disease can take many years to manifest, making both diagnosis and effective treatment very difficult. And even when the symptoms do become evident, [...]

What are the three main symptoms to lung cancer?
The main three symptoms to lung cancer that should not be ignored are shortness of breath, pain when breathing or coughing, and existence of a persistent cough, especially if it is accompanied by expectoration of sputum streaked with blood. Additiona [...]

What Cause Cold Sores? -
Cold sores are caused by a virus, the herpes simplex virus or HSV. There are two kinds of herpes simplex virus, called type 1 and type 2. While both types can cause cold sores, type 1 is the variety usually responsible. Type 2 HSV is found in genital [...]

What Causes Acid Reflux? -
Though the root causes are often unclear, perhaps the most prevalent acid reflux cause is a poor diet. Acid reflux occurs during digestion, when the stomach churns up acid or refluxes it into the esophagus, causing a burning sensation in the chest or [...]

What is Acid Reflux Disease?
Acid reflux disease, also known as Gastro-esophageal Reflux Disease, or GERD, is a common ailment, affecting between 5%-7% of the population. In order to understand what GERD is it is important to be familiar with how the esophagus works. A long musc [...]

What Would You Think if I said that You could Overdose on Water?
You would probably think that I was writing a lot of old rubbish, but please stay with me, as I can assure you that it is very possible and there are many cases reported worldwide to back up my statement. A number of medical experts recommend that [...]

What You Need to Know about Age-related Macular Degeneration
ARA) - Age-related macular degeneration (AMD) is a disease that blurs the sharp, central vision you need for "straight-ahead" activities such as reading, sewing, and driving. AMD affects the macula, the part of the eye that allows you to see fine det [...]

Whirlpool Baths The Way To Good Health
For hundreds of years, mankind has recognised the soothing, remedial effects of bathing. Several decades ago the medical profession acknowledged the benefits of hydrotherapy and began to prescribe the use of whirlpool baths as an effective treatmen [...]

Why Is Black Elderberry Such A Powerful Flu Fighter?
According to the "Handbook of Medicinal Herbs," black elderberry leaves were touted by European herbalists to be pain relieving and to promote healing of injuries when applied as a poultice. Native American herbalists used the plant for infections, [...]

Why Put Old on Hold?
More than once it’s been suggested that my efforts to Put Old on Hold are frivolous, vain and ultimately futile. “Why spend all that money on vitamins, supplements and anti-aging therapies – everybody gets old sooner or later. Just let nature take [...]

Will This Year's Flu Paralyze The US And Canada?
According to the Associated Press on August 26th, the US and Canada may have to close schools, restrict travel and ration scarce medications if a powerful new flu strain spurs a worldwide outbreak, according to the federal planners for the next p [...]

World Warned To Prepare For Bird Flu
Confronting the possibility of a potentially devastating human bird flu pandemic, the United Nations system – from Secretary-General Kofi Annan to the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) to the UN health and agricultural agencies – today laid out [...]

Xylitol Glossary of Prevention and Benefits
Xylitol, a relatively new, natural preventative is relatively unheard of by the public, yet it affects our lives on an everyday basis. In fact, we are more familiar with it than we know-at least our bodies are. Our bodies produce about 15 grams of xy [...]

You are What you Feel
Copyright 2005 Mary Desaulniers When Wordsworth described the Romantic mind as an ”Orphean lyre” played upon by the wind, he used an image that struck a chord in the Romantic Imagination, an image that unleashed a century of political, literary an [...]

Your Cold Could Be Something More
(ARA) - Have you ever had a cold that just didn’t seem to want to go away? If your “cold” has lasted more than ten days, it could be something more -- you could have sinusitis. You may wish to check with your doctor to find out for sure. Sinusit [...]

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