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25 Reasons Why You Should Drink Green Tea Now
Green tea has increasingly become a very popular drink worldwide because of its immensely powerful health benefits. It is extraordinarily amazing what green tea can do for your health. And if you're not drinking 3 to 4 cups of green tea today, you're [...]

7 Ways To Cross Diabetes Awareness Month Off The Calendar
November is National Diabetes Awareness month. Diabetes is the seventh leading cause of death (fifth leading cause of death by disease) in America. According to the American Diabetes Association Diabetes affects over 20 million Americans, that's 7% o [...]

Active Sex - A Key to Good Health
Make sex the vital root of health and happiness in your daily life. It gives you pleasure. It satisfies you. Above all, it keeps you healthy. You can burn up to 200 calories if you engage in energetic sexual activities. This is just the beginning f [...]

Add years to your life and save your heart for free
If you were told that you can add years to your life, get your cholesterol levels back to normal and protect yourself from heart disease and atherosclerosis, all for free would you believe it? No need for the latest “fashionable” supplement or de [...]

All You Wanted To Know About Menopause and Its Prevention
Menopause occurs when a women stops ovulating and her periods ceases. Most women reach menopause between 45 and 55 years, with an average age around 50. But about 1% reaches it before 40, which is known as premature menopause or premature ovarian fai [...]

Combat high blood pressure and cholesterol with soybeans
You may have heard of the “Portfolio Diet” wherein it has been clinically accepted that increasing the intake of soy based foods can reduce levels of LDL cholesterol as much as some statin drugs. Well, now it seems that soybeans have another heal [...]

Deadly heart disease strikes more women than men
(NC)—Although heart disease is the number one killer of women in Canada, very few women actually consider the disease a major health concern. In fact, women and their doctors often miss the symptoms of heart disease, passing them off as the normal a [...]

Do you know these tricks to avoiding fat for healthier eating?
While some fat in the diet is necessary, and it would be a mistake to try to eliminate all fat from the diet, most people simply eat too much fat. Cutting back on fat is an important part of creating a healthier diet and lifestyle. There are a numb [...]

Copyright 2005 Judy Thompson There is not as much oxygen in our environment today as there was hundreds of years ago. At one time the oxygen level was at 38%, now it is at 21%, and in some cities, even as low as 18%. Thus in our present environment, [...]

Doctors make life saving discovery for patients with coronary artery diseaseMajor study shows addition of widely used agent to treatment can prevent 50,000 heart attacks and deaths in Canada
Major study shows addition of widely used agent to treatment can prevent 50,000 heart attacks and deaths in Canada (NC)—Cardiovascular disease remains the leading killer in Canada. In fact, one in five of all deaths each year are from coronary arte [...]

Exercise & Diabetes
The Added Benefit of Exercise in People with Diabetes You are no doubt aware that exercise can help prevent the serious complications that often come with diabetes and heart disease. Research has repeatedly shown that regular physical activity he [...]

Fats, Good Bad
Fats, The Good…The Bad and Omega 3. This has become a hot topic lately. There is so much talk of fats, the healthy fats, the bad fats, the trans fats. I have done some research on fats, trying to keep it simple for us. Here is some important inform [...]

FOCUS ON FIBER: How Much is Enough?
By Monique N. Gilbert, B.Sc. Personal Health, Nutrition & Lifestyle Coach http://www.MoniqueNGilbert.com Looking for an easy and natural way increase your vitality and improve your overall well-being? Try eating more fiber! The average Americ [...]

Food that's good for a healthy heart
Here's a conundrum: While experts agree that high cholesterol and blood pressure are crucial heart disease risk factors, many people who suffer chest pain or even heart attacks have levels that are perfectly normal. This puzzle has prompted researche [...]

Free Program about Heart Health
(ARA) - When it comes to heart disease risk factors -- like high blood cholesterol and high blood pressure -- one plus one can equal three, five or even nine times higher risk! Adding risk factors can actually multiply your risk. You can’t change [...]

Gastric Bypass Surgery - Is It Right For You?
When we hear all the success stories of the gastric bypass, it sounds so easy. One pricey operation and the pounds just fly off! Right? Not quite. Gastric bypass surgery is only advised to those who are morbidly obese – this is someone with a body m [...]

Heart Attack: Are You At Risk?
If you’re male and you lead an inactive lifestyle you probably have at least 3 risk factors associated with heart disease. I know, I know, you feel fine but so do most people before they have a heart attack. Unfortunately, most people find out the [...]

High blood pressure!? What!?
If you get scared every time you hear this expression “high blood pressure” you are right. And for you, who say you don’t care at all about that, you should consider revising your concepts. High blood pressure is a silent disease that affects on [...]

High Cholesterol
is a very common diagnosis by doctors nowadays when dealing with patients. Cholesterol has been identified as to increase the risk of heart diseases. But what is Cholesterol at all? Cholesterol is a substance produced by the human liver. The body p [...]

Hoodia Gordonii and a Healthy Diet
What does have to do with one another you ask? The fact is that your only true advantage in achieving a happier, ill-free, and definitely longer life is your knowledge and conviction in the payback of a healthy diet. Not only will eating healthier [...]

How 40,000 People Reverse Heart Disease
Written by the Editors at Weight Loss Buddy Press in colaboration with Hans A. Diehl, DrHSc, MPH, FACN, CNS It is well known that about two-thirds of the U.S. population is either overweight or obese. The U.S. Surgeon General has stated that approx [...]

How 40,000 People Reversed Heart Disease
How 40,000 People Reverse Heart Disease Written by the Editors at Weight Loss Buddy Press in colaboration with Hans A. Diehl, DrHSc, MPH, FACN, CNS It is well known that about two-thirds of the U.S. population is either overweight or obese. The U [...]

If I Suffer from Heart Disease
I have heart disease – are there any erectile disfunction or male impotence treatments suitable for me? Heart disease can be associated with various factors that increase the likelihood of erectile disfunction or male impotence, and make treatment [...]

Immunity and the Immune System
Since the 1930’s the western diet has dramatically changed. This change is due to the change in farming from the natural farming process which has developed over 1000’s of years to a modern scientific farming which has changed farming into an indus [...]

Interpreting an EKG -
EKGs can assist doctors in diagnosing and determining any current or past heart abnormalities and are often a regular screening for those with heart disease. Through electrodes attached at various strategic body points, the EKG machine records the el [...]

Make the Link between Diabetes and Heart Disease
(ARA) - Diabetes is a complex disease that can be difficult to understand and an even greater challenge to manage. The most life-threatening complications of diabetes are heart disease and stroke, which strike two out of three people with diabetes. A [...]

Medical Malpractice Cases: Trends and Insights -
An incidence of medical malpractice can be a difficult matter to prove. Recent statistics indicate that almost two-thirds of all cases result in victory for the defendant. The attorney is required to prove both negligence on the part of the caregiver [...]

The growing numbers of health conscious people today living more vibrant lives owe much to the efforts and research of certain pioneers who braved ridicule, for without them, many of us now wouldn't be aware of the general benefits of taking antioxid [...]

Nutrional Dos and Dont's
Questions like "What do you recommend? What should people eat?" or “What exactly it is the proper diet?” can not be answered only with "eat less fat" or “exercise more” and “base your diet on low fat food like…”. This "do’s and don'ts" will d [...]

Nuts To You... Just One Way to a Healthy Heart
Nuts are readily available and provide a highly nutritious food. In addition to protein, carbohydrate, and fat, nuts contain many other important nutrients: fiber, vitamin E, folic acid, potassium, and magnesium. Although on some food charts you may [...]

Obesity & Diabetes
Health is a big asset which requires proper care and nurturing. A fit and trim body gives inner and outer confidence whereas an obese physique makes you dull and pessimistic. Obesity breeds other diseases and makes our existence uncomfortable and unp [...]

Obesity and Weight Loss Explained
What is Obesity? Obesity means an excessively high proportion of body fat. Overweight refers to an excess of body weight, but not necessarily body fat. Health professionals use a measurement called body mass index (BMI) to classify an adult's weigh [...]

Omega 3 and Reduced Risk of Myocardial Infarction
Myocardial infarction is a technical term used to describe an irreversible injury to heart muscle. It is normally used as a synonym for a heart attack and will be so used in this essay. Myocardial infarction is normally related to progressive atheros [...]

Omega 3 Fish Oil and Weight Loss
Copyright 2005 David McEvoy A lot of people still don’t know there are fat burning foods that can actually increase the number of fat calories your body burns each day? These are know as free foods and are generally low in calories; in fact some of [...]

Omega 3, A Medical Miracle
Leave your drugs in the chemist’s pot if you can heal the patient with food." Hippocrates. Lately we have all heard so much about omega 3, and its many health benefits. When I turn my radio on in the morning, there are at least 3 Omega 3 advertise [...]

Our guide to the Reishi mushroom
The Reishi mushroom, used for thousands of years as a medicinal herb, has many therapeutic and medicinal properties. Used mostly in the far East of China and Japan, there are many uses for this supplement. Some of the more important functions include [...]

Press Release Famous Wellness Website Sounds Alarm About Obesity
Famous Wellness Website Sounds Alarm About Obesity Obesity has now grown into a deadly disease in its own right, warns HBW. July 13, 2004 --Health-Beauty-Wellness.com has just added a whole new weight loss and nutrition section to its website. It [...]

Prevent Heart Disease
Copyright 2005 Mike Spencer You should always keep in mind that whatever actions you do today can either help to prevent, delay or minimize the effect of heart disease or worsen it. The key is to control risk factors. Granted that you cannot control [...]

Sleep Deprivation - Alarming New Studies
There have been several studies recently that link sleep deprivation with an increased risk of developing diabetes, obesity, heart disease and cancer. That’s rather scary when you consider 3.5 million Americans suffer from insomnia. With regard [...]

Ten Critical Keys to Vibrant Health and Longevity.
The BAD NEWS: You have a 95% chance of dying prematurely and needlessly from heart disease, stroke, cancer or diabetes. If you continue the common (“normal”) lifestyle that most people live (out of ignorance), you WILL get the same tragic results t [...]

The Balancing Act of Omega Fatty Acids
Generally it can be said that most of us do not get a good balance of essential fatty acids in our diet. Perhaps this does not sound like late breaking news. However most of what we consider news does not directly impact our lives. An earthquake half [...]

The Benefits of Owning a Home Sauna -
While a home sauna would seem like a luxury to most people, there are health benefits that make the price of it much easier to swallow. Saunas cause sweating which have many benefits including removing wastes from our bodies and regulating our body t [...]

The Benefits of Stopping Smoking (Part Two)
In part one we talked about the benefits in the first few days of giving up smoking and how within twenty minutes good stuff is going on in your body. In this part we’re going to talk about the benefits after a couple of weeks up until 15 years wher [...]

The Elimination of Heart Attack -- Is it Possible?
(ARA) - Heart disease is the largest killer of Americans -- more people in the United States die from diseases of the heart and blood vessels than all other diseases combined. Despite the fact that our country has the best heart hospitals and the fi [...]

The French Paradox
In the mid-1990s the world's oldest inhabitant - a 120-year-old woman living in Arles in Provence - gave a television interview during the course of which she attributed her longevity to three things: using olive oil for all her cooking, drinking r [...]

The Fuel Of Stress, Anxiety and Depression
In the 21st Century, it is predicted that stress and stress related illnesses such as depression and anxiety will become the biggest killers. Despite significant advances in housing, standards of living, quality of food, and medical science, the pres [...]

The History And Usefulness Of Coenzyme Q10
Throughout my childhood I was aware of the importance of eating well and taking my vitamins. But the science of dietary supplements has come a long way since those days. And one of the stars in this scientific progression is Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10). CoQ [...]

the Importance of An Active Lifestyle
Over the past 15 years or so, we have been told that a healthy lifestyle is important. Scientists recommend we should be accumulating on average 60 minutes of exercises a day in order to maintain healthy levels. What exactly does that number mean? Ov [...]

The One Nutrient You Must Have To Stay Healthy
Even if you eat right and take a vitamin and mineral supplement you most likely are still deficient in omega 3 fatty acids. Most people just don't get enough of this vital nutrient in their diet. Here are just some of the many benefits you can g [...]

The Truth about C Reactive Protein and Cholesterol Lowering Drugs
You might disagree with me, but hear me out on this... The drug companies know what they want you to think. They want you to think that the only reliable predictor for heart disease is an elevated low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol level, a [...]

There Is Something Fishy About Triglycerides.
I get a kick out of those commercials which portray conversations at the kitchen table or in the locker room in ways that we don’t normally see. Two women sipping coffee from pretty china cups might naturally start discussing headache medications or [...]

Things You Should Know About Vitamin K’s Unique Power
How well do you know about vitamin K? This vitamin is probably not as popular as other vitamins. But still you need this vitamin for your health. So, never underestimate vitamin K! Without vitamin K you will be in miserable. In fact, vitamin K is one [...]

Thinking outside the box concerning congestive heart failure.
“Think outside the box!” These words show up in commercials, boardrooms, operating rooms and casual conversations. They have become the calling card of the young creative hotshot trying to secure an impressive position in a choice company. They mar [...]

Thirty Minutes of Exercise a Day Keeps the Doctor Away
“Exercise is good for you!” If you had a dollar for every time you heard this statement uttered, you'd be rich by now, right? Well, proponents of everyday physical activity aren't just blowing smoke when they repeat this mantra. Medical research ha [...]

Treatment of Heart Disease with Coenzyme Q10
Since its discovery in the late 1950’s Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) has received much attention as a necessary compound for proper cellular function. It is the essential coenzyme necessary for the production of ATP (adenosine triphosphate) upon which all ce [...]

Two Silver WWW Health Awards
The website of the National Lipid Education Councilâ has garnered two silver awards from the 2004 Fall/Winter World Wide Web (WWW) Health Awards Program. The awards for lipidhealth.org were given in the categories of Best Professional Website and Be [...]

Ultimate Weight Loss Motivation - Living Longer
It's true, when most of us think of the need to lose weight, we think in terms of aesthetics, or how we look? Our weight loss motivation is to imagine what we would look like if we could just lose 20lbs. Unless we are stricken by illness, or to [...]

Understanding Cholesterol Levels and Decrease the Risk of Heart Attacks and Stokes
Fact: * heart disease claims about ½ million lives in America per year * high cholesterol levels play a ignificant role in heart disease * studies show if you lower cholesterol levels, the risk of heart disease is reduced by up-to 40% What is [...]

Understanding the Types of Cholesterol
While most people talk about “cholesterol levels” there is in fact more than one type of cholesterol. In fact, there are several different body functions and several different substances that make up our understanding of “cholesterol.” As with [...]

Viagra & Blindness Warning
Viagra & Viagra is synonymous with popularity. Its sales are increasing in leaps and bounds with each passing day. Ever since its existence, it has been able to lure millions of people world wide under its trap. A large number of people are attracted [...]

Vitamin Supplements – Are they Beneficial or Just Hype?
Vitamin supplements have been increasing in popularity and availability over the past 30 years. In North America it has become a multi – billion dollar industry. Vitamin supplements have been hailed as powerful antioxidants that fight against a wide [...]

Weight Loss Surgery – The Benefits and Financial Cost
Generally, weight loss surgery such as the gastric bypass will cost between $20,000 to $30,000 – the clinics do make substantial profits, which is why some you see advertised offer free chauffeurs and even airplane flights to the city and clinic. As [...]

Weight Loss – The Importance of Low Body Fat
When you hear a doctor or a personal trainer say, “Your body fat is too high, or you are borderline obese, what do you think? Does it matter to you? Does it motivate you to lose weight? Or are the numbers on the scale more important to you? Most p [...]

What you need to know about heart diseases
Heart is the most significant organ of the body. It controls and regulates the entire body. An individual can survive the loss of other organs of body but not of a heart. The moment heart ceases pumping blood to the body, it results in a heart stroke [...]

your guide to Clear heart arteries
Are you trying to achieve clear heart arteries and blood vessels? There are many supplements out on the market available to help you live a more heart-healthy life. In the fast paced world of today it can be hard to maintain a strict heart smart diet [...]

The Year of the Green Wooden Rooster is upon us. At the stroke of midnight on the 9th of February 2005, the Chinese New Year will be celebrated. Since the year of the Rooster is about to commence, wouldn’t it be nice to have some health resolutions [...]

Zeroing in on the Prevention of Heart Disease
Copyright 2005 Octocat Ltd More Americans succumb to the effects of heart disease than any other illness. Rated the number one killer, heart-related ailments are brought about by a variety of circumstances – some of which are preventable. The powe [...]

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