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1 in 4 homes in UK has one - The average costs $15,000!
The conservatory -sunroom, is this UK phenomenon about to hit the other side of the Atlantic? In the UK the conservatory as a live-in sunroom has become nothing short of a £15 billion ($25 billion) a year industry. It is now estimated that one in [...]

A Beginners Guide To Garden Bridges
Just because you dont have huge, elaborate gardens does not mean you cant accentuate what you do have with l garden bridges. Garden bridges could be just what you need to turn those mediocre garden areas into something quite splendid. Garden bridge [...]

A Guide to Antique Bird Cages -
It has been said that everything old is new again. So it is with bird cages. Antique bird cages are a popular addition to many houses and apartments. They fit in with many styles of decorating, including Victorian and shabby chic. Chinese antique bir [...]

A Look at Custom Shutters -
Who doesn’t love the look of shutters? On the outside, they accentuate the windows, adding personality and style to the house. Inside, they offer a beautiful and stylish alternative to mini-blinds. Shutters are readily available in stock sizes. If [...]

A Look at Wood Shutters -
Shutters are a wonderful addition to any home. They give the home an air of warmth and comfort, a feeling of home. They can be traditional or modern, farmhouse shabby or city chic. Shutters can be made from a variety of materials, from vinyl to fau [...]

A Nice Cozy Fireplace!
Installing a fireplace in a home is a big decision. Installing a fireplace is as difficult as it is necessary to find the right location, ventilation, and safety aspects. Therefore, it will more than likely be installed by a professional. All this ca [...]

A Perfect ‘Pet’ Project for Every Home
Decorating with Wallpaper By Jaima Brown A majority of all American households -- 58.3 percent -- has at least one pet, according to the most recent edition of "U.S. Pet Ownership and Demographics." Contrary to popular wisdom, cats are the most c [...]

A Primer on Selecting and Using the Right Table Saw
Just imagine - the sharp, toothed blades of a table saw ripping through your stack of wood, cross cutting them with pinpoint accuracy on the marked line. Or consider this scenario: trimming little pieces of wood to create a straight cut catering to [...]

A Tiger Rug for Your Home!
Finding a tiger rug that is a match to your home may seem like a big challenge. And, quite frankly, it may be hard to find a tiger rug to do your home justice. But, never the less, there is a large selection of these rugs available to you. Finding th [...]

A Vast World of Lamp Shades.
Lamp shades are one of the best ways to add detail and decoration to your home. The lamp shades you choose can add elegance or a fun touch. Lamp shades are easy to find and widely available. If you can’t find what you really like you can even have t [...]

A Zebra Rug!
Zebra rugs or zebra print rugs are hot commodities these days. These rugs are patterned after the irregular patterns in the actually animals coat. While zebra rugs tend to just be prints, it is possible to find a zebra skin rug as well. Of course, th [...]

Adding a Fireplace Mantel.
Perhaps you already own a fireplace but would like to add a fireplace mantel to it? Or maybe this is a complete project you had in mind including the fireplace and its mantel. Regardless a fireplace mantel is an excellent addition to your living area [...]

Adding A Floor Lamp to Your Home!
A floor lamp is a great addition to a home. These lamps are great for lighting a small area or a large area. They add a distinct look to a room. They come in many styles and designs. Many are able to be matched to your furniture, curtains, or other a [...]

All you need to know about the feng shui bagua map
By Jakob Jelling http://www.fengshuicrazy.com The feng shui bagua map is an octagonal shaped map which allows you to evaluate in feng shui terms any living or working space. The feng shui bagua is a very important feng shui tool and indispensable [...]

An In-Depth Review of Popular Air Purifiers -
There are at least fifteen major brands promoting air purifiers. Below you will find condensed air purifier reviews for four of the most popular brands: Oreck Air Purifiers The Oreck Super Air 8 Air Purifier uses four different technologies to cle [...]

An Introduction to Roman Shades -
Roman shades are a simple and practical window treatment to accent a room or to provide privacy from bright sun or noisy neighbors. A Roman shade is a piece of fabric that is mounted at the top of a window. The fabric is pleated such that when the Ro [...]

Applications of 12 Volt Air Compressors -
12-volt air compressors are one of the most commonly used devices for lightweight jobs. Industries generally use engine-driven air compressors that run off of natural gas. They use these particular devices to save on the high-energy costs associated [...]

Avoid Problems Painting Aluminum and Vinyl Siding
Anyone with older aluminum siding is well aware of the paint chalking problem. Just rub your hand along the old siding and the chalky old paint will be all over your palm. Trying to get paint to stick to this could be a real problem. This is due to o [...]

Be Your Own Way, But Still Use The Safe Tools
It is so often that people are not aware with the tools they use when doing their home improvement. Sometimes they use wrong tools just because they want something quick to be done. Well, you must change that attitude. You have to understand that by [...]

Beautiful Lighting Tips 101 - A Crash Course in Lighting Design
Many people cannot immediately identify why they may like or dislike a particular room or interior. Proper lighting and illumination is the single most critical factor in designing a pleasing interior environment. A successful lighting design is plea [...]

Beautiful, Sparkling Chandeliers!
If you want to add extra spark to rooms, consider adding chandeliers to the rooms. Chandeliers offer added elegance and charm as well as light. There are many to choose from and these can be custom made as well. A popular choice is the crystal chande [...]

Bring Art and Structure to Your Garden
(ARA) - Arbors, trellises and pergolas have been adding art and structure to outdoor living spaces and gardens for centuries For anyone looking to add space, style and elegance to their garden, these versatile wooden structures are practical projec [...]

Building a Gazebo -
Are you handy? Think you can build a gazebo from scratch? There are plenty of gazebo plans available free in libraries and online. There are also blueprints available for fees ranging from $8 to $200. The more expensive gazebo plans are architectural [...]

Camps for Troubled Teens: Disciplines and Wilderness -
Parents looking for a quick fix usually choose troubled teen camps. There are two types of teen camps: boot camps and summer or wilderness camps. They usually last from one to six weeks, and while teens may shows signs of improvement for days or even [...]

Ceiling Fans: Past and Present -
Philip Diehl first invented the ceiling fan in 1882, around the same time electricity was beginning to spread into homes and businesses throughout the country. Over the next decade, Diehl improved his original idea and made it more practical. Two imp [...]

Chill Out With A Quality Ceiling Fan
Are you craving some air flow in your house? Is the air conditioner running as hard as it can go but it still feels stuffy and hot in your house? Try installing a ceiling fan and see if it will give you some relief. Ceiling fans create air flow in a [...]

Choosing A Countertop That Is Right For You
Choosing a kitchen counter material can be an overwhelming task in the midst of a huge kitchen makeover. Before you select a material, try to decide what look you are going for. Scour magazines and take a trip to your local home improvement center to [...]

Choosing a Gas Fireplace to heat your home!
Adding a gas fireplace to your home is adding value to your home. Gas fireplaces are not only there to keep you a little extra toasty in the winter months, but they can significantly reduce heating costs as well. More so, they are cleaner then wood b [...]

Choosing Your REALTOR ®
With so many realtors competing for your business, how do you know which one to choose? Here are a few things to consider when choosing a realtor. The most important decision you will make in the sale of your home is the Realtor you choose. Some [...]

Closet Organizing Tips: Systems for Conquering Closet Clutter
Closet organizing indicates that you value the simple home improvement of added closet space. Below you’ll find simple ideas to get your closets organized: A good suggestion for starters is to plan your closet with hanging rods nearest the outside [...]

Comfort and energy savings: One person's story
(NC)—Faced with rising energy bills and an uncomfortable home, Alex Nilsson decided it was time to take action. She turned to the EnerGuide for Houses Program, which was launched in 1998 by Natural Resources Canada's Office of Energy Efficiency, for [...]

Con Artist Prevention Tips
The con artist's philosophy is "the gullible were put on this earth to be gulled." In the past, con artists were usually referred to as con men. This is no longer the case as more and more women have become involved in con games and numerous variatio [...]

Cook Healthy Food In Minutes With Turbo Oven
Turbo oven is an ultimate product that makes cooking healthier foods easier than ever before. Turbo oven not only reduces the need to cook with additional fats and oils, it also prepares delicious and healthy meals in minutes, retaining all the nutri [...]

Creating Wall Murals for Children -
Wall murals are a playful, lively way to decorate a child’s room. You can pay a professional painter to create the mural, or you can do it yourself—maybe with your children. Creating a fun wall mural for a child is not very difficult. It’s an easy [...]

Custom Mini Blinds -
In the mini blind market, you have three types of options: You can purchase what is ready-made and is widely available in retail stores; purchase ready-made but cut to fit blinds; and one-inch slat mini blinds that can fit one-eighth of an inch near [...]

Designing Professional Porch Railings
If you plan to install a professional looking porch railing for the first time you want to ensure you do it right the first time. This requires among other things proper design and proper planning. Properly designed railings require multiple parts in [...]

Digital satellite TV systems: A whole new entertainment world
Technology nowadays is truly amazing. One of these stunning new technologies that bring great impacts to our live styles is digital satellite TV systems. Satellite TV systems handle a number of tasks, including communicating with a satellite 22,000 m [...]

Do You Make These Window Replacement Mistakes ?
Whether it's a misguided baseball, or storm damage, sooner or later most homeowners will have to deal with window replacement, a chore that is not high on any handyman's list of things they want to do with their spare time. This could involve st [...]

Duct Cleaning - Proper Principles and Practices
As a qualified duct cleaning contractor I have discovered that most homeowners feel that they are very uninformed when it come to the principals and practices of proper air duct cleaning hygiene. Let me begin by saying that the EPA as well as the N [...]

EnerGuide for Houses incentive: Are you eligible?
(NC)—The EnerGuide for Houses service, which was launched in 1998 by Natural Resources Canada's Office of Energy Efficiency, identifies opportunities for energy efficiency improvements in your home. Even if you are one of the 60 000 Canadians who ha [...]

Fall is the Perfect Time to Organize Your Garage
(ARA) - As days grow shorter and temperatures become cooler, it means the inevitable is just around the corner: everything that came out of your garage this spring needs to go back in before winter rolls around. That means you need to find room for t [...]

Fix Minor Cracks Before They Require Costly Repairs
(ARA) - purchaseing a home is the single largest investment most people make, so maintaining its value and physical appearance is important. With the average median sales price of nearly $160,000 for existing single-family homes in 2002, according to [...]

Frightfully Fun Ideas for Halloween Decorating
Halloween is now the second most decorated holiday after Christmas (according to dollars spent on decorating items). With decorations ranging from the bizarre and frightening to cute and whimsical, you can find many ways to express your inner goblin [...]

Get Everything Done Quickly Using Your Basic Tools
No one wants to have their house equipment broken. But it might happened your electricity went off or your water system not working etc due of broken installation. You realize it will take a whole day to wait for your electricians or plumbers to come [...]

Get New Floors And Save A Bundle When You Do It Yourself
Everybody loves the look of hardwood floors, but if you have an older home, your floors are probably scuffed, scratched and dingy. Most homes made before 1970 had hardwood floors and even though your house now has carpet there may be a beautiful hard [...]

Get Your Home Ready To Sell
Have you been considering selling your home in the near future? If you have, then it wouldn't be a bad idea to take a good long look at your home, using an unbiased eye. After all, a clean, appealing, well maintained home has much better odds of se [...]

Grandfather Clocks Through the Centuries
The inexpensive quartz watches and clocks you see everywhere today keep time far more accurately than the stately grandfather clocks of yesteryear. But the latter have a charm and presence that few modern time-keeping devices can match. It is thoug [...]

Granite Countertops: An Overview -
Home remodelers and builders have experienced a boom in the demand for granite countertops in kitchens and bathrooms. The beauty and warmth of granite makes it an ideal material for aesthetic appeal in home design, and the durability and easy care of [...]

Gutter Maintenance
Regular maintenance is the key to keeping your home gutter system intact. Making sure that your gutters have no bent areas is one suggestion made by those who help you prepare your home for sale.Clean and well maintained gutters add to your home's sa [...]

Hardwood Floor Refinishing - For The Faint Of Heart
Are your beautiful hardwood floors not so beautiful anymore? Maybe they just need a refinishing job. It can be a daunting task, but here are some ideas to make it a little easier. If your hardwood floors are in dire need of refinishing, get a few e [...]

Hiring A Contractor - 10 Tips
A very smart attorney I know paid $7,000 for a roof repair, only to have the roof leak the next time it rained. The contractor stalled, made excuses, but never did a thing about it. Anyone can have these kinds of problems when having repairs or impro [...]

How Closet Organizers Can Simplify Your Life: Getting the Most From Your Intimate Space
Closet organizers have come a long way in recently years. There's more to them nowadays than just a shelf above a horizontal pole. Concepts in closet organization have gone from simple home improvement to statements regarding lifestyle. And with th [...]

How Stained Glass Can Add Elegance To Your Home
If there is one way to throw a new light on your home, it's through the stained glass you put in your windows. Whether you want to enhance old windows by replacing some of the panes, or are complementing the new Pella windows you've installed, st [...]

How to Choose a Memory Foam Mattress -
If you enjoy the softness of a traditional, coil-spring mattress, but also need the back support of a good solid carpeted floor, then a memory foam mattress provides the perfect middle ground. A memory foam mattress contains most of the cushioning an [...]

How to Create A Tuscan Wall Mural -
Wall murals make a house unique. They are an easy and inexpensive way to fill your home with scenes that make you happy, relaxed, and proud of your home. Then what better inspiration than Tuscany, the sun-soaked, romantic region in Italy? Tuscan wa [...]

How To Find The Right Type Of Humidifier Filters?
There are many reasons people choose to humidify their homes. Dry air caused by winter or living in a dry climate is responsible for a range of problems. Physical symptoms of dry air include: a dry nose and throat, which can make you feel sick. Other [...]

How to Make Roman Shades -
Roman shades are a simple and elegant window treatment to block the sun or prying neighbors. Nicer than plain plastic shades, but less expensive than ornate window shades, Roman shades provide the perfect start to a beginning home decorator. Roman [...]

How To Plan Outdoor Holiday Decorating For Your Home And Stay Within Your Budget
When I was a little girl, I remember my dad taking us for drives at night throughout our neighborhood to see the houses decorated for Christmas. There were some that had a simple wreath on the front door and some that looked like Santa’s Workshop on [...]

How to Replace a Circuit Breaker -
It is always a good idea to have each circuit breaker clearly labeled. This prevents confusion and frustration in the event that one needs to be reset or replaced. You can begin labeling the circuits by turning them off and on to see which appliance [...]

Incentive can help address common problems
(NC)—Uncomfortable drafts on cold winter days, excessive condensation on windows and a heating system that operates continuously are all signs that your home may be wasting energy. And that's nothing but bad news. First and foremost, wasted energy [...]

Kitchen Trends: Adding Spice to your Kitchen
(ARA) – Veering away from its utilitarian roots, the function of today’s kitchen has broadened to become a social gathering space for friends and a homework space for kids. Fall is a good time to spice up your kitchen’s comfort level and transform [...]

Knowing When (and How!) to Hire a Contractor
(ARA) - Did you ever take on a simple afternoon home remodeling project, but instead it took days … or even weeks? Have you ever called in a contractor to fix what you started? Ever unintentionally turn your basement into an indoor pool? According [...]

Lights, Camera, Action . . . Design?!?
(ARA) - “Reality” shows have saturated television programming, especially in the area of home and garden design. You can “trade spaces” with a neighbor, enlist a professional to recreate a high-end designer room on a budget or secretly call in a [...]

Materials And Styles For Different Deck Railing Ideas
Finding your deck railing idea will depend on many factors. Foremost, you need to find which of the styles out there would match better into your home decoration. A nice idea is to combine the benefit of the garden with the warmness of a living room. [...]

Mobile Home Repair - Ceiling Stains
Ugly, brown stains are a common feature of mobile home ceilings. They develop when roof leaks or condensation cause water to drip onto the ceiling tiles from above. They persist because because removal is not as simple as painting over the stain. [...]

New incentives help homeowners and the environment
(NC)—It just got easier for Canadians to do their part to reduce greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to climate change thanks to a new federal incentive that provides extra motivation for improving the energy efficiency of your home. Beginnin [...]

Older homes benefit most from energy efficiency incentive
(NC)—If your home is more than 25 years old and due for some renovation work, you might want to look into a new incentive program announced by the Government of Canada to encourage energy efficiency upgrades in the residential sector. The incentiv [...]

Planning An Out Of State Move
There’s a lot more to moving to another state than there is to staying within the same state. Expenses can vary greatly from state to state and even though your new salary is going to be much higher than your old, you could still end up at a loss du [...]

Refinish Your Hardwood Floor Like a Pro
by Dan Farrell This article is written by a pro of refinishing hardwood floors since I have done too many to count. Maybe 300 would be a good guess. My father was in the business full time (as well as aluminum windows and doors (which I'll write [...]

Refinishing Hardwood Floors -
The quality of the wear layer determines frequency of refinishing of hardwood floors. Poor quality products can not withstand being refinished even once. The thicker the wear layer, the more refinishing it can withstand. Good quality engineered floor [...]

Repair And Maintenance Of Kitchen Faucets
The kitchen is the heart of many homes. This is the room where the family prepares and shares meals together. Because so much time is spent here, the fixtures and accessories need to be functional and fit with the style of the room. Kitchen faucets i [...]

Replacement Window Installer Offers Advice
Are you thinking about taking on a good do-it-yourself home improvement project? With some simple tools and a few tips from a professional installer, you can take on the job of installing your own vinyl replacement windows. Advantages The newer v [...]

Should a HDMI DVD player be your next home theater purchase
Thinking about getting an HDMI DVD player? whether you've heard t he buzz surrounding the latest generation of DVD players or have an HDTV and want a player to connect it to, the information on this page will help. HDMI stands for High Definition M [...]

Softening Your Walls with Color Wash
If you like the soft look of watercolors, why not try using a color wash on your walls? In addition to a softer color, color washing can accentuate the texture of your plaster or stucco walls. And it�s so simple that even I, a faux-finish-impair [...]

Start Your Next Home Improvement Project With Tools and Hardware You purchase Online
One of the mistakes most do-it-yourself homeowners makes during significant home improvement projects is in trying to complete the job without the right tools. How many times have you tried to use a flat-head screwdriver instead of the right wood chi [...]

Style and Perfection in Home Decoration with Plantation Shutters
Choosing plantation shutters for form or function? Plantation shutters offer both to today’s homeowner. These unique window treatments trace their roots to ancient Greece. The Greeks used them for both privacy and security. Interior shutters were us [...]

The Benefits of Bamboo Roman Shades -
Roman shades are inexpensive and elegant window treatment to block the sun or prying eyes of nosy neighbors. Roman shades can be purchased or made cheaply and relatively simply by the do-it-youselfer. Traditional Roman shades are made from fabric t [...]

The Benefits of Ceiling Fan Lights -
One of the first improvements that ceiling fan inventor Philip Diehl made on his invention was the addition of an electric light. Back in 1882, when the ceiling fan was first created, this was a big deal. Many homes and businesses had just gotten ele [...]

The Benefits of Used Air Compressors -
As a cost-saving measure, it is possible to purchase or rent a used air compressor. This can be an option for both homeowners and contractors. Used air compressors generally function as well as new devices. Air compressors can be a significant part [...]

The Benefits of Wood Blinds -
In interior design, the blinds found on windows and doors are major decorating elements. Blinds made of wood or those with a wooden look add a feeling of warmth and coziness to the atmosphere in the room. They provide privacy without looking stark. T [...]

The Carpet That Needs to Be Replaced!
Carpet doesn’t last forever. In fact, if the quality isn’t very good, carpet doesn’t last long. Carpet cleaning may help to some degree, but other times, a new carpet is the only choice. A surprise may be found underneath! Perhaps even hard wood f [...]

The Faucet: A Deciding Factor
In the design of your new kitchen, the faucet can be one of the largest, most critical aspects of it all. In many cases, you will find that a beautiful one can be the completion of a beautiful kitchen. But how should you decide and what should you lo [...]

The History of the Vacuum Cleaner: Perfection has taken a bit of time!
The first vacuum cleaner is thought to have been created in the United States, in the mid 1800’s. Today, the vacuum cleaner is found in just about every household in the world! It is depended upon to keep carpets and other floors clean and free of d [...]

The Lamps in Your Home!
A lamp is more than a light. Lamps allow the owner to set mood and too add to the design of a room. They are very functional and sometimes the only source of light in a room. Floor lamps are very popular these days, but table lamps are still bought a [...]

Use A Wallpaper Border For A Budget Backsplash
You can add some splash to your kitchen without spending a lot of money by applying a simple wallpaper border for a backsplash. You can get a pretty good bargain on borders in the closeout bin at your wallpaper store or home improvement center, but m [...]

Using A Hardwood Floor Sander
Refinishing your hardwood floors yourself can be time consuming and a bit scary at first but well worth it in the long run. It can cost a bundle to hire a professional to refinish your floors for you, but if you have the time, you can do it yourself. [...]

Wall Oven - A Necessity For The Disabled
Wall ovens, available in electric and gas forms, are best ovens for the people with disabilities. The ovens can be placed considering the required height of the user, and the controls can also be placed within the reach of the standing or sitting use [...]

Washington Home Improvement
Everyone wants their home to look clean and attractive. In certain climates however, this can require a constant stream of effort that would wear anybody out. Many areas of the Washington state area have climates, which are more prone to cause the we [...]

Welding Basics for Beginners
Welding has been around for centuries, though not in the forms most commonly used today. One of the first welding processes ever used was known as forge welding. Forge welding attempts to join two metals through a process of heating, and then pound [...]

What is Injection Waterproofing? -
Injection waterproofing is often used to fill and seal cracks and crevices. The material is most often made from a polyurethane compound. The compound is lightweight and expands up to twice its original size when applied to a surface. Many non-toxic [...]

What to Look for When purchaseing a Closet Organizer -
Whether it’s a New Year’s Resolution or spring cleaning, no cleaning spree would be complete without cleaning the closets. This time, don’t just rearrange the junk—find a permanent solution. Closet organizers provide a way to organize your posses [...]

Where Are All the Good Contractors!!
Have you ever had a bad experience with a contractor (ex. painter, roofer, plumber, landscaper, carpenter etc.)? Did problems such as these occur: contractor showing up late or not at all; poor workmanship and work ethics; missed deadlines? Have you [...]

Zebra Print Rug!
Looking for a zebra print rug? Are you thinking of purchasing a zebra skin rug? If you are, then you should consider several things. First, consider the size and color patterns you want. Consider the room it is going in and the price you want to pay. [...]

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