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150,000,000 year old story of Limestone
Limestone is a type of sedimentary rock. It is chemically made up of the mineral calcite (calcium carbonate). Limestone is formed by the deposition of calcium carbonate on the floors of water bodies. Limestone is one the most widely known form of sed [...]

5 Most Popular Styles of Christmas Ornaments
Traditionally Christmas ornaments were bulbs of all the same color which were placed randomly throughout your Christmas tree. Over the past few decades, Christmas ornaments have developed into elaborate pieces of art which are delicately planned out [...]

5 Things Your Christmas Table Should Not Be Without
Christmas dinner probably the most elaborate and complex dinners you will have to prepare all year. Chances are there will be many friends and family members attending so you will want to make sure everything is just right. In order to help you do th [...]

A Fireplace Screen for decoration and protection!
An essential part of a fireplace at your home would be a fireplace screen to channel and control the smoke that accompanies the fire. Décor and budget are the two most important considerations while purchasing a fireplace screen. You might just want [...]

A Guide to Fireplace Mantels -
Fireplace mantels are functional design elements that add character and depth to your room while displaying your unique taste and style. A rustic fireplace mantel can transform a living room. A mantel, whether you choose to have an entire surround or [...]

A Look at Custom Roman Shades -
Roman shades are a classic window treatment. They are simple, elegant, and can fit in any style of room. Roman shades are made from a single of fabric panel. A cord is thread through loops running along the length of the fabric at regular intervals. [...]

Add Some Pizzazz to Your Powder Room!
(ARA) -- It’s a room with a toilet and a sink. Maybe a window, if you’re lucky. The average size is a tiny four feet by five feet. And if it can’t get any worse, it’s probably the most frequently used room in your house -- especially for guests a [...]

Art Prints For Home Decorating
With the new craze for interior decorating inspired by "home makeover" television programs, more and more people are tempted to hire a professional decorator, even if they can't afford one. Simplicity: the Art of Home Decorating If you're thinkin [...]

Baby Boomer’s Demand Alternative Style
(ARA) - This is a story of passion and passionate differences, experienced by couples facing the strategic and often wrenching shifts taking place on the home front. One aspires to live in a home filled with the warmth, beauty and romance of a log ho [...]

Creating a Faux Stone Finish for your Walls Using Old Newspapers
Love the look of stone but you can�t even afford the rocks in your head? (That�s a joke, son!) If you have old newspaper lying around, you can have the look of stone you love � inexpensively! Here�s how: 1. Paint the wall with a [...]

Decorative Know How - Faux Marble In Six Easy Steps
Home decorators looking for something a little different are often faced with expensive products and time consuming solutions, making many of us opt for more everyday options like wallpaper and basic paint finishes. However one lasting favorite offer [...]

Granite is Tough; Taking Correct Care of It Isn't
By: Edward Green Crystal like granite countertops and spa type bathrooms built with natural stone are all the rage in home interiors, but not surprisingly it will lose its investment value fast if not properly maintained. Up to now, only ammonia [...]

Heart of the Home - Faux Finishes For Kitchen Cabinetry
Faux finished cabinets are finding a welcome home in today's kitchens. From the most timeworn distressed looks to high-end lacquered finishes, a decorative painter can add just the right touch from his artist's pallet to create the exact design and s [...]

Here's why interior decorating makes a statement about you!
Interior decorating is that medium which can make your closed spaces convey to the observer a lot about you and your lifestyle through strategic use of elements which range from the visual (color, lighting, form) to the tactile (surface, shape, textu [...]

Holiday Decorating Tips: Christmas Candles
How to Light Up Your Home for Joy Do you love the winter holiday season or does this time of year cause you stress? One way to lower your holiday stress, using fewer decorations, decreases your "just have to much to do" list. However, you still w [...]

Holiday Decorating Tips: Thanksgiving, A Time For Gratitude And Giving
Get new holiday decorating ideas for Thanksgiving and Autumn. Start a new family tradition. Your home will look fabulous and your guests will love you. Turkey and Cranberries! Yeah! Before you dig into that turkey, take a moment for each person t [...]

Home Fragrance in Vogue
The home fragrance market is booming. From perfume, toiletries, and cosmetics to pre packaged foods. It is currently a multi billion dollar industry that continues to show strong growth. The strongest growth has taken place in the last 5 years and is [...]

Home Improvement: Ceiling Fans
Ceiling fans come in a wide variety of styles and colors to match any homeowners interior design wishes. They come with and without lighting. Three to five blades. In colors of black, white, brown, made of wood, covered with animal print fabric or st [...]

How To Care For Your Encastic Tiled Floor
If your tiled floor is in an Edwardian property and beautifully coloured you are probably looking at an Encastic tiled floor. Most of the encastic tiled floors we restore have had a real beating. Smashed tiles, glue where carpet was probably stuck to [...]

How To Choose The Perfect Granite Work Surface
By Edward Green My Grandmother used to say to me “Nothing cheap is good and nothing good is cheap”. This ring true when dealing with the purchase especially on the internet of Granite Work Surfaces. In fact of all stone so read carefully. Nat [...]

How to Choose the Right Flooring to Fit Your Lifestyle
(ARA) – Choosing the right floor for your home is a big decision. It sets the tone for the whole interior of your house, and is the foundation for everything else you put in a room. Your choice should fit not only the way you want your home to look, [...]

How to Decorate Your Home on EBay
If you are on a budget (and who isn't?), a wonderful place for find home decorating accessories is auction sites like eBay. But before you go a'baying, here is some advice based on personal experience (make that major disasters!) to keep in mind: 1 [...]

How to protect stone floors from staining
We are working almost daily with stain removal from natural stone surfaces. In fact I would say that in some instances we visit the same house more than 3 times in as many months. Stains in stone are something that should be left to the professiona [...]

Installing a Home Theater
Thinking about system? You’re not alone. Home theater is one of the fastest growing areas areas in home entertainment and the advent of DVD recorders means your set-up can now be entirely digital, without an inch of video tape in site. Installing [...]

Interior design simply means personalizing your interior environment!
Interior Design today is all about customizing your built environment with conceptual planning, aesthetic sense and technical solutions applied to achieve the desired result. It goes beyond just the visual or ambient enhancement of an interior space, [...]

It’s Easy Being Green at Home
(ARA) - “It’s not easy being green,” laments Kermit the Frog. However, today it is easy being “green” at home. Interior designers can help you make your home “healthier” thanks, in part, to a new generation of home furnishings including fabric [...]

Living Art Inspires Freedom of Expression
(ARA) - Those who aspire to recreate the feeling when a Spin Art creation was complete can return to the euphoria of their childhood today through living art. This form of art expression gives adults the chance to create visual masterpieces to expres [...]

Marble Floors and How to Maintain Them
For honed marble used as traffic surfaces, care should be taken to prevent accumulations of liquids or other materials that result in safety hazards and staining. Regular daily mopping should be performed. Floor marble is any honed finish that is use [...]

By Edward Green IICRC inst http://www.marblemasteruk.com A honed finish is a satin surface with relatively little light reflection. It is specified for floors, thresholds and other locations where the presence of water might make a polished finish [...]

Protecting Your Limestone Floor Investment
By Edward Green There are many types of limestone. These vary a great deal in terms of porosity and hardness, as well as in colour and texture. However limestone, although very hard wearing and durable is porous and therefore prone to staining. L [...]

purchaseing Custom Wood Blinds -
Window and door blinds on windows and doors are chief decorating elements in houses as well as in offices. Interior designers use window blinds made of wood or those that have a wooden look to offer a feeling of warmth and coziness to the atmosphere [...]

Real vs. Artificial Christmas Trees
Putting up and decorating your Christmas tree is a holiday tradition which has been in effect for hundreds of years and will probably be in effect until the end of time. Choosing whether you want a real Christmas tree or an artificial Christmas tree [...]

The art of home decoration
If you would have your rooms interesting as well as beautiful, make them say something, give them a spinal column by keeping all ornamentation subservient to line. Before you purchase anything, try to imagine how you want each room to look when [...]

The Home Decorator�s Guide to Wall Repairs
Everybody has had one or two. You know, those little hole or indentations in the walls � behind a door, or behind a picture. If you live in a home, hang a picture, or have children � accidents happen! But repairing those accidents is easy. [...]

The Increased Popularity of Granite Kitchen Countertops -
The popularity of granite kitchen countertops has increased dramatically in recent years, with the media focus on kitchen remodeling and personal incomes rising. Originally the choice for granite countertops was limited to wealthy individuals. Today, [...]

The Pros and Cons of Ceiling Speakers
Office buildings, airports and restaurants were the first homes of ceiling speakers. They can be easily recognized by the dense grilles that pour decibels right into your head. But why would someone want ceiling or in wall speakers, instead of a pa [...]

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