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"Things Just Ain’t the Same": Hip-Hop’s Reconstruction of the Gangster Rap Identity
Gangster rap, or hardcore rap, is generally considered a sub genre of the larger category of rap music, which itself is a subcategory of hip-hop. Gangster rap is differentiable from other rap music in that it makes use of images of urban life associa [...]

Alternatives to Digital Audio
Although MP3 is the most popular format for encoding music, it is by no means the only one. There are two basic methods for compressing audio – lossless and lossy, and for each of these methods there are many formats. Lossless compression means th [...]

Are Free File Download Services Really Safe
On Monday June 27, 2005 the Supreme Court ruled that Grokster and Streamsoft, two free file download services, were operating illegally because they were allegedly encouraging illegal downloads of copyrighted material. Encouraging it...that was [...]

Booking Gigs
Divide and Conquer: The secret to booking gigs Most everything you are told about booking gigs is wrong. An average band hears so much advice from so-called experts they can write a book about it. Most misconceptions are harmless. The ones that cau [...]

Burton Gaar Releases Track “Hurricane Trouble” To Organize Relief Effort
New Orleans, LA--October 20, 2005—Burton Gaar has been singing and playing the blues for many years now. Recent events have shaken our country and brought us together to help our fellow man. Now, never have the blues been more true to life than in L [...]

Do you know what a didgeridoo is? Do you want to do or learn something different? Find out about it and do it on the Web.
Do you know what a didgeridoo is? There are so many things in this life that are unknown to us. I bet you could find out about something outside your normal sphere of vision and experience everyday for the rest of your life and still not get close to [...]

Download Mp3 Music Safely
DON'T Download JUNK! Make sure your download mp3 music is a quality mp3 and that your music download doesn't have hidden downloads that will not only ruin your search for great music but will annoy you and invade your privacy. Here are the four h [...]

Downloading MP3's made easy
The MP3 movement started out with a huge audience of music enthusiasts on the internet. The MP3 digital music format has had, and will continue to have, a huge impart on how people, gather, listen to and share music. The MP3 format is a compression [...]

Downloading Music!
MP3 technology was the catalyst to one of the biggest revolutions in the media business in nearly 30 years. When cassette tapes became popular in the late 1970's and early 1980's, the music industry did the now-familiar Chicken Little dance ab [...]

Free Music Video Downloads
Listening to all of your favorite songs whenever you want is always exciting. No more having to wait for it to be played on the radio or have to go out and purchase the whole CD for just one particular song. When you can download all of your favor [...]

Free, Legal Music Online
Almost everyone has heard about the massive crack down on Internet music piracy that has been occurring over the past few years. Napster was taken down (although it has now returned as a pay service), other file sharing programs now require users to [...]

Getting On the Music Industry Radar Screen
How to Get Noticed By Those Who Can REALLY Help Your Music Career! As you or your band performs, be it from club to club around town or nationally, there is usually one thing lingering in the back of your mind... How do you go about getting that [...]

How Do You Find Sheet Music Downloads Today?
Music is a piece of entertainment that is in society’s daily life consistently. It doesn’t matter whether it is Rock and Roll, Gospel and Christian music, or jazz, people listen to music for a variety of reasons. However, today there are more a [...]

How Do You Write Songs?
There was an interesting post today on a message board that I go to. It was about a guy that just started a new band and he wanted to know if anyone could give him some songwriting tips. First off, there isn't a wrong way to write songs. But afte [...]

How Has Eminem Risen to the Top?
© Jeff Schuman II http://www.best-mp3-music-downloads.com How is it that a little white boy from Kansas City has become the most well known rapper in the world? Starting from nothing and eventually moving up to a multi-millionaire, Eminem over [...]

How to Find and Download Your Favorite Music Videos
With all of the latest technology of downloading songs to burn onto CD’s, iPod’s, and more, the simple thought of music video downloads often passes peoples minds anymore. With burning songs onto CD’s, and listening to songs on your iPod, you’ [...]

How to Make Money on a Music Website through Affiliate Programs?
© Jeff Schuman II http://www.best-mp3-music-downloads.com Do you find yourself looking for a way to make some extra money? How about creating a website on something that everyone includes in their life, Music? The opportunities are endless and [...]

How to Make Money on a Music Website through Pay-Per-Click?
© Jeff Schuman II http://www.best-mp3-music-downloads.com Interested in making money while you’re asleep, or making money while you’re not even on the computer? Well here is a way that you can do that, clicks!! Once you have gone through god [...]

How To Mic An Electric Guitar
With modern music (especially pop/rock music) production demands are greater than ever. The average listener expects the recording quality of your music to be the equivalent of those amazing productions you often hear on the radio. Since this discuss [...]

How to Write a Chorus
http://www.geocities.com/Athens/Marble/9607 A song without a chorus can hardly be called a song. This rather bad statement is my personal opinion so if you don’t agree, that’s okay. But I would like to start this lesson with this statement, not o [...]

iRiver leaders in mp3players
The first multi-codec MP3 CD player was released by iRiver in 2000. Since this time iRiver has become a household name with their portable digital products and markets throughout the world. The very first portable digital device that was released b [...]

Is it Possible to Download Music Legally Anymore?
© Jeff Schuman II http://www.best-mp3-music-downloads.com Throughout the past few years downloading music on the internet has increased in popularity. At the same time though, it has become illegal through many companies to download music as [...]

Legally Download Music and MP3's
Downloading music is one of the greatest things about owning a computer. However, the most popular way to do it is illegal. The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) is trying to stop anyone from downloading music illegally and have recent [...]

Living Life Loud
The music industry is changing – one click at a time Change is good. Just ask the millions of unsigned artists worldwide trying to get their music heard. Since the music industry is changing drastically, unsigned musicians are able to make their [...]

Looking For an MP3 Player?
If you don’t have an mp3 player, and even if you do, you should check out all the new stuff that’s going on. I’m hoping this article will give you some idea of what kind of mp3 player you want and some tips on what to look for in an mp3 player. [...]

Media Player Shootout
Whether you call them media players, jukeboxes, mp3 apps, music managers, or whatever - we all need a proggy to listen to our digital music with, so we decided it was time for the Online Music Blog ( http://www.onlinemusicblog.com ) media player sho [...]

MP3 Audio File Format – A new format for storing sounds
MP3 is the latest and the most popular audio format that is used now. This acronym stands for MPEG Layer 3. It is a compressed audio format with a compression ratio of up to 12: 1. The sound quality of the audio in this format is very high. A nor [...]

MP3 Encoding Technology
The MP3 is a complete godsend for anyone who enjoys and appreciates good music. Not only does it afford users the convenience of purchasing music online and ripping from purchased CDs, it also provides the utmost ease in portability. There are more M [...]

MP3 Players under fire in US and European courtrooms
ALEXANDRIA, Va. & TURIN, Italy - Oct., 2005 - Audio MPEG, Inc. and Sisvel, S.p.A. announced that Thomson S.A. and a number of its subsidiaries have been sued in the United States and Europe for infringement of several MPEG Audio patents by its MP3 pl [...]

MP4 players - the next big thing?
MP4 players, also called personal video players or multimedia players, are portable devices that play MP4 video files. They play movies using the mp4 file format/standard. Could they become the next big consumer gadget? For a long time now, MP3 pla [...]

Music For A Better Life
Would you like to pop in a CD and have a better quality of life, and even self improvement? There are three ways you can use music to accomplish this. Music For Motivation Put on energetic music, and even doing housework seems less like work. Usi [...]

Music software 101
Which Music Software Programs Fit Your Needs? Want to find out how to listen to all your favorite songs whenever you want? If so, you’ll want to learn more about music software and how you can install some programs onto your computer. Here are som [...]

Nothing But Country Music Downloads
Listening to country music’s greatest hits could never be easier than it is today. All of the greatest country music songs and today’s hottest hits are all but a couple clicks away from you. No more having to go out and purchase the CD or waitin [...]

Now Anyone Can Learn How To Play Guitar Easily And Effortlessly.
The most important thing to know when learning how to play guitar is practice! When learning new things by doing the work, simple. By saying that, it is by playing guitar, not pulling the strings with no reason at all. And when practicing, there is o [...]

Out of Chaos Comes Great Opportunity for Music
Recent upheaval has affected the major record labels, powered by economic fluctuation, the MP3 revolution, online music piracy, home recording technologies and the amazing growth of the personalized listening experience (iPods, etc). Radio is losing [...]

Press ReleaseSony and MBNA Launch the SonyCard, the Official Sony Credit Card in the Republic Of Ireland
Sony and MBNA Ireland today announces the launch of the SonyCard Credit Card (www.SonyCard.ie) in the Republic of Ireland. DUBLIN, IRELAND July 15, 2004 -- Leading Consumer Electronics and Entertainment Company, Sony and MBNA Ireland today announce [...]

Reliving The Music Of The Seventies
We all associate songs and music with events in our life. Many songs hold special memories for us. We fondly remember the songs that were playing when we went to our first dance, the songs the school band attempted to play during half time at the hig [...]

Satellite Radio: Subscription Costs
XM Satellite Radio and Sirius Satellite Radio subscription costs vary and are changing though recent promotions. XM Satellite Radio Subscription If you agree to a commitment ranging from two to five years and prepay you can lower your effective m [...]

Satellite Radio: The Waves Of The Future?
Satellite Radio – Its here! Satellite radio is a new service being offered by two companies, XM Satellite Radio and Sirius Satellite Radio. Both companies are offering over 100 channels of streaming music and entertainment. High quality sound is ach [...]

The Dark Side of P2P File Sharing
P2P file sharing programs are free. Period. But there are P2P scam sites out there that want you to pay them instead. P2P scam sites are rogue companies that have set up shop to fleece unsuspecting music downloaders looking for file sharing programs [...]

The Incredible Apple iPod - The World’s Most Innovative MP3 Player
One of the greatest inventions of the 21st century is the iPod, made by apple. An iPod is a small portable, walkman-like mp3 player with a hard disk inside. Hard disk sizes vary but come up to 60 gigabyte. A 60 GB hard disk easily fits thousands of h [...]

The Record Industry Continues Battle Against Free Music Downloads
Movie and record producers alike are saying file-sharing networks that permit its users the ability to make copies from other network member’s computers are infringing on the copyright laws and costing billions of dollars in lost revenue. The reco [...]

Video capture software for AVI and WMV
In this age of computer technology access and manipulation of information at any point of time and in any form has become absolutely common. With invention of CD, Camcorder, MP3, digital cameras and many more gizmos like them access to audio and vide [...]

What are MP3 files and how do they work?
MP3 music downoad. If you have read How CDs Work, you understand how musical sounds can be turned into numbers and recorded on a CD. A CD stores music using 44,100 samples per second, 16 bits per sample and two channels (for stereo sound). This me [...]

Where To Download Music On The Internet
Virtually all of you have probably heard of the RIAA's quest to crush online music piracy. The illegal sharing of copyrighted songs via the MP3 format on top the Internet costs the music industry billions of dollars. This is conventionally done apply [...]

Where To Find Christian Music Downloads
Are you looking for a place that has Christian music downloads? There are millions of sites to download inspiring Christian music and share the love of Jesus Christ. All sites are just one click away from you being able to not only find Christian [...]

Where To Find Free Wedding Music Downloads!!
Do you have everything finalized for the wedding except for the music? If you're one of those people then this is the article for you to help determine where to find the music. No more worrying about what song to play for the first dance, or what [...]

Who is behind the iPod
Apple Computers came out with their first computer on April 1, 1976. It was AppleI but this one did not go over very well, but when these two Steven Wozniak and Steven Jobs, created Apple II, the computer became a success. Over the years they produce [...]

Xisco Poncé Jr. Releases Life Affirming Album Suite
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE San Francisco, CA--October 17, 2005--Xisco Poncé Jr. was born in the Philippines, raised in Hawaii, lived in San Francisco, Los Angeles, CA, and traveled around Europe, performing at an early age. After giving up a career and [...]

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