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"Women and Divorce: How Women Should Protect Themselves Financially Regarding Divorce"
Women who believe a divorce is a possibility or who think that their husband will be asking about getting a divorce at some point should put their emotions aside and plan "just in case" their intuition is correct that a divorce may be coming in the n [...]

Cure Autism Now with a Silver Charm
Purchasing a silver charm is just one of the ways that you can help support autism research. Autism is a brain disorder that affects one’s ability to communicate and associate with others normally. Symptoms are usually detected in the first three ye [...]

Financial Back-to-School Basic for Mom and Dad
(ARA) - Each fall, millions of moms and dads spend countless hours purchasing back-to-school necessities for their children. While some parents equip their child with the latest gizmo -- a personal digital assistant (PDA) or cell phone, for example - [...]

Getting a Mortgage Quote Online
If you are interested in purchaseing a home then you are certainly shopping for a mortgage quote from a variety of different lenders. This is important because when you have more than one mortgage quote you can compare the different lenders and find [...]

How Much Credit can you Afford?
Before making the decision to add more debt, you need to make sure that you: *Allocate sufficient money for your essentials. *Borrow only for items that you need and can afford. *Borrow only if you're spending less each month than you take home [...]

How To Get Your Your Money And Debt Under Control
REPRINT GUIDELINES =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= You are free to publish the following article in its entirety in your eZine or on your website. Our only condition is that you MUST keep the information about the aut [...]

Is There Any Such Thing As Affordable Life Insurance?
Do you need affordable term life insurance? This seems to be the million-dollar question. When you want to purchase life insurance you often do not know how much you need or if there is such a thing as having too much life insurance. What constitutes [...]

Life insurance – wise investment in personal finance or excessive caution?
Life insurance is typically taken out to offer valuable financial protection for your family in the event of your death, upon which a payment is made to your financial beneficiaries, heirs or family members. The extent of this payment will depend on [...]

Life insurance: why there’s no need to be a desperate housewife
Contemplating what may happen to your wife (or husband) and children if you die is not likely to be a thought you wish to contemplate. However, avoiding the issue may make life more difficult for your family after your death. Life insurance looks s [...]

Mortgage after Bankruptcy - Bankruptcy Discharged Yesterday? Purchase a Home Today!
So you have been through a bankruptcy and surely have been told to wait at least two years before applying for a home loan. Waiting two long years without any guarantee of being approved for a mortgage after bankruptcy can be disheartening. Fortunate [...]

Mortgage Refinance: 4 Ways To Know Its Time to Refinance Your House.
You may want to refinance your home for several reasons. 1)Mortgage Rates might be lower now. The biggest reason that people refinance their mortgages is to save money. No matter what has happened to you, there is always a good reason to start savi [...]

Mortgage Tips from Me to You
At some point in your adult life, you are likely to purchase a house of your own. Whether you are sick of renting, or you have decided to settle down and start a family, purchasing your first home can be an exhilarating and nerve-wracking adventure. [...]

Not Every Debt Negotiation Company Is Right For You - And That's The Truth
For those outside of the ‘wide breadth of consumer and credit card debt knowledge’ inner circle, the debt negotiation truth is this: not even the best debt negotiation companies may be right for you. For starters, debtors have differing situation [...]

Organize Your Move With A Moving Checklist
Moving is a chaotic and stressful time. There’s so many things to arrange, having utilities switched, signing up the kids for a new school, scheduling the movers, packing the house. With all the other things you do it’s not easy to find the time to [...]

Paoers for Divorce
Paoers for your divorce are very important as they deal with legal matters. You should always have the right paoers for divorce to prevent any legal complications in the future. Your paoers for divorce should include provisions for child support, cus [...]

Planning for Your Financial Future
Two heads are better than one, so sit down with your spouse and plan out your financial future together. Prioritize your bills. By determining which bills to pay in which order, you'll get in the habit of making sure your essentials are always pai [...]

Prenuptial Agreements: Protecting Your Financial Security
The decision to get married is a big one in anyone's life. Nowadays, it is common for people, men and women alike, to secure themselves a career and a stable financial background. No one wants to be poor, and everyone wants to provide for their famil [...]

purchaseing your First Home
can be exciting but there is a lot to know. purchaseing a home will depend on real estate laws and customs where you are located but there are basic steps that every first homepurchaseer needs to accomplish. Step 1- Your Finances Establishing cre [...]

The Honeymoon's Over Now What?
After your honeymoon, that’s it for luxurious vacations right? You’ve now got your mortgage to think about, car payments, utilities, saving for children if you plan to have them, insurance, credit card debt and then there’s everyday expenses like [...]

Top 10+ Ways to Jumpstart your New Year's Finances!
Of course, these don't have to be done in any particular order! Just pick one or two that particularly apply to your situation. * Create your 2004 filing system. This might include new file folders, a new box to hold them or space in a filing ca [...]

Top 10+ Ways to Jumpstart your New Year’s Finances!
Of course, these don't have to be done in any particular order! Just pick one or two that particularly apply to your situation. * Create your 2004 filing system. This might include new file folders, a new box to hold them or space in a filing cabi [...]

You Might Want A Mobile Home
Why Look At Mobile Homes For Sale? There are mobile homes for sale, for much less than stick-built houses, in most areas of the country. Despite the persistent predjudice against them, and sometimes against their residents, mobile homes are the che [...]

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