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10 Great Wine Tasting Tips
1. Try something new and you might be surprised. Let the staff make suggestions. Compare the wines aged in steel to those aged in oak barrels. 2. Take Notes especially if you are gone all day. Most wineries offer a list that will assist you on keep [...]

10 ideas for a perfect wedding gifts
Wedding ceremonies are the stuff fairy tales are made of. Marriages are made in heaven, it is said. Keeping this age-old adage in mind, a heavenly atmosphere is created at the wedding venue. Aromatic smells fill the air. Guests decked in their Sunday [...]

1st Class on the TITANIC---
***365 of the planet's richest people, (including Bill Gates), have as much $$$ as 2.6 BILLION of the poorest [which is totally obscene!!!]. That is only 43 more people than were in 1st Class on the TITANIC! [There were 322 of them] In order for t [...]

7 Ways to Create Abundance in Your Life
7 Ways to Create Abundance in Your Life You have heard it time and again. Lottery Winners losing it all and trust fund babies wasting their parent's hard earned cash. In fact, up to 80% of the lottery winners in this country file bankruptcy within fi [...]

9 Reasons to Shop Online
Shopping for gifts online rather than in the mall has a number of obvious benefits – you can do it from the comfort of your armchair, you don’t have to drive to the shops and pay for parking, and you don’t need to tire yourself out trudging throug [...]

A Beautiful Heaven Scent Enhances a Woman's Attractivenes
A fragrant heaven scent can be one of the most appealing features of a woman. Hairstyle, clothes and makeup are all important, but the fragrance and beauty of a heaven scent a woman wears provides a level of attractiveness that few other fashion feat [...]

A Fantasy No More
There was a woman in the water. I thought. "I better call the Bridge and tell them." I was about to turn for the Bridge. But I thought to myself. "Her arms are waving at me and beckoning me to come in the water with her." She had a radiant smile [...]

A Guide to Choosing The Perfect Color(s) For Your Company Lo
A good logo design is very important for any company wishing to build their brand. Once you have a good logo, the next step is choosing the right color(s) for your company logo. Why? Because we see the world in colors, and we associate colors with [...]

After Shaving a Man Needs The Scent Of Aftershave
Most man shave at least a few times a week because they enjoy a smooth, clean look. However, there is one by product of shaving, it leaves the surface of a man's skin sensitive and vulnerable. The pores are open and the skin has been roughed up by dr [...]

Allergy-free Wedding Flowers
Allergy-free Wedding Flowers Thomas Ogren I get quite a few emails from brides-to-be, asking me which flowers would be good to use at their weddings, flowers that won’t make them or their bridesmaids start sneezing and sniffling right in the middl [...]

Alone This Valentine's Day? First Of All, No, You A
Valentine's Day can range from annoying to dreadful when you aren't paired, so let's put a new spin on this! You probably feel sorry for yourself because you're the Only One who's alone, but if you're alone you're NOT alone. According to the America [...]

Amber is Beautiful
Amber is a beautiful! A true gift from mother nature. It comes in many different colors - yellow, orange, red, white, brown, green, blue and almost black. It may be transparent or clouded. Transparent tones range from pale to dark yellow, to yellow l [...]

Amber The Gift From Mother Nature
Amber is a beautiful gift from mother nature. It comes in many different colors - yellow, orange, red, white, brown, green, blue and almost black. It may be transparent or clouded. Transparent tones range from pale to dark yellow, to yellow light bro [...]

An Account of Jesus' Temptation
This account will penetrate various spiritual dimensions of Jesus' temptation in the wilderness of Judea. Experience the purity of Jerusalem's temple, the greed of moneychangers, the lustful opulence of kings and rulers, the brutality of war, the hum [...]

The ancient Egyptians made their own clothes from what their environment and nature gave them. Egypt has mostly a hot climate thus the use of clothes reflect material that is lightweight to suit this type of climate. The ancient Egyptians thus used c [...]

Anniversary Gifts and Perfumes
How many times has your anniversary come around and you quickly rush out to purchase something, anything from a myriad of anniversary gifts and perfumes available. Everyone has probably been there, waiting until the last minute and then feeling a lit [...]

Are You Getting Enough Sleep
You have permission to publish this article electronically free of charge, providing the entire byline at the end of the article is included and the content is left unchanged. If you use it, please notify me with a copy of your publication or a url t [...]

Aromatherapy Candles
Nothing turns a commonplace, ho-hum room into a radiant, inviting setting faster than the flicker of a few ordinary candles scattered strategically throughout the room. Add scented candles and you can quickly evoke childhood memories, transport your [...]

Aromatherapy Candles - Do You Know How to Use These 14 Key E
Essential oils have been used for thousands of years, largely for medicinal purposes. Although the medical emphasis started to decline about 100 years ago, aromatherapists stayed focussed and have been studying the effect of essential oils on the bod [...]

Aromatherapy Favorites - Beautiful Rose Oil
Rose oil is one of the most sought after botanicals in both aromatherapy and perfumery. Its amazing aroma has a wealth of health benefits, both physiological and psychological - it's no wonder the rose is history's most revered flower. Ah, Wonderful [...]

Aromatherapy for the Holiday Spirit
The holiday season stirs up some of our most basic joys in life. The friendship and camaraderie we find at holiday parties and other social engagements is one of the highlights of the season. So is the fulfillment we gain through our special efforts [...]

Award Entrepreneur: Ambassador for Peace
Ms. Marjorie Moutari is the founder and CEO of Kazam Natural Body Care LLC. A family based business which manufactures Natural Body Care and Organic Health and Beauty Products. These products are available online, in beauty shops and from mail order [...]

Bay Leaf Ritual for the New Year
HI would like to share with you a ritual I do every New Year's that is quite involved and requires a lot of thought and meditation time. It is derived from an ancient Greek ritual for prosperity and fertility. As you may recall, ancient Mediterranean [...]

Become a n Automatic Money Magnet
Learn the key to attracting money and prosperity into your life Everyone wants to be rich and yet only about 2% of the population has reached this illustrious goal. Even those who manage to inherit wealth, nine times out of ten lose it. Most of us s [...]

Bedridden Mother baby shower party
BEDRIDDEN Unfortunately, pregnancy is not a breeze for every mother. Some women have complications that can keep her bedridden at home or even at the hospital. For the expectant mother, waiting for the birth of a child from bed is lousy. A baby show [...]

Benefits of Aromatherapy
Aromatherapy is a therapy that uses aromatic oils, which are derived from leaves, bark, roots, seeds, resins and flowers of plants. They are blended in carrier oil (another oil used for dilution), before being used for body massages, inhalation and b [...]

birthday gift ideas
Be it children or grown-ups, birthday gifts bring boundless joy to individuals in both the categories. Everyone looks forward to opening his or her birthday gifts. There must have been occasions when you were gifted something which took your breath a [...]

Blown glass: they do still make it like they used to
Blown art glass is quickly becoming one of the fastest growing hobbies in North America…and it is about time. Glassblowing has been around since 27 BC in Syria, though the first evidence of manmade glass products occurs in Mesopotamia in the late 3r [...]

Brand Equity - Worth Safeguarding
The state government of Vermont has taken aggressive steps to safeguard the state's brand equity. That's the monetary premium attaching to tourism or products linked (honestly or not) to this bucolic home of around 500,000 souls. Does your compan [...]

Brand Valuation: The Seven Components of Brand Strength
The Interbrand model of brand strength - part of their valuation methodology - is a useful framework to consider the performance of your own brand. The Interbrand model of brand strength - part of their valuation methodology - is a useful framework [...]

Bridal Shower Gift Ideas
You’ve been invited to the bridal shower – what fun! You already have a wonderful wedding gift, but you aren’t sure about bridal shower gift ideas. The first rule of thumb is that a bridal shower gift is generally a bit more personal; that is, it [...]

Can You Criticize And Still Be Nice?
Have you ever encountered an experience when someone told you how fat you've become? Maybe your boss have commented on how bad your work turned out to be. Maybe you've heard from other folks how people view you as cold and unapproachable. Hurts, doe [...]

Caring for yourself and thus your during treatment for breas
Battling Cancer is a tough time in anyone’s life. Perhaps the toughest. And it can have a huge impact on your family. That’s why we’ve decided to write this article on how to care for yourself during radiation for Breast Cancer. It very importan [...]

Choosing A Perfume
The choice of fragrances and scents seems to grow wider every day, as manufacturers fight for our attention and try ever harder to distinguish their offerings from the competition. With such a selection to choose from, how does one even begin to kn [...]

Choosing Gifts For Guys!
Gifts for guys. What is the right gift for that man in your life? That can be a real dilemma for a woman. After all, what is it that a man wants? What gift would be right for him? In some way's finding gifts for guys can be easy. After all, it's as [...]

Choosing your flowers
Flowers have been used for centuries to decorate and perfume houses. Bringing fresh cut flowers into your home adds colour and scent it is true, but the flowers add an extra dimension that cannot be created with soft furnishings and accessories – t [...]

Christmas Shopping and Men Don't Mix
I'll be blunt. Most men detest shopping. Unless they are searching for some sort of power tool for themselves. Only this morning, my other half breezed enthusiastically into our home office brandishing his latest gadget-like purchase. At the time, I [...]

Cologne, perfume and fragrances!
It has been said that a perfume is like gathering an armful of luscious rose pedals at the height of their bloom. The lovely scent, the heavenly fragrance and sensation you feel when surrounded by a quality perfume, fragrance or scent cannot be overs [...]

Common Scents For Emotional Well Being
Aromatics which include essential oils, perfume, centred candles and incense, have been used for centuries to affect the mind (and also, ultimately, the body) in a positive a This practice finds its origins in religion and primitive beliefs. Aborigin [...]

Conservative Investment Management Pays for This Firm
It is genrally not a good idea for an independent financial adviser to endorse specific companies or products by name and this article is not intentionally written as an endorsement. But when another industry magazine printed an article sub-titled “ [...]

Contact Lens Makeup Safety Tips
If your teenage daughter wants to wear contact lenses, you may have some reservations, so get as much information as you can for her when it comes to applying makeup. Contacts are nice because eyeglasses may get in the way if your teen plays sports a [...]

Could Your Loved One Be Getting Alzheimer's? 5 Early Warning
Advance warning signs of Alzheimer's can be detected long before memory loss problems are apparent. Here's what to look for. Alzheimer's Disease is the most common cause of dementia in older Americans, affecting an estimated 8% to 15% of people over [...]

Dating First Time With Your Date
Dating first time with your date - Some Dating tips about what you need to do Meeting your date first time gives a range of emotional feeling in your mind which will be soo thrilling and also terrifying. Dating with a singles for the first time wil [...]

Decorating For Real People
I spent a recent weekend curled up with a stack of decorating magazines. I read them cover to cover - usually back to front, but that's the way I read most magazines and newspapers. I studied each photograph and tried to determine the particular desi [...]

Délices de France, a delicious way of cooking, a culinary ar
Would you like to taste authentic French specialties gourmet food and recipes? Well, this is what Délices de France can do for you. Délices de France was founded in January of 2004 by Anne Garrett. I know all the fine dining of her country. Ingredi [...]

Differences Between Perfume And Perfume Oils
The history of perfume oils dates back to ancient Egypt when these fine scented oils were presented to royalty as gifts. In modern times, however, when the word "perfume" is said, most people think of department store fragrances, which consist mainly [...]

Discount Fragrances, perfume or romantic gifts will enhance
All throughout history cologne has played an important role. Throughout many different countries in the world the use of fragrance is widespread. The modern cologne that you purchase today can provide a rich, wonderful scent in a relatively small bot [...]

Distribute The Wealth With Business Cards
Distribute the Wealth with Business Cards By Lisa Maliga © 2004 For only pennies per card, you have in your hands one of the most powerful and versatile tools to promote your business. Color Your Business Card The first thing most people notice a [...]

Do's and Don'ts of Military Care Packages for Soldiers
Sending a care package to your loved one deployed overseas seems so easy, doesn't it? You just box up some cookies, attach a sweet card, and it's ready to go, right? If only it were that easy. Sending mail to ships/units overseas is tricky for many r [...]

Don’t Blow Your Nose In The Water Fountain
We all know the general rules of the gym: don’t drop the weights, wipe your sweat off the machines when you’re done, etc. But do you know all about the more "colorful", lesser known rules of the gym? NOTE: These rules are JOKES! If you ever see an [...]

Dressing for Successful Job Interviews
The first thing an interviewer will notice about you is how you're dressed. Even before you say hello or shake their hand, they are starting to form an impression of you based on your appearance. This week's job searching tip deals with making sure y [...]

Dressing Tips for Interview Success
Dressing appropriately for job interviews is one of those areas that puzzles some people. Should you dress conservatively or wear casual attire? What colors work best? What types of shoes should you wear? As a rule, you should dress conservatively fo [...]

Dressing up and Body Language for Job Interviews
Dressing up and body language while facing the interview To make a good impression dress conservative and clean cut, wear clothes appropriate to the culture, keep jewellery to a minimum, no after-shave or perfume, clean shoes, suits dry-cleaned if w [...]

e-Book on Russian Women (Part 7)
What a Photo Can Say to You You should know from the very beginning that photos may be deceiving. Some people look stunning beauties on photos while in real life they would attract nobody's eyes. Others are not so photogenic, however one would find t [...]

Easy and Inexpensive Hostess Gifts
In days gone by,it was considered impolite to go to someone's house for dinner or a party and not take a small gift for the hostess (or the host!). The gift didn't have to be anything "special" or very expensive, just something that said "Thank you" [...]

Easy Wedding Shower Ideas
Don't be intimidated if you've been chosen as the maid of honor for your friend's wedding and your greatest fear is planning the bridal shower! There are plenty easy wedding shower ideas to get you started and make the whole process go smoothly. The [...]

Effect of Perfumed Candles and Flowers
‘Flowers always make people better, happier, and more helpful; they are sunshine, food, and medicine to the soul.’ From time immemorial, humans have tapped the power of flowers. Perfumes are made from flowers, oils are extracted from them and in w [...]

Ever wanted to make your own Themed Gift Baskets?
If you’ve always wanted to know how to make your own gift baskets, this article will give you some tips to get started. Gift baskets are such a wonderful gift and can be given for any occasion. Creating personalized themed gift baskets is a great gi [...]

Everything Old Becomes New Again
Think that something you have had since you were a teen-ager can't be worth much? Think again! Even if you are only now in your twenties...it won't be long until that dress, purse, tie, jewelry, perfume bottle or sport memorabilia will be sought aft [...]

Finding a Great Cologne For Men
A bold, strong, masculine scent can be one of the most appealing traits about a man. Cologne for men is a great gift for him and has come a long way over the past several decades. In historical times, cologne for men was worn by key figures such as N [...]

Finding a great Cologne for Men so they smell great!
A bold, strong, masculine scent can be one of the most appealing traits about a man. Cologne for men is a great gift for him and has come a long way over the past several decades. In historical times, cologne for men was worn by key figures such as [...]

Finding A Little Adventure
I have had more than my share of exciting times and I'm grateful for every one of them. There was the time the bear came into camp at 11:00 p.m. and we listened to him consume two weeks worth of food for two people and a dog in only six hours. At 5: [...]

Finding The Right Roommate
The Search Finally ready to move out of your parents' basement? Tried living alone and didn't like it? Need to share so you can save a little bread? You're not alone: By some estimates, 30 million Americans are renting these days. That means a lot o [...]

Fragrance and anniversary gift ideas!
The fragrance you wear is an individual, personal choice. It says so much about your personality, attitudes and preferences. Are you shy and quiet, not wanting to draw too much attention to yourself? Or are you bold, outgoing and engaging; just looki [...]

Freecycle Means Free Stuff and a Cleaner Environment
Over one million members in almost 3,000 communities worldwide are sharing their unwanted stuff. All the getting and giving is possible through an organization called Freecycle, a grassroots movement of people who give away things for free in their [...]

Fresh flowers decorate and perfume your home
Flowers have been used for centuries to decorate and perfume houses. Bringing fresh cut flowers into your home adds colour and scent it is true, but the flowers add an extra dimension that cannot be created with soft furnishings and accessories – t [...]

Direct Answers - Column for the week of July 21, 2003 I don't know whether to call it jealousy or insecurity. My husband and I have been married almost 30 years. Last year at my husband's surprise birthday party, one of my friends asked who a certai [...]

Gift Giving Etiquette
Is there such a thing as gift giving etiquette? Of course! There are quite a few DOs and DON'Ts of gift giving. Remember, though, that each situation will be a little different from the next, just as individuals differ from each other. We've done a l [...]

Great Gifts Under $5
Gift giving is at its absolute finest during the Christmas season. Putting smiles on children's faces, making an elderly person feel appreciated, rewarding a hardworking employee - the reasons for gift giving at Christmas are endless. Christmas is [...]

Has Chemical Overload Got You Tired And Sick? Could The Solu
Since the beginning of our creation, the plants, flowers and trees have been with us. Even at our most primitive, we relied on them for their profound healing abilities. What has changed? Mostly, our lack of personal relationship with them. Our highl [...]

Healing The Elements
The Nature Elementals, most commonly known as Faeries, are the unseen guardians of the planet. As much as we would like to believe that their survival depends on our beliefs and ability to clap loud enough so as to restart their dying hearts, these e [...]

Helping Our Children Feel Good About Themselves and Create P
We have so much influence over the next generation! Lots of times we forget how much influence, as our children or grandchildren can appear to ignore us, forget us or even worse--run from us in one way or another. Sometimes, we must just accept the f [...]

Herbs for Profection
If you have never used plant matter in magic before, I explain in detail in the column Plants, Herbs and Roots for Prosperity the different ways these substances can be practically used in rituals and everyday practice. In brief, the main methods of [...]

Home Staging Tips
Home staging is a technique used to dress or stage a home so that purchaseers can really see it at its best. In essence what you must do is make your home appeal to the broadest range of people. Decide on the best features of your property and work [...]

Hot Fragrances For The Holidays


Some say alluring or exceptionally feminine, refreshing or sensual when describing the hot fragrances for wearing now and into the upcoming holiday season. The season of giving is just around the corner. Chec [...]

How A Tree Can Help You Grow Your Business
A tree is a natural example of a perfect business. It energises us with fresh oxygen while recycling our waste air. It absorbs energy directly from the sun while we still have to digest food. It aligns with the forces of nature. Imagine your busine [...]

How Can We Build Enchantment Into Our Lives? - Part 1
Please stay with me for this two part article about how our environments add enchantment to every day living. I remember when I was a child how much I loved my grandmother Silverman's things. They were not just the functional plastic items, earthenw [...]

How to Attract, Seduce and Keep Your Man
There are three stages in any relationship: 1) Attraction 2) Seduction 3) Maintain or Abandon Ship The attraction stage involves flirting and projecting an attractive image. We play with our hair bit more, use our eyes to attract his attention or [...]

How To Brighten Up Your Home With These Flower Arrangement I
A beautiful flower arrangement piece can become the focal point of the room you choose to decorate. It's truly fascinating how we can combine different flowers to create a mesmerizing bouquet. With the vast selection of colors, fragrances and shape [...]

How to Care for Lambswool
We all love Lambswool, its hard to Image the world without our old favourite the knitted Lambswool Cardigan, we all love wearing Lambswool sweaters and feeling snug and warm when we have a nice, soft to the touch, Lambswool garment on our backs. Nat [...]

How to Celebrate Mother's Day with Emotional Intelligence
I am a mother. I had a mother. I write about emotional intelligence. There is nothing more emotional than I am a mother. I had a mother. I write about emotional intelligence. There is nothing more emotional than "mother." 1. Be prepared to welcome [...]

How To Establish A Base Tan Without Getting Burned
Lets face it. A nice tan makes you look and feel great. Plus, it can hide ugly cellulite and also make you appear thinner! If you are going on a trip or you simply want to look good for an event that’s coming up, it’s important to establish a base [...]

How To Find Free Stuff Online
How To Find Free Stuff Online by BB Lee (C)2003 (600 words) If you are anything like the average person, you love free stuff. You have an overwhelming hunger to surf the Net to satisfy your freebie appetite. This will turn to frustration if you d [...]

How to Get Promoted
How to Get Promoted From the time we begin working in a company or business, in the back of our minds, the goal is to move up the ladder, and achieve a higher status along with better pay. There are many steps to achieve this accomplishment, but a [...]

How To Get The Date Of Your Dreams!
What do people look for in a date? Once you have the answer to this question you will have the power to appeal to any women or man you want. So let's have a look at some of the basics. Remember the saying "you never get a second chance to make a gre [...]

How to make a good first impression?
This article is meant for beginners to guide them about how to go about starting a relation so as to convert it into lifelong compassion. How To Make A Good First Impression? There are no second chances at making a spectacular first impression. Thos [...]

How to Manage Your Allergies Better
It’s not those beautiful roses that make us scratch, sniff and wheeze. It’s the pollen from trees, grasses and low-growing things like ragweed (ah choo!). Here are some of the things you can do to ease your allergies: 1.Keep windows and doors clo [...]

How to Organize Your Bathroom
When your bathroom cabinets are busting at the seams and your shelves are spilling over, it's time to get organized. Try these four easy organizing steps to bring some order to your chaos. When your bathroom cabinets are busting at the seams and your [...]

How To Please Your Boss With Gifts
Confused?? What to give your Boss on his/her birthday?? Read On:::::::: Birthdays are always special for the person as well as for his/her friends. Friends, relatives and loved ones make the birthday more special with the gifts, cards, flowers and [...]

How to Put Some Sizzle in Your Summer Parties
5 Ways to be a Gracious Host and a Great Guest Now that the hot weather is finally here, we are looking forward to long, lazy days on the beach and hot summer nights that heat up after dark. Here are a few tips from lifestyle guru Kim Kristofferson- [...]

How To Sell Anything To Your Prospect List On The Internet
Do you like fishing? I'm going to tell you a fisherman's secret. Every time a fisherman went to a secluded river or uncharted sea, he knew what kind of bait to throw in. If he wasn't familiar with the hunting ground, he always did scuba diving fi [...]

Interview Technique - How To Get the Job
Are you just about to leave university? You are just setting out in the job market? You have a number of hurdles to get over before you have the job you have been dreaming of. You find the thought of an interview daunting. You want to make a good imp [...]

Interview Tips - Ten Top Do's & Dont's for Winning Interview
In this day and age it can become increasingly difficult to even get your foot in the door and get an interview; once you’ve accomplished that you will want to make sure you continue to put your best foot forward and nail the interview as well. Unfo [...]

It Can Happen To You
The dot com business is alive and well for those wanting to pursue it. What if you don’t know how to use a computer? Can anyone have twenty successful businesses on the internet in four years? Six years ago Jane Langdon did not know how to turn on a [...]

It's Just the Guys
If it's a long-term relationship you want, you absolutely must be willing to make a few sacrifices to invest in your happy future with the woman of your dreams. You simply cannot continue to live the happy-go-lucky life of the single guy and expect t [...]

It's Not Your Fault You're Overweight
If you are overweight, experience overwhelming cravings or puzzling fluctuations in weight, and dieting has been to no avail, then overeating or deep seated psychological problems may not be the culprit of your problem. You may have undiagnosed aller [...]

Jewelry and Gemstone Care & Cleaning Tips
Diamond earrings, emerald rings, ruby bracelets, sapphire pendants; no doubt about it everybody loves beautiful gem stone jewelry. Gemstones are quite literally hard as rock, purchase they can be damaged from careless handling and negligence. Here ar [...]

Jewelry from 3000 BC Egypt to the 21st Century
Egypt The use of gold jewelry can be dated back to Egypt 3000 BC. Gold was the preferred metal for jewelry making during ancient times. It was rare, it was easy to work with, and it never tarnished. Magnificent bracelets, pendants, necklaces, rings [...]

Legend Vega to Release Next CD
If you want to download free MP3s go to http://www.legendvega.com Legend Vega is scheduled to release her newest CD this summer, Personal Space. Fans characterize Legend's style as a cross between Mariah Carey and a female version of Ricky Martin. S [...]

Living Pure in an Impure World
Since chemicals are often the cause of problems, try to stay away from as many as possible. Note your reaction when you get exposed to them. AVOIDING ALLERGY-CAUSING SUBSTANCES Common sensitivities are caused by tobacco smoke, perfume and sponge ru [...]

Look Natural – Wear Makeup!
Have you ever considered how difficult it is to look natural? Quite difficult – isn’t it? Especially if there had been no makeup available to achieve it! Many-a-website points out how ordinary our glamorous celebrities look in real life without mak [...]

Look Your Best on Your Big Day
Every bride wants to look like a model on her wedding day. You do not need to spend tons of money to look your best. There are some simple things all brides can do to ensure that they will impress everyone with their beauty. Six Months to One Year [...]

Lottery Winners Lose All
Lottery Winners Lose it All You have heard it time and again. Lottery Winners lose it all and trust fund babies waste their parent's hard earned cash. In fact, up to 80% of the lottery winners in this country file bankruptcy within five years. Most [...]

Lottery Winners Lose It All
You have heard it time and again. Lottery Winners lose it all and trust fund babies waste their parent's hard earned cash. In fact, up to 80% of the lottery winners in this country file bankruptcy within five years. Most of us say," That would never [...]

Make Your Fashion Statement With Pearls
Pearls never go out of style – they are always a classy and traditional wardrobe accessory that will never disappoint you. But this year they are a “front and center” fashion statement! So with more people in the market for pearls now is a good ti [...]

Make Your Own Theme Gift Baskets
Personalized theme gift baskets are a great way to brighten up the day of someone special. If you’ve always wanted to know how to make your own gift baskets, this article can give you some tips to get started. You can create a variety of homemade [...]

Mosquitoes in Your Garden? Try Planting These!
If you are a serious gardener, you spend lots of time outdoors. And, for sure, you would rather be tending your plants than swatting mosquitoes. While there are many things you can do to keep mosquitoes away, there are some plants that will beaut [...]

Nothing is left to Chance
You are going to meet a very important client for lunch. What do you do? If you are anything like Anna the first job is to ensure the outside you is perfect, well dressed, matching clothes, clean shoes, washed in your favourite soaps, perfume. Check [...]

Packaging Maketh the Person
word count:1157 character width: 60 resource box:6 lines + web link to "How to get More Sales without Selling" ===================================================== Packaging Maketh the Person by Alan Fairweather (c) Alan Fairweather - All Rights re [...]

Part I : Getting Free Hits Using These Simple Tips & Tricks
Search Engine Optimization Search engines still remain the #1 tool to generate free targeted traffic to any website, so make sure that your site is indexed in every major search engine. Do a through check of all the meta tags and make sure you are [...]

Pine Furniture Care Guide
First, some background on PINE WOOD. Pine is a naturally soft wood which continues to "breathe", based upon changes in the local (home, office, store, etc.) humidity and temperature. On the individual furniture piece there may be slight defects, such [...]

Quality Cologne, Perfume And Fragrances To Enhance Your Sex
It has been said that a perfume is like gathering an armful of luscious rose pedals at the height of their bloom. The lovely scent, the heavenly fragrance and sensation you feel when surrounded by a quality perfume, fragrance or scent cannot be overs [...]

Seven Things to do NOW to Look Good ALWAYS!
Fashion magazines target people every day with lists and charts telling them the latest trends and techniques to look better, skinnier, smarter, where to purchase the hippest clothes or the latest shoes! If you’re a woman, you are probably bombard [...]

Sexuality - Have You Got It? Absolutely!
WHERE DO YOU FIND YOUR SEXUALITY? I bet the first place you look, is in the Mirror. Right? And what do you see? Most of us look there for our FLAWS. FLAWS are SEXY! Contrary to common belief, Sexuality is not in the Mirror! No. No. No. It's all ins [...]

Skincare -- Have You Forgotten Your Kids?
Teaching your family about fitness and healthcare? Make sure your efforts help them feel good inside and out. Teach them about skincare that works! You're teaching your kids about the importance of nutrition, right? Balanced meals, good hydration and [...]

The Not so Accidental Theory of the Universe
In which the relationship between cause and effect is contrasted with the idea that the world's events are all an accident. If you believe all of “this” (the universe and all the things in it) is a cosmic accident, step right over here. I have got [...]

The Secret Science Of Online Shopping
In theory you could create a retail web site with a limitless selection; an online store where every kind of merchandise known to man could be sold. Would people be interested in purchaseing from such a huge enterprise? Why do people purchase onli [...]

The Shadowy World of International Finance
Strange, penumbral, characters roam the boardrooms of banks in the countries in transition. Some of them pop apparently from nowhere, others are very well connected and equipped with the most excellent introductions. They all peddle financial transac [...]

The use of chamomile plants as medicinal alternative
The chamomile plant can grow up to twenty inches tall. It is a member of the Daisy family. The chamomile flower has a strong aroma scent. Roman chamomile is usually propagated by root division, while German chamomile seeds are sown directly in early [...]

Three Important Litter Box Considerations
There are three important litter box considerations to account for whether you're a new kitten owner, or someone who has had a cat for a while. If kitty isn't happy with any or all three of these, you may find she'll start urinating outside the box. [...]

Top Ten Ways about Sensing Your Body
Most of us spend time judging, criticizing and giving negative messages to our body, which only results in suffering. As our body is the main tool (mentor) to our expression in every day life, it is essential to choose to be aware of it every moment, [...]

True Romance for Couples with Kids: 10 ideas
In my marriage, some of the most memorable evenings have also been the least expensive. Sure, I have enjoyed the bouquets and the boxes of chocolate, but it is the folk music in the ski lodge, the sips of Chardonnay on our summer porch swing, and the [...]

Valentine's Day is Coming. The Pressure is On. Are You Re
Here are some ways to increase your enjoyment of Valentine's Day. It’s heating up … lingerie, perfume and flower ads are flooding your email. The radio pumps out dining specials at various restaurants. In San Antonio, where I live, it shares airti [...]

Very Simple, Easy Ideas For Your Date
Plan a romantic meal for two. You’ve seen in movies, on TV and even in music videos couples enjoying a romantic dinner. But if you’re scratching your head, take a deep breathe and read on for some simple ways to create the romantic meal you’ve al [...]

What Are Scoville Units?
To understand what a Scoville Unit is, one must understand what they measure. All hot peppers contain capsaicinoids, natural substances that produce a burning sensation in the mouth, causing the eyes to water and the nose to run, and even induce pers [...]

When Showing Your Home
Here below are some of the reasons why purchaseers may be put off when visiting your home. 1. Welcoming Entrance - First Impression Matters As has often been said, the first impression is the most lasting. It is as important, if not more, for your [...]

When your doctor asks, “What Medications are you Taking,” Do
When your doctor asks, "What Medications are you Taking," Do You Truly Know? © By Lena Sanchez What if you don't need heart medication and you are getting it anyway? How about blood pressure medication, maybe birth control? Think about the conseque [...]

Why Lottery Winners Lose it All
How to develop a million dollar mindset Why Lottery Winners and Trust Fund Babies Lose in the End You have heard it time and again. Lottery Winners losing it all and trust fund babies wasting their parent's hard earned cash. In fact, up to 80% of th [...]

Your Personal Renaissance
Lately my mind has been inexplicably drawn to two very important women in my life. I have seen neither of these women in thirty years, yet their influence remains. Miss Foley and Mrs. Anderson both taught at Linden Avenue Elementary School. I can sti [...]

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