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A Personal Injury Story
The crisp winds of fall brush by your face, it is Sunday morning, and you are feeling REAL good. Strolling down Main Street, you are mesmerized by the beauty of the quaint architecture. Several steps more, and disaster! Looking elsewhere, you trip on [...]

A Whiplash Injury Claim Is NO BIG DEAL... Or Is It?
Are you aware of how important your compensation for a whiplash injury can be? Too often, a whiplash injury claim is overlooked or is under-compensated. It is often considered minor, but is it really? After all, you've suffered an accident, been inju [...]

Accident at Work Claim - The Essentials
An accident at work claim has probably crossed your mind, and rightfully so; every year, thousands of hard working individuals are left injured or disabled due to unsafe workplace conditions, who do exactly the same. An injury at work can strike ou [...]

Accident Injury Claim - Get The Right Solicitor To Succeed
An accident injury can happen almost anywhere: at home, at work, on the road, shopping, during sport activities and so on. Each of these situations may bring many troubles, particularly if the injury is severe enough to affect your personal lifestyle [...]

After an Auto Accident, what should you do next?
Accident comes in the most unexpected manner. All of a sudden, you will just feel the collision of another vehicle into yours. You hear the screech of the tires and the driver instantly loses his control. Your adrenalin soars with your temper. You’r [...]

Cases Involving Defective Products
Each year, millions of people are being harmed by defective products. A defective product is a product that causes injury or harm to a person. A product may be considered to be defective for many different reasons such as design defect, failure to wa [...]

How to Deal with Work-Related Accidents
Having been involved in a personal injury in your workplace can really be embarrassing. It can bring you psychological stresses which are truly hard to deal with. Among the most difficult effect of these incidents is mental distress. In this case, it [...]

Injured in Georgia? Need a Georgia Personal Injury Attorney?
Being injured or hurt in an accident or industrial accident can be a frightening and stressful experience. Here is some basic information about personal injury law as pertains to the State of Georgia. If you were injured as the result of an acciden [...]

Injuries from Minor Vehicle Collisions
Approximately 12.8 million motor vehicle accidents in the United States were reported on December 2003. This amounts to about one crash per second - quite an alarming data. To boot, we should dispel myths, misconceptions and erroneous judgment abou [...]

Injury Compensation - How To Get Back What You Lost?
Life is always better before an accident injury, actually much better. Ask anyone who is suffering from an accident or injury? Discover how to get back on your feet by claiming compensation the right way. An injury compensation claim is a common pr [...]

Medical Malpractice Cases Explained
Medical malpractice refers to the case where a doctor or medical practitioner caused harm or damage to a patient due to negligence. This area of the personal injury law can either happen in diagnosis, treatment or management of the disease or illness [...]

Motorcycle Accident Claim - Your Compensation!
There really isn't much difference between a motorcycle accident and a car accident except the nature of more serious injuries leading to death. Motorcycles and motorbikes belong to a group of vehicles that often take part in a small number of road [...]

There are laws governing the operations of common carriers and these laws differ from state to state. However, it’s the Federal Government that regulates all the interstate common carrier laws while the individual states take care of the intrastate [...]

Personal Injury - 12 NEW Methods!
Advertisements just drive you crazy... one company says one thing and other one down the road saying another, but both effectively are trying to say the same thing. For an injured person, it gets confusing. Who to trust and turn to? In hospitals, t [...]

Personal Injury Claim - Win Without A Doubt!
Everyone likes winning! If you win by an inch or a mile, winning is winning! Now winning at personal injury is a different ball game altogether. Do you want to claim compensation in direct result of an accident or injury? Okay, that's fine go ahead, [...]

Personal Injury Law
Personal injury law covers a wide field—from automobile, road, rail, and sea accidents, to accidents at work, injuries caused due to the use of defective products, professional malpractice suits brought against accountants, doctors, and lawyers, an [...]

Personal Injury Solicitor - 5 Things To Consider Before Choosing
Mistakes can be made and should be learnt from. So here are 5 pointers to make no mistake for choosing a solicitor. Making sure you have the right personal injury solicitor to represent you in your accident compensation claim is vital. However, wit [...]

School Bus Mishaps
Buses are a fairly safe mode of transportation. However, they can be very dangerous if they are involved in an accident. Bus accidents often result in serious injuries and even death. Factors that contribute to these accidents are driver negligence [...]

The Worth of Your Personal Injury Claim
Knowing the worth of your accident injuries is a critical part of every accident claim. This amount actually depends on very specific conditions. Also, acquiring the said compensation might also take some time due to some reasons. One must patiently [...]

To Sue Or Not To Sue: Injury Attorneys
Injury attorneys might better decide making the decision to sue. Okay that's sounds like double talk but its true. Dealing with the dilemma and choice of whether to sue or not to sue is better left to the professionals. They are better equipped to de [...]

Understanding Injury Attorneys
Do you ever wonder if the injury attorneys you see on television and billboards across the country are actually the people you speak to when you call the number posted? Most people would assume the answer is no. Certainly it depends on your prior per [...]

Undiscovered Tactics Of An Injury Claim
Don't you just hate it when your phones constantly ringing with telesales staff asking if you have an injury claim? Teams of 2 to 3 people roaming the streets, smartly dressed and groomed, with black leather folders limping in their arm... these coll [...]

When You Need a Personal Injury Attorney…
We’ve all seen the ads for a personal injury attorney on television, on billboards and in newspapers, but when should we consider consulting personal injury lawyers? A personal injury claim can be made when a person suffers an injury through the neg [...]

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