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10 Risk Factors that Every Pregnant Woman Should be Aware of
Many factors affect the development of a fetus into a healthy child, some which are beyond your control and others that are within your control. Here are ten of the most common pregnancy risk factors that can be controlled or influenced: 1. Smoking [...]

6 Reasons to Exercise during Pregnancy
Everyone knows that exercise is good for your health. Exercising during pregnancy can have additional benefits. Generally, exercise should be light, especially during the first few weeks of pregnancy while your body adjusts to the changes. Heavy exer [...]

Alcohol And Pregnancy
If you have been drinking up until the point when you become pregnant or smoking it is also vital that you stop doing so immediately. Many women worry that they consumed a few alcoholic drinks prior to learning they were pregnant. If you are concerne [...]

Being Pregnant Is Not A Hurdle To Enjoy A Little Romance
Most of the time pregnant women are afraid to have a little romance. Probably they are afraid something could happen to their baby. Well, that’s wrong. It is important that you do not ignore your own needs or those of your spouse’s during pregnancy [...]

Breast Enlargement
is an operation to increase the size of the breasts. This is usually achieved by placing an artificial implant under the skin or muscle of the chest. Breast enlargement surgery is a procedure that has become increasingly common amongst many women, an [...]

Concerns About Sex During Pregnancy
Sex is among the top most enjoyable activities practiced by couples. Why should this be any different during the nine months of pregnancy? Many expecting parents have concerns about having sex during pregnancy. Anyone considering it will undoubtedl [...]

Dealing With Common Pregnancy Complaints
Pregnancy is not without its side effects. During pregnancy your body will undergo many hormonal changes. These hormone fluctuations can result in a variety of unpleasant symptoms including: nausea, fatigue, bloating and fluid retention and mood swin [...]

Do You Want A Sexy Perky B?utt
How to build sexy perky butts and buns? Do you know that whether you are a guy or a gal, one of your anatomies that are constantly being scrutinized is your butt? Many do say that a perky butt is one of the most attractive part of a human body. And [...]

Exercise After Pregnancy
Generally most women can begin a formal exercise program within 6 weeks of giving birth, though this time frame might be slightly longer for some women, including those recovering from a C-section. Most women recovering from a C-section will be able [...]

Five Powerful Tips to Ease Morning Sickness in Pregnancy
Some pregnant women suffer not only morning sickness, it's often more morning, noon, and night sickness. They feel sick all the time, and want to crawl back into bed. Pregnant women will learn in this article five powerful tips that will ease morning [...]

History of the Mediterranean Diet
Eating Well for Good Health Introduction In recent years, a growing number of men and women in different countries around the world have become increasingly concerned about their health. Because of the fact that many people have become more conce [...]

Hospitals around the country are now banning vaginal birth after cesarean delivery
Are you hoping to experience a vaginal birth after having had a cesarean delivery? You may find your hopes are squelched by modern practitioners. Hospitals around the country are now banning vaginal birth after cesarean delivery and insisting women [...]

How Much Weight Should You Gain During Pregnancy?
If you're pregnant, you're very likely concerned about the amount of weight you're gaining, the effect it has on your body, even how difficult it will be to take off after your pregnancy. Your OB/GYN or midwife is your best source of advice about hea [...]

How To Eat A Healthy Diet During Pregnancy
Perhaps the number one complaint of women trying to watch their weight during pregnancy is that they are hungry all the time. True, pregnancy does result in an increased metabolic demand on the body, which can cause you to be hungry. Many women also [...]

How to Give the Perfect Massage!
Let's face it, sometimes we could all use a good back rub. Massages have been proven to reduce stress, improve sleep, relieve certain types of muscle pain, improve posture , and relieve soreness (especially from sports and other related fitness activ [...]

How To Lose The Baby Weight Without Starving Yourself
Are you currently pregnant and discouraged about getting back into shape after having your baby? Or maybe you're a new Mom who is exhausted and getting to the gym is the last thing on your mind! Either way, I hope the following tips help you lose tha [...]

How to Make Your Own Printable Invitations for Any Occasion
Even with modern technology like email and cell phones, printed invitations have remained the most common way to let people know about your upcoming party and will continue to remain popular due to the timeless rules of party etiquette. Invitations c [...]

How to Plan a Wedding in 10 Days...and Keep a Modest Budget
How long have you and your fiance been engaged? Are you tired of waiting for the big wedding day? You just can't wait to be Mr. and Mrs. "fill in name of couple." Well, wait no more! Here are seven tips on how to plan your wedding in just 10 short da [...]

Infertility and Pregnancy
When a couple is unable to conceive a child, it is the couple's problem, and not the “fault” of one partner or the other. Female issues are the most common reasons cited, but some studies suggest that up to 40% of infertility is caused by one or mo [...]

Kegal Exercises During Pregnancy
You probably became familiar with Kegel exercises during your pregnancy. Kegel exercises are equally important after pregnancy to help restore the tone and strength of your vaginal wall. Kegel exercises help strengthen your pelvic muscles, which we [...]

Morning Sickness - All Day Sickness!
Morning sickness should be referred to as all day sickness. While some women will sail through pregnancy with nary a symptom of nausea, others will find themselves severely ill for weeks on end. Morning sickness is actually a misnomer. It can strik [...]

Natural Mineral Makuep Give the gift of Mineral Makeup to Fight Acne
The holiday season is fast approaching, and perhaps you've got a special someone who suffers from acne. The dilemma is how to present them with a gift this holiday season that helps them to fight acne without seeming overly rude or insulting in the p [...]

Pregnancy Exercise
One of the best things you can do to prepare for pregnancy is start exercising regularly. You don’t have to join the Boston Marathon, but even walking around the block a few times per week will help tone and condition your body and help you prepare [...]

Pregnant Women Don’t Just Stay At Home; Go Shopping!
Most women like to go shopping. However, sometimes pregnant women reluctant to go out because they are afraid could harm them. That’s not true! Go and have fun. You don’t have to spend any money; just get out and window shop. Try on shoes; check ou [...]

Most people do not notice what a purse says about one’s personality. If you start to analyze the different aspects of the purse, you would find that it tells much about that person. So you can check one’s personality by looking at their purseonalit [...]

Stress And Pregnancy
Stress Relief During Pregnancy If you truly want to ensure a great pregnancy, you should work on keeping a healthy and positive physical, mental and spiritual state. There is substantial evidence which suggests that a mother’s physical and mental we [...]

The Case for Self Care
Self care has emerged as a hot topic for today’s women striving to balance the responsibilities of work and family. I define self-care as combinations of fulfilling activities or quiet moments that allow individuals to rejuvenate their energies and [...]

The Importance Of Prenatal Vitamins
One of the most important things you can do if you are thinking about becoming pregnant is start taking a prenatal vitamin with at least 400mg of folic acid. Folic acid is an essential nutrient that can help prevent birth defects in newborns. If you [...]

Things You Should Avoid During Pregnancy
Pregnancy is a time where you have to be careful with yourself. Many factors affect the development of a fetus into a healthy child. Whether you like it or not there some activities you should avoid for the sake of your healthy baby. There are pregna [...]

Useful Tips for Sleep and Pregnancy
It is not uncommon to grapple with sleep restlessness during pregnancy. There could be many reasons for these sleep distur- bances. Along with heightened anticipation for your newborn baby,physical and hormonal changes may occur, which could be con [...]

Vacation Is One Way To Run Away From Stress During Pregnancy
What should you do to have a happy pregnancy? Many things you could do, but what most pregnant women rarely do is having a vacation. Get a life and try to relax a little bit. Or take an extended weekend just to refresh and recharge your batteries. [...]

Weight Gain During Pregnancy: Choosing The Right Foods
So you need to gain weight but don’t want to gain too much weight during your pregnancy right? There are many things that you can do to improve your diet and ensure that you gain a minimal but healthy amount of weight during pregnancy. Choosing [...]

What Would I Do Without my Doula?
By the time my husband and I finally got pregnant the first time, I had done a lot of reading about birth options and we had already decided to have a midwife instead of a doctor. We believe that pregnancy is a healthy state of being, and unless some [...]

You Can Do Exercise During Pregnancy, But Don’t Overdo It
Don’t get so lazy during your pregnancy. Move your body if you want to delivery your baby easily, do some exercise! Some studies show that women who exercise during pregnancy are more likely to have easy labor and deliveries and faster recoveries. [...]

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