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The Beauty of Lace.

by: SKY

Lace adds elegance like nothing else does! Lace takes what’s already beautiful and makes it gorgeous! You’ll see lace everywhere in the world of fashion, whether on stunning evening gowns or on delicate lingerie. Lace can also make a big statement in the home. Curtains, tablecloths, even pillowcases are made more beautiful.

There are many kinds of lace. History is rich with the story of how they came into being, having been created in different parts of the world and at different times. Bedfordshire Lace was used to dress up vintage handkerchiefs, Point de Gaze Lace from Belgium carries a gauzy look, Gros Point Lace was extremely popular in 1670, and has made a big comeback in these last few years. Xiao Sham lace from China is intricate beyond description.

Perhaps the crowning glory of fine lace is on a young woman’s wedding dress. This is a dress to remember for all time, and much of its beauty is owed to the lace that adorns it. But whether it’s for such an occasion as that, or for everyday use, lace really does make things nicer!
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