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The World Leader in Botanical Beauty Care Online Store #8 in

by: Zdenka Prokop

The online direct selling store owner Zdenka Prokop, Independent Beauty Counselor, has deployed the website www.YvesRocher-Kiotis.com; open 24/7 for sale of Yves Rocher,and Kiotis products with no animal testing. The store with France fragrances and beauty products for skin care and body care, are shipped from Canada and France to Nashville, Tennessee.

Yves Rocher group is the world leader in natural beauty care and a fast-growing online sales channel. The online store www.YvesRocher-Kiotis is opened for all your beauty needs, with 100% natural French cosmetics, a variety of special products, free gifts with purchase, and seasonal promotions. Products are Anti-aging innovations by looking to natural resources: Essential Botanical Oils or DNA Anti-aging hormone complex; and all with 100% satisfaction guarantee.

To reach a higher level in personal Purchases and Recruitments is not a question of luck. It is a question of having the right attitude, the enthusiasm, the dedication, the perseverance, the right technique and "know how," the ability to make a client base grow, to build a team and to keep it active. All this constitutes a great accomplishment. In March 2005, the online store www.yvesrocher-kiotis.com owner, Zdenka Prokop, was ranked as an Independent Beauty Counselor in national level #8 in personal purchases. She left behind over 20,000 counselors. Her online store has for sale many natural beauty products, and can cover your needs for ideas, tips, and advice. She is an example of what it is to be a champion.

For additional information or samples, contact YvesRocher-Kiotis.com Independent Beauty Counselor Zdenka Prokop through her website www.yvesrocher-kiotis.com by e-mail info@yvesrocher-kiotis.com or by phone 1-615-832-0060.

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