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Written vs. Audio Marketing?

by: Jeremy Gossman

Written vs. Audio Marketing?
by Jeremy Gossman
Are you ready for some interesting figures?
* People remember only 10% of what they read
* People remember only 20% of what they hear
* But people remember 50% of what they both read
and hear!
** And it is found that audio increases the web site
viewers attention span by 45%
** Almost 80% of web users have audio!!!!!!
These figures reflect the necessity of having audio on
your website. There are 3 basic components to
recording audio:
1.) A Recording Program
2.) A Uni-Directional Microphone
3.) A Code that will call on your audio
Today, you will learn about the recording program. In
order to record your voice or the sounds you desire,
you must have a program that can do the job....

Total Recorder and Sonic Foundry's Sound Forge Studio
6.0 are 2 programs that come highly recommended.
To Find out more about these programs check out the
links provided below:
*Please note that there are several products at the
Sonic Foundry website but for your recording purposes
the Sound Forge Studio 6.0 will do the job and comes
at a reasonable price.
#2, a uni-directional microphone.
A terrific uni-directional microphone can be found at
Radio Shack.
Once you get there, you will want to do a search for
Uni-Directional Microphone.
*Or you could always go by your local Radio Shack or
electronics store.
With the use of the a program such as Total Recorder or
Sound Forge Studio 6.0 and a microphone, you can start
the recording process!
Now all that's left is step #3, a code that will call on
your audio! This can be found at:
6 Week Advanced Instant Internet Profit Program
copyright 2003
Jeremy Gossman
Internet Marketer and Consultant from Texas. Has Collaborated on several successful online projects. Most current is: http://www.acceleratedinternetprofits.com

©2005 - All Rights Reserved

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