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Cordless Radar Detectors -

by: Jennifer Bailey

The demand for convenience has lead to an impressive market of cordless radar detectors. A cordless unit does not have to mean a less impressive gadget, as manufacturers continue to develop new technology that rids drivers of the hassle of cords while still giving them superb radar detection.

One of the most popular cordless radar detectors under $200 is the BEL Express Model 946. A clip-on, 90-degree deflector and earphone come standard on this model, which can deflect both incoming radar and laser beams. Further, the Express has proved exceptional in many tests; it is often the only detector tested that can reliably detect Ka band radar. It is equally proficient in detecting lasers. A drawback to this unit is its audio quality, which is less distinct than many might prefer.

For anyone interested in paying more than $200 on a cordless radar detector, the Escort Solo S2 is a good option. It has a low-profile compact case and features all but one of its controls on the front. As for radar detection, this style detects X, K, Ka, and laser bands, and announces their strength via a highly perceptible audio alert and flashing bar graph.

More and more companies are adding cordless models to their radar detector line-up. As this feature increases in popularity, the increase in models should create a competitive market, resulting in higher-quality cordless devices that continue to offer excellent radar and laser detection.

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