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Find the Best Freezer for You and Your Family

by: George Anderson

Freezers are not only a convenience choice; they are an economical one as well. By purchasing bulk food you can save a lot of money and ensure that your family never runs out. You can also store a wide range of products, which will make each of your meals different from the previous one, thus creating a much needed diversity. Choosing your freezer model should follow a few basic guidelines.

First of all, determine which freezer model is the best for your home. There are two main models to select from: upright freezers and chest freezers. Vertical (or upright) freezers are a good choice for smaller families, since their storing capabilities are not as high as the chest freezer. They provide you with sufficient space for a lot of food though, and they are convenient to use. Chest freezers are the ones that are shaped like a large box and are lined with plastic. They have all sorts of storage spaces inside the freezer, depending on model and manufacturer, to ensure you always have the most frequently used items at hand. Chest freezers are perfect if you have a larger family of if you plan to deep freeze larger quantities of food for a longer period of time.

After selecting the freezer type, you can choose from different available sizes. Most chest freezers are around 15 or 20 cubic feet and can store over 300 pounds of food. This means that you can stuff in a lot of food, but just try to keep everything as organized as possible, since getting out an item in the back of the freezer might turn into a chilly adventure. The smaller upright freezers also offer good storing capacities. Such models have several shelves and compartments for quicker access to your favorite food items. Frozen fruits are best kept in pull-out shelves, so look for such a model if you plan on doing this. If you also store a lot of cans, look for a model that offers ridged shelves that will stop them from falling around.

Another choice concerns the method of defrost. Manual defrost is standard for chest freezers – so the freezer actually keeps the low temperature using humidity. The negative part of manual defrost is that, once in a while, you have to empty the freezer and remove the excess ice that was formed. This time-consuming option is balanced by the fact that such a freezing procedure actually keeps food fresher and it eliminates freezer burn. Manual defrost freezers are generally more economical, saving about 40 percent in electricity costs. With upright freezers you can choose between manual and frost free options. Frost free freezers eliminate the need for defrost, but are more energy demanding and store food in a drier environment.

About the author:
George Anderson has seen how the right freezers can make a lot of difference in a family's life. Check out his website at http://www.morefreezers.com

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