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Four Sure-Fire Ways to Generate Targeted Traffic to Your Website

by: Chris Coffman

(c)2005 Chris Coffman

You’ve probably heard hundreds of different ideas on
increasing your website’s traffic. Unfortunately, many of
these ideas such as traffic exchanges are completely
useless and will never deliver the type of targeted traffic
you need to succeed online. However, there are proven
methods you can use to develop a steady stream of hungry
purchaseers. Most are very simple, and a few are completely
free. Here are four sure-fire ways to generate targeted
traffic to your website.

1. Traffic Equalizer

Traffic equalizer is a powerful piece of software that
generates thousands of keyword rich web pages to promote
your website.

Here’s how it works:

After developing a list of keywords related to your niche,
you upload your keyword list into the software along with
the advertisement for your website. Traffic Equalizer will
create one search engine friendly page for each keyword you
enter. As you can imagine, you’ll soon have thousands of
targeted links to your website. This will not only increase
your Google page rank, but also deliver a constant stream
of new traffic.

Many people are now using the software not only for their
own websites, but also for promoting affiliate programs. No
matter how you use it, it will definitely increase the
amount of people visiting your website.

2. Google AdWords

Google is the most popular search engine on the internet
and by tapping into their popularity you are able to
establish a new avenue of traffic. Within their search
results, Google allows you to place a three line ad for
your product or service on the right side of the page. For
as little as .05 a click, your ad will show up on the first
page of search results. This is a fantastic way of

targeting people who are interested in your niche. AdWords
is especially useful if you’re selling an informational

For more information on the AdWords program, be sure to
visit Google’s website:


3. Content is King

There are millions of websites on the internet today but
very few offer quality content. Search engines love
content, and they will reward you for providing it. The
secret to success with content based websites is research.
You’ll need to uncover popular keywords related to your
niche and then write articles focused on those keywords. As
the search engines spider your website, they’ll notice that
you’re not only providing keywords but actual content.
You’ll soon see your website rising in the search engines
and a consistent increase in traffic.

If you have trouble writing your own content, there are
quite a few writers that will write the information for
you. Visit Google.com and do a search for “content
writing.” Many of the popular internet marketing forums
will also have people offering to write content at a
discounted rate.

4. Write Articles

Articles are a great way to advertise your product or
service and create back links to your website. Informative
articles are generally picked up by ezine publishers and
delivered into their subscriber’s inboxes. You’ll instantly
have thousands readers viewing your article. You’ll want to
create interest by writing an appealing ad for your website
and placing it inside your resource box. When a large ezine
owner publishes your article, you can expect a wave of
visitors who are eager to purchase your product or service.

Articles also create back links that increase your
Google page rank. This will lead to higher rankings in the
search engines and an increase in search engine traffic.

Don’t underestimate the power of each of the four methods.
Google AdWords will deliver instant traffic while the
others will slowly build overtime. The key to success is
staying with one or all of them until you’re successful.
And before long, you’ll have soon forgotten the time when
your website had little or no traffic. Now go out there and
build your traffic!

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©2005 - All Rights Reserved

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