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Take Control of Your Gas Prices

by: GranMamma

By: GranMamma

- Car pool. Join your neighbors for shopping and picking up the kids.

- Walk. If your convenient store is just around the corner, you could be getting some great exercise.

- purchase a five-gallon gasoline can and fill it up when prices are low. Then, when prices are outrageous, you’ll have something to fall back on.

- Look into public transportation (It just might be a money-saving option)

- Inflate your tires properly - Under-inflated tires can cut fuel economy by 2% per pound. For example, if your tires should be at 32 psi and they’re actually at 27 psi, your mileage is reduced by 10%.

- purchase gas when the price goes down. Don’t wait for the tank to get near empty. If you see a good deal, catch it before it’s too late.

- Your car’s air conditioner reduces mileage by 10 to 20%. So, if possible, you could try the windows on a nice day.

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