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What kind of processor do you need on your new Desktop PC?

by: Bonnie Archer

If you plan to do basic office work on you new Desktop PC or the usual Internet stuff;
surfing and email, any processor will work for you.

You say you need a Desktop PC to work with graphics, Video, Music, or large databases?

Than on your new computer you really need more power then the basic PC provides. AMD Athlon XP or Intel Pentium4 is your best bets for this kind of work. Either will support the most demanding work. Bargain price computer equipment with either kind of chip with fast speeds can be found.

For Desktop PCs Intel has a newer motherboard chip for its Pentium4 and Celeron. With the higher speed front side bus, data moves more quickly from the processor to the system memory. You can find these boards on Intel's 850 and 845 models. Just check the front side bus speed to make sure you are getting the right one before you purchase computer.

About the author:
B. Archer

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